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Press Release
For Immediate Release
Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2018
                                                           Website: www.AlecJohnsonForTexas.com
                                                           Twitter: @AlecJohnson4TX
Alec Johnson Leading A Press Conference Re: “Justice for Janice Wilhelm.”
What: Press Conference.
When: Today, Wednesday, September 19th at 11 AM.
Where: 901 E. Main Street, Nacogdoches, TX 75961.
September 19, 2018 — Alec Johnson, who is running for State House District 11, will be leading a press conference to discuss an alarming instance of public corruption and neglect involving the murder of Janice Wilhelm and ongoing cover-up.
Louie Gohmert, Trent Ashby, Travis Clardy, and many others have refused to investigate or ignored pleas for help from Janice Wilhelm’s surviving children. The cover-up continues to this day.
Summary: Janice Wilhelm’s murder was falsely reported as a suicide. A forged will was probated swiftly. Months after her death, oil drilling commenced in her front yard. A Leading State Pathologist believes she was most likely murdered. Epidemic of “suicides” involving oil leases suggest Wilhelm’s murder part of a larger pattern of public corruption.


A Media Press conference was held today in Nacogdoches  Democract Party Headquarters Wednesday September 19, 2018.  Journalist’s from Television station KTEK Tyler and KTRE Lufkin were in attendance and filming. Some hard questions were asked by Reporters in attendance.  


I want to welcome you today. My name is Alec Johnson. I’m the Democratic Candidate for State House District 11.

I’ve made many surprising discoveries during the course of this campaign. Learning that I can serve constituents even before getting elected is one of them.


Last July, I met some people who shared an alarming story that shocks me to this day. It was a tale of murders, cover ups, a forged will, and other crimes. It included the story of a woman’s murder. All these crimes were committed, it appears, to secure oil drilling licenses and gain royalties.

One moved away from Leon County, where the crime occurred, for fear of his safety. He now lives in Nacogdoches where he is supposedly represented by my opponent, Travis Clardy.


What leaps out from the many sordid details surrounding this case is this: there was widespread public corruption that went hand in hand with widespread negligence and utter disregard for the rule of law.


Travis Clardy wasn’t the first official to turn his back on Janice Wilhelm and her children. As the timeline of contacts we will distribute makes clear, Clardy trails a long list of officials including, among others, Governor Abbott, Senator Ted Cruz, the indicted Attorney General, Ken Paxton, Congressman Louie Gohmert, State Representatives Marva Beck and Trent Ashby, and the Texas Rangers who all refused to help Janice Wilhelm’s children.

Janice’s surviving son, Wayne Robeson, reached out to Travis Clardy’s office in 2016 and was completely ignored. If any one of these various public servants had been doing their job, I wouldn’t be standing here today.


I was introduced to the family by a mutual friend in July of this year. The story they told me and the evidence I was  shown has haunted me ever since. Before going further, I want to acknowledge what the family have gone through. There is nothing I can say that might relieve their grief. Action alone is the only response. Action that leads to justice for Janice Wilhelm. Action that leads to justice for the other victims of the widespread corruption that lead to this tragedy. I don’t think there’s anyone here who wouldn’t try and move heaven and earth to get justice for a slain relative. What is remarkable about Wayne and his sister is that despite the enormous hurdles that have been thrown in their path, despite the utter lack of support from public officials, they have refused to give up. It is the very least I can do, to try and help them gain justice for their mother. To gain justice for Janice Wilhelm.

In these brief remarks I will not go into all the sordid details of this case. We will be providing a detailed written report. After my remarks conclude, Sean Hightower, a criminal defense attorney, will walk you through his review of the crime scene and forensic evidence that convinces us both that Janice Wilhelm was murdered and is not, as was officially reported, a victim of suicide.


This story begins with a 911 call placed by Janice’s husband, Gerald Wilhelm, on December 8, 2010. The recording of that call immediately raised my suspicions and, as I later learned, Mr. Wilhelm made several false claims that were debunked by facts. And as those facts were assembled for my review, I couldn’t fail to conclude that a conspiracy lay behind Janice Wilhelm’s murder.

Compounding suspicions she was murdered is the overwhelming evidence that the document probated as her official last will and testament was an obvious forgery. It was probated without consulting her surviving children, despite the fact that they were in touch with the County office on a weekly basis. Gerald Wilhelm was the exclusive beneficiary of Janice’s forged will.


Officials from Leon County claimed that their determination that Janice Wilhelm committed suicide was confirmed by the existence of a suicide note. When a copy was finally obtained by her surviving children, it was clear that it couldn’t be even remotely regarded as the anguished final words of a woman intent on killing herself. It was, in fact, a page of nursing notes.
While insufficient evidence exists to form any conclusions about who murdered Janice Wilhelm, her husband, Gerald was almost certainly present when the murder took place. He was very likely involved with the conspiracy to kill his wife. At this point this story takes another lethal turn.


On March 24th, 2017, NBC Channel 5 (NBCDFW.com) aired a segment about this case. It included an interview with Gerald Wilhelm. He agreed to the interview but without audio. Wilhelm said he didn’t want to incriminate himself as he was a defendant in a civil suit about the forged will. Five days after this segment aired Wilhelm was found dead. Cause of death was listed as “natural causes.” The body was promptly cremated. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Gerald Wilhelm was murdered to silence him and protect however many other accomplices were involved in this crime.


As troubling as Janice Wilhelm’s story is, there is more evidence that other murder conspiracies succeeded in Leon County. Prior to Janice Wilhelm’s death almost all of her neighbors who were the “head of the household” had died.  3 of these deaths were from a single gunshot wound above the torso. Another neighbor’s family member was found hung after Janice Wilhelm’s death.  All of these deaths were ruled a suicide at the scene.


Moving beyond the tragedy of Janice Wilhelm and her neighbors we find public corruption on display almost everywhere we look. And the victims of public corruption in Texas are almost countless.


Only public corruption can explain why over 700,000 Texans are denied medical coverage because the leadership in Austin refuses to accept Medicaid expansion. Only public corruption can explain an incarceration industry run amok that is destroying the lives of tens of thousands of mostly African-American and Latino prisoners, victims of the “War on Drugs,” waged almost exclusively against communities of color. Only public corruption can explain why, despite overwhelming scientific evidence, the state of Texas refuses to seriously address the growing threat of runaway Global Warming. Only public corruption can explain why the leadership in Austin fails to protect our children from the ravages they will certainly face in a steadily warming world. I could go on and on.

There is so much work that must begin immediately to turn the corner on this era of corruption. There is so much work to do to win justice for Janice Wilhelm and all the other victims, that we can’t wait until November to begin. That’s why I’m standing here today with some of the family. That’s why I hope to stand in Austin next year to continue the work of winning justice for the people of the great state of Texas. Thank you!


And now I turn this briefing over to my good friend, Sean Hightower who will review the crime scene and forensic evidence.

Sean Hightower briefing will be televised at a later time.


Timeline of Contact Attempts to Elected Officials & Texas Rangers

2011: State representative Marva Beck contacted in Centerville (said it was a clear suicide).

2011: Various attempts to gain assistance from the Texas Rangers proved fruitless.

2012: State representative Linda Harper contacted in Irving, Texas set up a meeting with Texas Rangers.

2013: US Senator Ted Cruz contacted by a Dallas Attorney and longtime donor to the Cruz campaign. He mentioned the Texas Rangers inaction and apparent cover up in the case of Janice Willhelm’s death and the forged will. He was ignored.

2014: Avery Enslee, a retired Federal Agent and private investigator (PI) retained by the family, presented a formal report to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot and Texas Governor Rick Perry. An official with the Texas Attorney General’s office was initially interested, but ultimately there no response from Governor’s office.

2015: Avery Enslee contacted the new Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office, submitting an official report there and with Governor Gregg Abbot. An official with the Attorney General’s office contacted Enslee and was somewhat threatening, telling him the case was closed by Leon County 2010. No response was ever received from the Governor’s office.

2016: Family members made contact with state representative Travis Clardy and was ignored, receiving no response ever.

2016: Family member contacted Congressman Louie Ghomert, who met with the son in Tyler and advised there was nothing his office could do. He suggested meeting with Trent Ashby.

2016: Family met with State Representative Trent Ashby who had Linda Parker go over the information and advised they would get involved. They never heard from Ashby’s office again. All email correspondence went unanswered after meeting in 2016.

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