Mayella Yells

That her face, at first just ghostly, Turned a whiter shade of pale”

by Johnie Belle Reagan

In 2011 Rick Perry passed and signed a new law referred to as the Anti-Slapp.





DEFINITIONS.  In this chapter:

(1)  “Communication” includes the making or submitting of a statement or document in any form or medium, including oral, visual, written, audiovisual, or electronic.

(2)  “Exercise of the right of association” means a communication between individuals who join together to collectively express, promote, pursue, or defend common interests.

This Law gave special attention to the 1st Amendment and Freedom of the Press both public and private. Although a fairly new law it helps reporters and journalists write with some confidence and protection. It gave District Judges leniency and easy guidelines to identify frivolous lawsuits based on “they said something mean about me” and toss them out.

 So, it just makes you wonder how Christine Bain and Martin Boren were able to file a motion in a court battle over a will contest against the plaintiffs in that case, Jennifer Davis and Howard Farmer, and win.  Surprisingly the motion was a defamation claim referencing the website Texas Public Corruption, several Facebook pages, reddit, NBC, CBS and Crime Watch Daily.  Bain presenting absolutely no evidence that Farmer and Davis are associated with any of the accusations.  I can say with 100% certainty that I am not Jennifer or Howard nor are they affiliated with Texas Public Corruption. To this date I have yet to meet them.

If you are familiar with the stories featured and published on Texas Public Corruption website and the numerous social media pages you will also be familiar with the names above.  .  What you might not know is an Anti-SLAPP Motion was recently heard on January 31 in Centerville, Texas. While forged wills and expeditious probate seems to be easy for some in Leon County, talking about it can be costly.  And going along the line for the Texas District Good ole boy Courts you won’t need proof to get a favorable ruling.

The motion filed came at a time when a settlement was being reached on the forged will case from 2011. Apparently, if the settlement was not reached a court date was to take place in April 2019 in which Bain wanted a change of venue fearing she would not have a fair trial.

Days later her attorney Jess Mason filed a motion accusing the plaintiff of libel and defamation of character.  They requested that the Will Contest case from 2011 be dismissed and Janice Willhelms death officially be ruled “suicide”. Lost to the masses is the mysterious “Profit from T-shirt” scheme they are accused of.  The T-shirt with Christine’s likeness that was supposedly advertised on this website for sale only had to be a suggestion.  No proof was submitted, not an actual shirt nor a link to the site or screenshot.  Just say it is so and it is.  We know the website does exists, that is a fact according to the Affidavit from County Judge Ryder.  Last I checked a Judge shouldn’t be a witness for the plaintiffs in a lawsuit that he still has jurisdiction over. 

My understanding was Judges’ are and should remain impartial.  The second set of non-proof was the plaintiff her self’s affidavit saying she saw a likeness being offered for sale on a T-shirt on the site.  Hearsay at its best, I say it is so it must be, and I saw the actual website so that must make it really true. I wish it was true I would be wearing one. Interesting I have observed several companies selling custom t-shirts on Facebook lately. I clicked on a few and quickly realized there are dozens of these companies that will create any t-shirt logo you desire. 

I think even scarier than the fact that I can write the above paragraph with the greatest of seriousness but that the District Judge listened to the above “evidence” considered the “anti-slapp” motion filed by the defendants and Judge Davis ruled in favor of the plaintiffs essentially ignoring the rule of law.  Kangaroo Court is often used to refer to Texas District Court due to the fact they routinely ignore the law.  Commonly used tactics for District Courts in Texas is deny rights and deny issuance of subpoenas, withholding or blocking evidence and ignoring due process making favorable rulings for one side.

Texas Public Corruption has very little information about Gerald Willhelm, his death or how Christine Bain became the sole benefactor of his will and inherited what was left Jan Willhelm’s estate.  I find the statements made in the motion by Bain amusing.  She would like for us to believe that she had no idea she was mentioned in Gerald’s will, but yet the will was in probate within 48 hours of finding Gerald dead in his home.  That means that non-relatives were allowed into a deceased man’s home where they rifled through all his belongings to find a will they didn’t know existed?  The find an attorney to type up a will application and file it in less than 2 days from when the man was found dead?

Did I mention that Gerald had been dead for some time and his body was so badly decomposed that the cause of death was indeterminable?  His cremation came quite quickly also convenient.  Sure, there is a whole lot of intimate contact with someone you knew casually.

In her motion Christine Bain states, she met Gerald at a bank that she worked at in Centerville. However, a recently post on a Leon County Newspaper stated she met him at church.  Interesting so I contacted a PI who had worked for the law firm representing the case several years ago. He advised that Gerald was under surveillance periodically and always on a weekend for almost a year and not once had he been seen attending a church service. Nor the funeral of his deceased wife Jan.

CAUSE NO. O-12-00012

Factual Background 5. Christine Bain (“Mrs. Bain”) is a private citizen and resident of Leon County, Texas. She was previously employed at Citizens State Bank in Centerville as a bank teller. While working there, she became acquainted with and befriended Gerald Eugene Willhelm, who was a customer at the bank. The two got along well and were friendly but were never romantically involved whatsoever. See Exh. 3.

From the Buffalo Express

” Farmer and Davis continued to question their mother?s death and her will. Gerald Willhelm defended against the legal claims brought by Farmer and Davis until his death in 2017. Then Gerald Willhelm?s will was probated. His will left all his property, including what he received from his wife, to Christine Bain of Centerville with whom he attended church, and to another friend, Deidre Kyle of Crockett. “

Also presented was “evidence” that the website Texas Public Corruption was hacked.  Hang on you are really going to like this one.  Apparently, the day that the defamation claim was filed, Mason alleges the website happens to go down for about two hours.  Honestly, it has only been down once and that was last Fall.  Suspiciously Christine Bain’s Attorney, Jess Mason, can tell you exactly the moment.  All I can say is he must have had the website pulled up and watching it non-stop.  I can confirm that the hacking came from an IP address in Houston and that just happens to be where Mason has his office.  The claim made before the Court was that it must be Davis and Farmer behind the website because it was taken down right after the motion was filed.  

I watched Jess Mason accuse Hampton Carter, a former Tarrant County District Judge of being behind the website Texas Public Corruption. I honestly doubt Hampton knows how to use WordPress or HTML.  Jess Mason does realize Hampton Carter is very well known in Federal Court circles? 

At one point Jess Mason exclaimed Christina Bain has no criminal history. On the article written by a journalist in Los Angeles 2 of Bains arrest reports from Dallas Police Department are listed.  I myself located 3 within an hour’s time and the court records.  Interesting enough Christine chose jail time in each case.  Covering Dallas and Fort Worth city hall (and the courts) for many years results in knowing how to get around.  Back when we had the Times Herald and before we had the internet, I could actually have documents like that faxed to me with a telephone call. We did not have cell phones then either.  Hard to imagine how we managed back then.

I wish that Davis and Farmer’s lawyers Carter Hampton and Ross Russell had contacted me first so I could have warned them about the East Texas good ‘ole boys club.  This is the club of Lawyers that if you don’t belong to it you don’t win cases in East Texas.  Another case that has been reported on this site, City of Palestine vs. Jerry Laza, hit this same wall.  Laza was warned not to bring in an outside Lawyer when his local Lawyer was failing to defend him.  Laza didn’t heed the warning and hired a new Attorney, James Mosser, from Dallas.

 Basically, the end result was Mosser was shut down by the Court overruled on every motion and essentially withdrew from the Case due to the fact having a Lawyer was a waste of Laza’s money in Anderson County District Court.   The outcome has been decided before they even hear the argument.  So, it didn’t surprise me to hear that the same thing happened in the Leon County District Court on January 31st.

I believe that Jan’s children and the public have good reason to believe that Gerald had something to do with her death.  It is reported on Texas Public Corruption because there are way too many unanswered questions and too many questions answered with mis-truths.  What I don’t understand is why Christine Bain is so concerned about what a now dead man did while he was alive or what Jan Willhelm’s death certificate states.  In the motion she requests the Court to find Jan’s death a suicide.  If she has a rightful claim and Gerald truly left everything to her, what is the problem?  Oh yes, those mineral rights and a producing oil well.  I have to admit I had not given this case any thought in some time but now it’s on my radar and I am about to do some investigating with a whole new cast of characters.

the truth is plain to see

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