“Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

― Mathew 10:34

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Public Corruption has infected Texas for many years. From the Mexican Drug Cartels multi billion dollar drug smuggling business into Texas to the organized crime that make many more billions trafficking it within the state. How do all those drugs get here? Why do we have so many people in this state who are openly on narcotics? Especially Methamphetamine. Texas has been in a meth epidemic for several years now with no end in sight.

Texas created a Public Corruption Unit in Austin that had the authority to investigate and prosecute any public corruption anywhere in the state. When it was responsible for then Governor Rick Perry’s indictment it was soon largely unfunded and changed. Corruption prosecutions are now in the hands of hometown cronies.

The Texas Rangers does have a public integrity unit. However in the last 2 decades the Texas Rangers are not what they once were. No, they bury more cases than they make. If you are the city bus driver who gets caught taking cash and dropping a passenger at an unauthorized bus stop. Stick a fork in yourself because you are done. A corrupt county official? As long as your actions are not overly blatant and you don’t anger the wrong folks, they seem to look the other way.

Here in Texas we currently have drug cartels operating openly, dirty cops, crooked judges and corrupt politicians at every level. All running rampant with little deterrent. The FBI who traditionally prosecuted public corruption have been locked in anti terrorism since 9/11 and have neglected many areas they once were prolific in combating.

Goal; promote public awareness of stories that receive little to no attention. To publish news stories print newspapers will not and regurgitate stories we think need to be repeated. Some articles have the authors name while some do not. We welcome tips for stories and will even print one if you write it and can document your sources and cite them. We do require them to be written at a semi professional level.

We also welcome news tips. We really like it when you have information on those tips and we totally love it when you have evidence to support it! We do pass on some things to Federal Agencies. Primarily the FBI, DEA or someone at the Justice Department. Will they do anything on your case? Maybe, sometimes they are working a case that yours could be tied into. Often they will work a case for years before indictments come down. Sometimes they don’t do a damn thing.

The origination of our site was Leon County Texas. Sometimes referred to as the “deerest” place in Texas. We feel its a very corrupt place. So is a lot of Texas.

Sunlight is often the best disinfectant.

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If you have information on Public Corruption in Texas or by public officials. Please contact us anonymously. In order for us to respond, please provide a valid email address that we can contact you at or feel free to us the contact form to submit your information anonymously. (We do not keep email addresses and any information you provide will be strictly confidential.)

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