Amanda’s Story of Injustice

by Kimberly Mullens

One year ago today, I had to make the agonizing decision to discontinue life support for my beautiful sister Amanda Pierce after she suffered anoxic brain death six days before. The pain today, as I recall that moment, is still raw and excruciating. Saying goodbye as they took her to the operating room to harvest her organs was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

But the pain of injustice that we have suffered on her behalf has lingered on this past year. I have not been able to get closure and grieve through another family member’s death properly. Law enforcement and the justice system, that we pay to serve and protect the innocent, has failed her at a chance for justice.

No matter what multiple witnesses came forward and said to the investigating detective about domestic violence and threats of murder that very day, he would never consider the option that the life was squeezed out of her by a man that did this sort of thing to her on a regular basis. An illegal immigrant with a long police record and a known active warrant for his arrest for domestic violence against Amanda, was allowed to walk away 2 days later and treated as the victim in this case.

I have exhausted my efforts in Grayson County at this time and knowing God is in front of me in my pursuit of justice for Amanda, I will do whatever necessary to help her and others. From the Sherman police department, Grayson County district attorney’s office, Dallas medical examiner’s office, and the Texas attorney general’s office, who had denied me access to any of Amanda’s case records in March, I will demand answers. I will continue until someone listens to our side of this tragic story. I have never insisted that they change their ruling of suicide, but to consider the option of homicide.
I pray that anyone who has a similar story use this page to share it. It takes courage to step out and go with your heart (and gut), and talk about injustice. But telling your story gives others hope, then courage to tell their own. I will continue to reveal even more facts of my own case as God prompts me to. As I review the facts, I become even more outraged at the excuses and lack of care of Amanda’s life and death. She was a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, and a child of God; SHE DESERVES JUSTICE!

hese are facts presented to EVERY official we met with in Grayson County, and sent to the Dallas Medical Examiner’s Office, City Manager, State Representative, Congressman, Mayor, Sheriffs Office, and Texas Attorney General’s Office:

  • Amanda called her friend for help at 5:15, approximately 2 hours before 9-1-1 was called. She made arrangements to leave at that time
  • Outstanding warrants related to previous domestic violence charge from 2014
  • Illegal immigration status
  • Documented history of domestic violence
  • Multiple witness statements about threats of murder the day she was found
  • She had at least 2 bags packed
  • Witness report that Brayan got home at 6:00 pm, 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to calling 9-1-1. Brayan also told 2 officers he got home at 6:00 pm
  • The improbability of Brayan breaking an electrical cord with his hands only as he claims
  • Brayan left town 3 days after her brain injury, leaving everything he owned, disconnected his phone, and did not return to work at STARR Aircraft
  • Detective Jeff Jones lying to our family about important facts and making false statements in his police report. Facts that could have made a difference in the outcome of her case
  • Amanda’s body sent to ME with only “possible suicide by hanging”. No other evidence, report, photos or description of incident
  • Injuries were not consistent with story Brayan and police told us
  • Responding officer was aware of domestic violence history and warrants, yet protocol for a DV situation was not followed
  • Continued inconsistencies in Brayan’s timeline and account on that night
  • No suicide note
  • Sherman PD did not close her case for over 1 year even though there was NO active investigation–except what we requested
  • Texas Rangers were asked to “look over” her case at the request of an assistant DA and police chief but saw nothing that indicated homicide or suspicious

We have made it very clear from our first meeting with Jeff Jones at Sherman PD that we were NOT satisfied with his investigation. We took his advice to file for an open record and to proceed however we wanted from there. We have met with many law officials in this county for almost 3 years. We’ve sent certified letters and injury photos to city manager, mayor, state representative, congressman, and Texas Attorney General. We’ve requested a face to face meeting with the ME’s office, only to be denied multiple times.



Rest in peace sweet baby girl, you are loved and missed!

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