Small Town Corruption Story in Texas


Dylan and Carter have been friends for several years.  Dylan stays with the Gentry’s very often and they consider him one of their own. These two kids are brothers.  Since Carter’s arrest, they have not been allowed by the juvenile department to have contact with each other.

Carters Voice  

On March 15, 2019 there was an ‘alleged’ fight at Whataburger.  The ‘alleged victim’ made statements to PPD that Carter and two friends jumped him at Whataburger.  Dylan is one of the two friends.  The alleged victim said Dylan held him down.  There is ZERO evidence of a fight.  And we have TWO witnesses/recordings that said the alleged victim had his brother put bruises on him to make it look like he was held down.  (these are in the PI report)

We never received any phone calls or were asked any questions from ANY member of law enforcement regarding this alleged fight.  Please note, the alleged victim is one of the boys that was blackmailed/paid by Carter’s ex’s family to harass him.  

Dylan received a letter from Emily Lane at Anderson County juvenile like Carter did.  Again, it was dated the DAY after Carter was re-enrolled at Cayuga ISD.  We called Emily Lane NUMEROUS times regarding the letter and our calls were never returned.  We even received a 2nd notice.  

Since October 11, 2019 – Dylan ALSO now has conditions that he has to follow, even though there is no physical evidence.  But he’s really just being punished for being Carter’s friend.  The family tried to turn Dylan against Carter as well and was unsuccessful.  He has weekly meetings/calls with Emily Lane.  His phone was searched, and nothing was found.  (Because he’s DONE NOTHING WRONG and there is NO EVIDENCE of a fight – other than a he said/she said situation).  Emily Lane has harassed him at his weekly meetings, telling him he’s not a good kid and she shouldn’t even be ‘wasting her time trying to help him’. She’s told him he just needs to ‘come clean about the fight’.  Dylan’s been told he will ‘just end up in prison’.  To the juvenile department, he’s just ‘another black kid’ that they don’t care about.  Dylan’s story has never changed.  He never touched ANYONE.  

During Dylan’s last call to Emily Lane on June 10th, Dylan’s mom questioned her AGAIN about how they can make him abide by conditions with no evidence and no case filed.  For the first time since September, she was NICE to them and said she would ‘get to the bottom of this’ by the end of week.  And she would call the DA every day until she did.  She thinks the situation has just been blown out of proportion and she will work on it. 

June 11, 2020 Emily Lane tells Dylan’s mom the DA will agree to ‘deferred prosecution’ and they just need him to come sign some paperwork and he will have ‘less conditions’.  Dylan’s mother does not agree to this. 

July 29, 2020  Dylan’s case was dropped today!!! The reason given is the DA didn’t want to pursue prosecution.  Please keep in mind that only 6 weeks ago, Dylan was offered ‘deferred prosecution’ and if agreed to, would have been given probation.  Deferred prosecution is not supposed to be offered if the case can’t be proven in court.  But now the DA’s office is declining prosecution?

So if they can’t prosecute him, why was he ever given conditions?  Why was he held to conditions for TEN MONTHS?  Why did they offer deferred prosecution 6 weeks ago instead of dropping it then?  If he and Carter are co-defendants in this case with the SAME charges, why is Dylan’s case dropped and Carter’s isn’t?

Bottom line is the juvenile department BULLIED Dylan and violated his civil rights in an effort to get him to give them information on Carter. They didn’t succeed, because both of these boys are INNOCENT. And this CHILD has lost TEN MONTHS of his life being used as a pawn by law enforcement, juvenile, and vindictive people.

***Emily Lane is the juvenile officer that was said to have personally kept Carter’s phone prior to having a warrant. And the phone was kept off juvenile property.  What else has been done?  How many other kids have they NOT helped and only harassed?  How many other kids are being held to conditions with NO evidence to support any charges? 

Carter’s family has been speaking out for over a year.  Here is a bit more on Dylan and his involvement with the family.

“Can we describe RICH PRIVILEGE in Anderson County with just a few pictures of what an Amazing kid has had to deal with the last year… And yes his hands are dirty he works his ass off and would give anyone the shirt off his back… And Dylan is his best and long time friend that has came to live with us because of fear of the school and the LEGARDS trying to put false charges on him again. The JUVENILE OFFICE EMILY LANE had harassed his for almost a year. After his MOM refused to sign papers on him they dropped because of no evidence…”

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