Written By Joe Cochran

Nearly three years havpast since I started my investigation into the Daniel Underwood death which we know by all eyewitness accounts it’s a murder.
It was time that I go to Dallas, Texas and meet many of the people involved in this case while also filming an episode of Warner Brothers ” Crime Watch Daily”. The  WB producer of the show had contacted me about my previous two part story regarding this case, ” Eyewitness To A Killing ” and “Bragging Of A Murder”.  So thanks to WB and Crime Watch Daily it was off to Texas.

On Friday February 23rd I arrived in Dallas to meet a family friend of the Underwood’s Diane Hynson who would then take me to meet the Underwood’s for the first time in person.  It was an emotional meeting to say the least.

How ironic as I arrived in Dallas playing through the airport was Marvin Gaye’s Motown hit  “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”. Just shortly before  I was told the person that we believe and know pulled the trigger Rebecca Nelson was also in town.

Upon arriving in Dallas Miss Hynson proceeded to take me to Sulphur Springs,the little city outside of Dallas Tx. to meet the Underwood’s.

Just as I expected, meeting this down to earth family was very humbling.  Daniel’s mother Donna and  his sister Staci spoke about many things including the death of the late Daniel. A lot hugs ,thoughts and tears were exchanged.

On Saturday I met my two witnesses from my previous articles regarding the death of Daniel Underwood, Maria Harvick and Ginnie Perry.

Next  it was time to record “Crime Watch Daily”.   Two very brave and courageous women stepping forward to tell what they knew,  Harvick and Perry had a story to tell, and tell they did with great conviction and passion.

Harvick told her version once again as she did in ” Eyewitness To A Killing” that she witnessed Rebecca Nelson pull the trigger that killed Daniel. It was an emotional time for Harvick and one could understand why she kept her name  out it until much later to protect her young children at the time of the shooting in 2008.

( The area in the home where Maria Harvick witnessed Rebecca Nelson shoot and kill Daniel Underwood)
Not only did I interview both Harvick and Perry in my investigative articles I also recorded Perry telling me  how Rebecca Nelson had bragged about pulling the trigger of a 12 gauge shotgun and killing Underwood.

Donna and Staci Underwood would eventually tell their story with emotion that has been in their heart since the loss of Daniel.

What amazes me mostly about Donna, it’s not about an eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth,it’s just seeking justice for the killing of her son.  You could not meet a more devoted and loving person as Donna Underwood.

After  multiple radio shows, interviews and my two articles it was time to tell what I had learned through my investigation.  There is no doubt a killer is on the loose and she knows exactly what she did. During my interview we discussed a botched investigation, a cover-up and most importantly forensic evidence.

“Crime Watch Daily” would stay in town on Sunday and try and track down Rebecca Nelson. From what I understand with some success, but never being able to get a comment.

The Reporter for “Crime Watch Daily” Malissa McCarty did a superb job asking the tough questions and with the answers we supplied and the shows research should no doubt be enough for law enforcement to re-open the Daniel Underwood death and at least for the time being declare his death as undetermined.

Although we’re still on the trail of a cold-blooded killer it seems like we’re that much closer to finding justice.

The Show ” Crime Watch Daily “to air in March

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