Blind Justice in Leon County Texas

How has a forged will that has been the focal point of lawsuits, suspicious deaths and a multi million dollar oil well been ignored from local authorities to the Texas Governor?  This question has been asked by numerous people from disenfranchised family members to journalists in Texas and California.  As a matter of fact Los Angeles reporter Nerissa Knight was there in 2017 and received a warning from the Leon County Sheriffs department that if she tried to speak to “even one more person” about the alleged forged will they would arrest her. They televised this on a Crime Watch Daily segment. Its at the end of part 3 should anyone like to watch.

Before we look at the will it is interesting to note a multiple point report submitted to the Texas Attorney Generals Office in 2014. This is point number six.

6. Ms. Willhelm’s will was given to Wendy Carlson, a handwriting expert from Denver, Colorado, for the person mostly likely to have made the signature was Mr. Wilhelm himself.” This information was provided to the District Attorney, Whitney Smith. During our conversation with Mr. Smith, he stated that he was a lifelong friend of Mr. Willhelm and that he and Mr. Willhelm were also business partners. He was quite shaken when he heard the news about the will and its invalidity.

Lets take a look at the alleged forged will and the report from the Handwriting Expert who examined it.

The victims signature forged

forged will page 1a pdf

Regarding Janice Lee Wilhelm April 9, 2014

Page 2 of 2

 Based upon thorough analysis of the documents provided to me and from an application of accepted forensic document examination tools, principles, and methodologies, it is my professional expert opinion that a different person authored the handwriting and Janice Lee Wilhelm signatures on the questioned documents. Janice Lee Wilhelm did not author the handwriting nor sign the Janice Lee Wilhelm signatures on the questioned documents, ‘QI ‘, ‘Q2’, and ‘Q3’.

Furthermore, I have examined and compared the purported known Gerald Eugene Willhelm handwriting and signatures on the documents attached and labeled herein as ‘GWKI’ through ‘GWKIO’ to the handwriting and Janice Lee Wilhelm signatures on ‘QI’, ‘Q2’ and ‘Q3’ to determine if the handwriting on the ‘Q’ documents were authored by Gerald Eugene Willhelm.

 It is my professional expert opinion that Gerald Eugene Willhelm was the author of the handwriting and Janice Lee Wilhelm signatures on the questioned documents ‘QI ‘, ‘Q2’, and ‘Q3’.

The victims actual signature

forged will page 4a

The victims signature forged

forged will page 2a

As referenced earlier, during our investigation, we learned that the District Attorney is a personal friend of Mr. Willhelm, as well as a business partner. This close association creates a conflict of interest, and as a result we are requesting that the Attorney General’s office review this case. When talking with the sheriff’s office, we also found that no GSR was performed on the husband and he alone was present during the shooting. The weapon was never printed, nor was the empty casing. In addition, the weapon found next to the couch was never compared to the bullet which killed Ms. Willhelm.

I have also spoken with Texas Ranger Delagarza, who is the designated ranger for this portion of the state. During this conversation Ranger Delagarza said that, although he did know of the case, he had had some concerns and several questions about the case. However, he also stated that he was working on several other matters of greater importance, and that this case was not a priority, but that when he had the time he would be working on the case further.

During my subsequent conversation with the sheriffs office, and when speaking with their investigators (Detective Victor Smith, Detective Brent Walters, and Evidence Technician Larry Keith) we found several inconsistencies with the investigation, and do question the manner in which this investigation was conducted. We are also concerned about the lack of cooperation we have received from the Sheriff’s office.

To date the Sheriff’s Office has refused to provide us with any physical evidence that supports the determination by the Sheriff’s Office that Mr. Willhelm did not shoot his wife, and indeed as far as we have been able to determine, no research or investigation was performed in relationship to this issue. The alleged weapon was not printed, and Mr. Willhelm’s hands were not tested for no gunshot residue. Indeed, the Sheriffs Office seems to have accepted Mr. Wilhelm’s statements at face value and failed to conduct even the most cursory investigation into the possibility that Ms. Willhelm’s death was not a suicide.

Further, according to the daughter of Mr. Willhelm’s first wife, when her mother had a stroke Mr. Willhellm was her caregiver. He was described as a very unwilling participant, an abusive and uncaring person to his ill wife. We also learned that, while Mr. Willhelm’s first wife was in the hospital, Mr. Willhelm obtained some $200,000.00 from her bank accounts and within a few days filed for divorce. He was later ordered to repay his first wife the funds that he took from her.

These deaths, forgeries and fraud form a disturbing pattern that warrant further investigation. However, it is clear that the law enforcement agencies in Leon County have no interest in performing a proper investigation into Janice Willlhelm’s death, let alone the death of her father and Ms. Willhelm’s predecessor. Our requests for information to aid in our own investigation have been ignored, as have our questions regarding the inconsistencies between the evidence in this case and the conclusions which these agencies have drawn from them.

Do not look to the Texas Rangers in this case as they were asked to help already. The Ranger opened a case, then sent the will to the DPS Austin Crime Lab. The Lab requested hand writing samples from the victim and the suspect. The Texas Ranger interviewed the suspect but took no writing samples nor obtained any from victim (the victim had an account at a bank 500 feet from the rangers office) and the family had numerous writing samples.

The Texas Ranger then closed the case after the DPS Crime Lab requested the writing samples or the authority to create them.  Why?


“And although my eyes were open wide
They might have just as well been closed”

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