Liar Liar

Perjury is a criminal offense, right? Not for some folks in Leon County, Texas.  Diedre Kyle and Ben Partlou are apparently among the elite few who may perjure themselves without any repercussions. These two are “witnesses” to the forged will of Janice Lee  Willhelm.

On April 11, 2011, Leon County Judge Byron Ryder signed off on Gerald Willhelm’s application to probate the will of his late wife, Janice Lee Willhelm (Robeson). This is what Judge Ryder had to say on the occasion:

“The Court, after having heard and considered the evidence, finds that legal notices of the filing of said Application have been issued and posted in the manner and for the length of time required by law, and no one came to contest same; and it further appearing that said Will was executed on June 10, 2009, with the formalities and solemnities and under the same circumstances required by law to make it a valid will….proved by sworn testimony by two subscribing witnesses to the execution of the will in open court.”

Setting aside the fact that the will in question is a blatant forgery, obviously signed by Janice’s (now late) husband Gerald Willhelm, and that the “two subscribing witnesses” are on the record as having committed perjury and recanted their testimony, the will is what is of interest to us today


Ben Partlou and Diedre Kyle both witnessed the will.  They also appeared in Leon County Court in April 2011 and testified they were personally acquainted with Janice Willhelm and familiar with her signature.




Identified as a forgery by a 10 year old in 2011



Then in 2013 they told private investigator Skip Ensley they had never met Janice Willhelm.  In 2014 Eric Harris recorded them both at the Rattle Snake Ranch on HWY 21 in Houston County Texas where they both stated they had never met Janice Willhelm and that the will was signed when Gerald brought it to the office in 2011.

Warner Brothers Crime Watch Daily played this audio on a national broadcast that has since been syndicated and is available to be viewed on yourtube or a number of television services.

In a recorded deposition taken from Diedre Kyle in October 2016 by Dallas Attorney Joseph Legere in Madisonville Texas the following questions were asked and awnsers given.

Q.   We are going to go through those anyway.

During your conversations prior — that one

conversation prior to the date she came in in which

you witnessed this, or even the day of, did you ever

have any conversations about Ms. Willhelm’s family?

A.   No, sir, I did not.

Q.   So, as you sit here today, you couldn’t say

who her family was one way or another?

A.   No, sir.

Q.   And you have no way of knowing if she could

have told you who her family was?

A.   No, sir.  No, sir.  I had not met her.

Q.   The same thing as far as that conversation

before or during the day of this — that you saw her

when she came in.  Did you guys have any

conversations about the general nature of her estate

Q.   Okay.  And can you describe that day that

she came in?  What — do you know what transpired

why she came up here to the office?

A.   Basically just to get us to witness this –

the signatures on this will.  That was the only

reason they came.  And if I’m remembering, it was

late in the afternoon and — I don’t really remember

the details, but I just remember them bringing it in

and asked me if I would witness.

Ok, so Diedre has stated several times on video, audio and now a legal deposition that she never met Janice Willhelm.  Then how did you manage to witness the signing of her will?

More importatnly when Gerald Willhelm was found dead in 2017 shortly after an NBC broadcast in which Gerald is shown asking the reporter not to record him on audio because of the pending civil case about his wifes forged will (that was Gerald Willhelms words)

His will was submitted for probated in less than 48 hours after he was found dead.


Gerald Willhelm was found dead the afternoon of April 17, 2017

and his will was submitted to the Leon County Clerk stamped April 19, 2017 at 8:00am

Who are the heirs to Gerald Willhelms will?

Hang on the family of Janice Willhelm filed a will contest in 2011.  That case has been in the Leon County District Court ever since.

However in the Leon County Court,  where any kind of justice can come to a screeching halt.  County Judge Byron Ryder probated Gerald Willhelms will

Diedre Kyle and Christine Bain are the heirs.

Even though asseccory to forgery, fraud and perjury have been committed and proof has been submitted several times to include national television.  No action has yet to be taken by Texas Law Enforcement.

This has been Jim Parks

The floggings will continue until morale improves!

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