A Missing man’s partial remains found. He seemed fine at the time Sheriff says

Jonathan Hamilton missing since 2015 in Bastrop Texas has been partially identified.  His jawbone was discovered near the Colorado River in a park.  The person who discovered the remains turned it over the Bastrop County Sheriffs Office.  The remains were identified last week as being those of Jonathan.

After the jawbone was found in July, BCSO, the LCRA and Texas Search and Rescue continued searching the area where it was found but didn’t find any additional evidence.  EquuSearch has been denied the request to search since 2015 oddly enough.  Why?

According to Sheriff Maurice Cook, Hamilton went missing in Houston, and he and his vehicle were found in Bastrop. He had been interviewed by Bastrop police and found to be of sound mind.

According to the Hamilton Family their son was out of his mind and traveled to Bastrop for no apparent reason.  He suffered from Diabetes Type 1 and a head injury.  He has brain damage.  Once he was in Bastrop, he telephoned his parents at one point stating that he was going to purchase his father a new car.  He had no job and received a disability check each month for a little over a thousand dollars.

Later the same evening he went missing; witnesses claimed to have met him at 11:00pm when he walked to their home located on the Colorado River. He told them all he was Jesus.  They were somewhat alarmed by Jonathan and reported he walked off into the night.  The residence is not far from where his remains were discovered.

The day the Hamilton’s learned Jonathan was in Bastrop they drove there.  Upon arriving they located the vehicle he drove but could not locate him.  Where was he?  Oddly enough the family reports local police came by and talked to them about Jonathan.  One officer in particular harassed them according the Mrs. Hamilton and told her if he was off duty, he would tell her a story about her son. 

She was never able to obtain an explanation what he meant.  Interesting enough that same officer was charged with extorting and embezzling a senior citizen this year.

In repeating a statement made several times in regard to this case and the family.   Even if we don’t all agree, understand she is a mother who is in pain searching for her son. Law Enforcement should be and should have been, more sympathetic to her plight.

The Hamilton Family released a statement Friday

The past four years have been so hard on us all. So many evil people had said awful things about me on what a horrible person I am and that he ran away. I was a Mom on a mission trying to find my boy! I got the run around, I have been lied to by family, his friends and complete strangers who changed their story every time they were talked to. People tried to help, like Texas EquuSearch, but they were denied by the Bastrop Police Department. I had to be strong and demanding and if that made me hard person to deal with, then so be it. I was doing this for my Johnathan, not to be your friend.

We knew in our heart that our boy did not run away as some said. He needed help and the fire department who saw him that night, stated in writing that he needed help. Everyone there let him walk away.

He would have been 31 this year. He never had a chance to fall in love, get married, or have children or to watch his little Sister grow up into such a beautiful woman. He was taken too soon us.

We are seeing the Press Releases and News Media reports just as you are. They say we “finally know what happened to Johnathan”. We don’t! We are still in the place we were 4 years ago. We don’t know what happened to Johnathan. Will we have closure? We are not sure. Time will tell. Was he murdered, was he in diabetic shock, was in pain and alone? That will haunt us.

We want to thank everyone who has supported our family by sharing Johnathan’s missing persons flyer and the comfort provided to us through the past couple years.

Please respect our privacy at this time and let us heal. We will not be answering any questions right now. You are welcome to message the page and when we feel we can answer them we will.

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