Letter to the public from Henderson Texas

by Jolynn Wilder

If you have concern regarding all the “missing” people in and around East Texas

This happened to me Monday afternoon July 22, 2019 and I feel like I need to share!

 I was on FM1798 at the intersection toward the end as it crosses 79. Had two of my grandsons. We heard our rear tire blow out.  So I pulled over on the grassy edge of the road. I called a family member named Jay who was cutting hay about 3 miles on down 1798. I knew he was on the way so we sat and waited with the car running. Traffic was pretty steady, and several passersby had slowed to look but didn’t stop. I noticed a small car had pulled over to the side and parked just across 1798 from us but just sat in the car.

I told the boys I didn’t know why they were just sitting there. The person never got out, sat there for another minute or so then slowly pulled away. I’ll refer to that car as “the scout”. As the scout car pulls off, Anthony (one of the boys) says,

“Joey that car has passed us 3 times already and turned around, now he’s coming back.”

We watched the car slowly pass us again, cross 79 and back into a parked position, get out of his car and proceed to check his tires then get back in his car and sit there. So now, this “car 2” is sitting just across 79 directly facing us.

At this point I’m thinking Jay should pull up any second. We look across and watch another vehicle “the hauler” back up and park beside the parked car, no one got out or  rolled down a window. They just sat there parked next to each other watching us.

I have the Beretta semi-automatic pistol in my hand now and I know something “ain’t right”.

This all happened in a matter of moments really and I’m not normally a one to panic or be afraid but I had this helpless feeling all of a sudden. The feeling of I’m here with two kids, nobody else in sight but these two lurkers and I’m a little bit nervous!

 I see Jay coming in a Dodge flatbed down the grassy side and pull up beside us. Now as quickly as he pulls up, the two lurkers slowly pull out never to be seen again. Then guess who passes? The scout car that parked first.

Folks, I promise y’all I dont normally EVER post anything like this, but you can take it for what it’s worth… I NOW KNOW how those missing people can vanish because I think we were on our way there. I felt it. I was never so thankful for Jay pulling up when he did. Thank you, God,!!

Y’all that all happened within several minutes and they were calculated and precise in their moves. I’m convinced now that it was definitely a team of at least 3 vehicles.

I believe the first one parked and scouted, the second and third ones parked and waited. The third, “the cargo” was an Escalade.

The second was a little white “Fast and Furious” type car with black stripes and a big spoiler thing. Whoever they were, I had plans to shoot them in the face. No joke. My point is, please be aware of what’s going on! Travel with some type of defense always!

 I didn’t get license plates and didn’t take pics because I wasn’t that smart! I didn’t call Rusk County because those guys have enough to take care of and I really didn’t have anything to tell them! But..

I know what we saw, I’m convinced without a doubt that they were a team and I believe it happens ALOT. We were about to be victims of human trafficking or involuntary organ donors!

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