Mexican Cartel Dumps Body Outside Military Base

A group of gunmen working for a faction of Los Zetas are taunting locally stationed military forces by dumping the body of one of their victims with a threatening message.

This week, a team of gunmen from the Cartel Del Noreste (CDN) faction of Los Zetas raided a ranch in the municipality of Cadereyta, where they took part in a brief shootout and kidnapped Juan Francisco “El Rojo” Garcia Perez, a professional horse wrangler known locally for winning numerous clandestine races where individuals usually bet millions.

Law enforcement sources revealed that in one of the races where Garcia Perez won, a man linked to organized crime lost $3 million pesos ($150,000 USD). One of the sources revealed the murder appears to have been carried out by a rogue cell within Los Zetas (CDN) that does not answer to the group’s current leader, Hector Raul “Tory” Luna Luna. Authorities still do not know if the case indicates a possible internal rift within the CDN that could lead to further violence.

Hours after that race, CDN gunmen took Garcia Perez and killed him. The gunmen dumped the blanket-wrapped body outside of the entrance to a military base. A cartel poster board signed by the CDN suggested an ongoing drug trafficking dispute and threatened their rivals.

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