Hit & Run in Dallas Texas

Wake up Kevin you will never be Wylie, not even Coyote:

By Johnnie Belle Reagan

A Dallas City Council Member, Kevin Felderman was accused last week of a hit and run. Mr. Felder was on his way to a Council meeting when he struck the scooter being ridden by an unnamed 18-yr-old man who sustained minor injuries. The victim says he was riding along in a traffic lane when he saw a car coming up behind him. He tried to get out of the way but was struck with the front passenger side of Felder’s Ford Fusion. There was apparently a brief verbal exchange and then Felder drove off. A witness corroborated the account and clarified by revealing Felder never got out of his car while the victim was yelling for him to get out. I’m not sure that was the best strategy for the young man to take, but he was understandably angry.

A few hours later after the accident has been reported Felder was observed pacing inside the meeting. Police Chief Renee Hall was having none of this nonsense and proceeded to the parking lot to check out Felder’s ride. Sure enough, there was damage to front passenger side of his car, including a dent and scuff mark. A short time later a security guard escorted Felder out of the meeting as Felder’s Ford Focus was being towed from the parking lot.

Felder claimed the damage was done prior to the day of the accused hit and run. Video Surveillance of the parking garage reportedly will be viewed to determine if that statement is true. 

“It’s too early to tell at this point in the investigation. We don’t want to rush to any judgment. We’ll conduct this investigation as we normally do,” said Dallas Police Deputy Chief Thomas Castro. “If it turns out we need to affect an arrest, we are willing to do so.” Deputy Chief Castro swears no special treatment will be given to Mr. Felder. Felder could face a felony charge of failure to stop and render aid. 

The victim has a business in the district and recognized Felder. Interesting enough 3 other witnesses identified him also. A Dart bus was nearby and footage from its video camera allegedly has the accident on film. Honestly I had no idea Dart Buses have video cameras installed recording as they drive.

Lets talk about what Kevin was doing before the hit and run. Shutting out yet another privately owned buisness in his district is what he was doing.

The blurb run by Channel 11 was “Dallas target crime at local car-wash”.  I immediately assumed it was Davenport again…  I can only imagine that Dale Davenport, owner of the car-wash near Fair Park, was somewhat relieved when it turned out to be a different car-wash located in Pleasant Grove.  But then again maybe he just felt sympathy because as I understand the City had already filed another lawsuit on his establishment a couple of weeks ago. 

I’m going to point out the irony here; the reporter’s name is Brian New.  “New” he must be if he doesn’t know or understand that everyone that has grown up in and around Dallas knows the one thing the “Grove” is known for is CRIME.  The area is not highly sought after.  Surrounded by the land fill, waste water treatment plant and Trinity River bottoms. Some places just seem like a good spot to dump a body, and they do quite often.

I am just amazed at the acceptance by the I-team of the fact the City of Dallas has filed a lawsuit against the carwash property owner when in their own reporting they admit the City’s own actions have forced the crime onto private business property.  The City’s admits that putting up license plate readers and surveillance cameras has not help curve the crime.  Well, maybe that is because you are watching the crime and attacking or punishing property owner rather than protecting and serving by fighting crime.

Then comes Councilman Kevin Felder, what an absolute not funny joke.  Take warning all business and property owners in Dallas, especially if you own a carwash.  Felder has an especially bad taste for carwashes and he is coming after you.  When the City passes ordinances and you as a property owner abides by every ordinance where does the responsibility to you as a tax and law-abiding citizen start?  Even in Dodge City when the things got out of a hand a new Sheriff came to town, as in law enforcement.  As in, the definition of enforcing the “law” the responsibility of the City of Dallas.

It is almost like they picked the weakest link on the block, 77-year-old Mr. Jerry Silwa.  Mr. Silwa states that he has done everything the City has asked him to do and them some.  He had even gone as far as hiring an armed guard at one point but the cost too inhibited for a small business.  Now Mr. Silwa will be forced to defend his rights to be protected from the Governmental Body that should be protecting him.  The Carwash he purchased 6 years ago is his retirement investment.  Good going Kevin! Does it get any crazier than that?

Well, yes it does.  We are led to believe this one patch of property is responsible for all the crime in the area.  Let us stand in the middle of the intersection of Burton Rd and St. Augustine for a minute.  On one corner is the Adams Food Mart (next to the infamous carwash), then from left to right north west corner houses La Unica Restaurant, the west corner houses what was a private academy for the gifted and then toward the South East is a City of Dallas Fire Station.  Yes, you read that right a Fire Station owned by the City of Dallas.  Can I suggest Police Substation?  So, taking out this one little carwash or forcing Mr. Silwa to carry the burden of curtailing all the crime for all the area appears to be selective enforcement.

That question of responsibility is easy for me to answer.  It is the responsibility of the person committing the Crime and the law enforcement agency challenged with enforcing the law and keeping order.  The ones carrying the guns.  So, what will Mr. Silwa be forced to do?  While crimes will still be committed in the area because the City of Dallas is not doing its job, Mr. Silwa will be forced to hire lawyers and defend and protect himself against the City of Dallas.  Makes sense, right?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but inside sources have revealed that drug deals are frequently done behind a convenience/ gas station business in the same neighborhood rather often. In addition to that location it was reported that an old grocery store parking lot is the scene of illegal activity after dark as well. Get to it guys, shut those businesses down!

What will Kevin Felder do?  He will sit on his high horse and take pride in the misery he is causing others.  It may be of interest to take note of what Felder does for living.  He is a property broker.  Is that the irony?  I sure hope not because it might speak louder to a bigger problem.  The one thing that filing suit on a property does is devalue the land.  And property owners that don’t have the funds to defend themselves in a legal battle usually sell. 

There are carwashes all over but, the City of Dallas has now filed suit against two businesses both carwashes in the district that Kevin Felder represents.

Councilman Kevin Felder just remember karma appears to be catching up with you.

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