Marlin Texas is in Falls County & the Sheriff was finally Arrested

FALLS COUNTY, Texas – It’s not the publicity one would want just six weeks out from an election, but it’s the latest update added to Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman’s public profile.

The Texas Rangers arrested Scaman and booked him into the Bell County Jail, where he faces a total of five charges including two charges of Felony Assault of a Public Servant, one sexual assault charge
and two misdemeanor charges of Official Oppression.

Scaman’s bond amount totaled to be nearly $200,000.

Roughly a year and one month ago, Scaman and Falls County Sheriff’s Deputies assisted Marlin PD because Marlin PD Chief Nathan Sodek committed suicide as a result of a sexual assault investigation.

Around this time last year, Cedric Davis was serving as Marlin PD’s interim chief – replacing Sodek.

“Right now, it’s a sad day for Falls County,” Davis said in response to Scaman’s arrest.

Now, there’s a similar circumstance at the Sheriff’s Department around the corner.

“The allegations of Sexual Assault and Official Oppression as a long time peace officer, it’s just a road we don’t go down. So it’s stunning right now,” Davis shared.

As Marlin’s city manager, he still sees Falls County with an outsider’s perspective.

He says the issue surrounding Scaman’s arrest and ones similar stems from officers losing sight of the ultimate objective of law enforcement.

“Everything is about doing right by the public, and it’s not about self. The hurdles that we seem to be running into or the brick walls that we’re running into in Falls County and Marlin seems to be about self,” said Davis.

He predicts the news will have an impact on leaders of other law enforcement agencies, causing them to take a closer look within their departments.

“All of the police chiefs, they will make sure their personnel is definitely doing the right thing. They’ll probably go back and look at their policies and procedures and have a conversation with their personnel,”

Vic Feazell who represented the victim of the Baylor Rapist, Jacob Andersen, is now representing two victims of Marlin Sheriff Ricky Scaman. Scaman has been indicted today by a Falls County Grand Jury and arrested by the Texas Rangers, according to Feazell’s client who spoke candidly with Harry Storm in a recent interview.

Might be time a lot of good ole boys rethink just how far they feel like pushing the laws of the State of Texas.

MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) – Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman was arrested Monday by Texas Rangers on warrants charging felony assault on a public servant, sexual assault and misdemeanor official oppression, the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

Scaman, 48, was in the Bell County Jail Monday afternoon.

Online records show he was booked at 3:15 p.m.

Scaman, a Republican, took office on Jan. 1, 2017 succeeding longtime Sheriff Ben Kirk, who decided not to seek a fifth term.

He faces a challenge in November from Democrat Joe Lopez.

Carla Holland Stange, a former pornographic actress who resides in Marlin has been complaining for years about the Marlin PD and the Falls County SO.  She has been recording numerous YouTube videos documenting the events for several years.  Unfortunately no one listened.

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