Missing in Rusk County Texas

In September 2018 Kimberly Flint went missing .  The police stated they received a tip previously on a vehicle that was in the area.   The vehicle is described as a white Chevrolet Silverado dual wheel drive with chrome bumpers.  Officials say they believe it is a 1995 to 2005 model based upon the headlights.  Witnesses reported the vehicle had a sticker on the back window shaped like a clover.

A month later after the vehicle was reported the victim is still missing.  An inside person reported that the vehicle was not processed like James Flint was told previously.  2 photos were leaked of the vehicle and in one area it appears that a small amount of blood is visible.

Here is what was reported from a blog that was begun for Kimberly in October

The full efforts of the Rusk County Sheriffs Office on Missing Person Kim Flint

Just when you thought things could not get any worse, wow we have another blunder!

Kim Flints vehicle was found abandoned on US 84 in Rusk County

The same day the car was hauled to a wrecker yard in Reklaw.  The car was NOT secured for processing.

After much pleading from James Flint the RCSO had the car transported to the RCSO for processing.  This was done after 5 days!

RCSO authorities told James Flint that they did process the car but could not submit anything to the DPS Laboratory because they have no evidence of a crime.

When asked by James Flint if they used luminol (a chemical that reacts and shows a sign of blood) the lead investigator told him they did not have any.

RCSO then released the car (That they processed) back to the family.

The family they a PI and a Texas Licensed Peace Officer volunteered to assist and properly process the car.  Evidence was collected and submitted to a private laboratory with the family paying for the expense.

We are also advised that it had been a year since Kim last drove a car.  The family is questioning why she would suddenly leave her home in the vehicle being she had not driven herself for over a year?  Or did she actually drive the car at all?  It is suspected she may not have.

It may also explain why the search dogs could not track her from the car and why no one say her at the location by the car or walking away from it.  It is suspected she may be closer to her house than originally believed.

There is a river near the house.

Original Story

James “Corbett” Flint says his mother Kimberly Flint, 57, loves going to church and gardening outside her home in Laneville, Texas. Corbett told Dateline his mother, a homemaker, is also a bit of a homebody.

Since Kimberly didn’t like to leave home, she often called her husband James Roy Flint, to bring dinner home on his way back from work. In fact, she called him on September 26, at around 3:10 p.m. to ask if he could bring her some food on his way home.

Kimberly Flint Corbett Flint

Corbett says he was returning to town after being away from home for two months driving trucks for work. He told Dateline his dad suggested that he pick up Kimberly so they could all meet and go out for dinner.

“She said no, but that was nothing out of the ordinary,” Corbett told Dateline about his father’s phone call. He says his dad didn’t think Kimberly sounded distressed or different.

At 3:45 p.m., highway patrol responded to a report of a one-vehicle crash on highway 84, Sheriff Jeff Price of the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office told Dateline.

Around 4:30 p.m. that afternoon, Corbett says his father received a phone call from the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office saying they had found the Flints’ 2016 green Jeep Grand Cherokee. They said it was found crashed into a cement guardrail on the side of Highway 84 near the Angelina River bridge.

Kimberly was nowhere to be found.

A statement by the Rusk County Sheriff’s office, confirmed that Kimberly was last heard from at 3:00 p.m. that day, and that her car was found off Highway 84.

Corbett says the police told his father they found the car in neutral, both sets of keys inside. Kimberly’s glasses were also found inside. Kimberly was nowhere to be found.

Corbett told Dateline it is very strange for his mother to be driving at all, because she usually refused to drive. “She didn’t like to drive; she said she didn’t feel comfortable,” he said. “My mom didn’t really like to go anywhere.”

James went home to check if Kimberly was at home, but could not find her. He picked up Corbett, and the two met with the Sheriff’s Office to give a description of Kimberly for a missing person’s report to the National Crime Information Center.

Corbett, who is a retired Marine Military Police officer, said he went to his mother’s home to do his own investigating while his father James went to the scene of the crash.

“I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary,” Corbett told Dateline. “I found her purse with everything still inside… and I found her phone on the arm of a chair with the charger wrapped around it — like if you had just put it down and you were going to come back.”

Around 6:00 p.m. that night, Corbett joined his father where police had found the car, about 15 miles from Kimberly and James’s home. He said he noticed that police were not on the scene, so he called the sheriff’s office and two deputies joined them. They searched until 1:00 a.m.

The following day, Corbett says the search efforts grew to include search dogs and horses, and expanded foot searches. Corbett says both he and police called local hospitals, but did not find Kimberly.

Sheriff Price told Dateline police have conducted multiple dog searches, river searches since Kimberly’s disappearance and that they have searched her car for clues.

“There were no signs of bodily fluids — blood or anything of that nature at the car,” Sheriff Price told Dateline. He says his office has processed the car more than once, and that none of its windows were broken. “We are fairly certain that she was the one driving the vehicle,” he said.

“She knew that my dad was coming home within 45 minutes with her food, and she knew I was coming in after working for two months. Why would she just jump up, leaving everything?” Corbett said to Dateline.“From everything I see, I think there is a lot of possibilities about what has happened,” Corbett told Dateline. He thinks someone could have tried to kidnap his mother.

Sheriff Price says police are looking into the possibility that Kimberly was picked up by a stranger after her car accident. He says police are sifting through evidence, including important electronic evidence. He says he is urging the public to come forward with any and all information.

Kimberly Flint Corbett Flint

Corbett is spearheading the family’s efforts to find Kimberly. As time goes by, he is becoming increasingly worried about his mother.

“I’m in disbelief that my mother is gone. I am trying to focus on finding her and put all that emotion inside my head,” Corbett said. “I’m just worried if she is out there, I don’t want her to be in pain.”

Kimberly is described as being 5’ tall and weighing about 150 lbs. She has gray hair and needs glasses.


Kim was seen approx. 4 months before the disappearance at a social event which was very rare for Kim. Also, RIGHT before Corbett left to go on the road two months before she disappeared, local residents saw and talked to her. Kim was not in the best of health.

Some of Kim’s friends have reported, she wouldn’t answer her phone or the door. Another interesting thing is that Corbett had borrowed some money from his parents and Kim had been on his case to pay them back. Why, if he was single (never been married), no kids, and lived at home when he wasn’t on the road, did he need money? Was he on drugs? His eyes do look a little strange in the videos. Maybe meth? Someone else in town also mentioned that Kim hated the name “Kimberly,” which is now being used quite a bit by her son.

Corbett (not his dad) made sure EVERYONE knew Kim was depressed. His dad is a very sweet man according to the neighbor and other son is very quiet and doesn’t talk much. – Henderson

Some locals suspect Corbett is involved, even though he makes sure everyone is aware of his alibi of being gone for 2 months on the road and having to be picked up by his dad the day she disappeared. We’ve already covered that part about taking time to go get the son versus going to site of crash. I even think HE might be the reason she was depressed. If he would say disrespectful things to her in front of others, no telling what he would say to her at home. He may have been on her case all the time and was responsible for making her feel bad about herself, creating the depression.

Also, the river where they found the jeep is probably 3-4 feet deep. Not a good place to commit suicide. They had guns. If she wanted to take her life, she could have shot herself earlier in the day, versus jumping in a shallow river and possibly being eaten by coyotes, alligators, wild hogs, etc. There is no doubt in my mind that the vehicle was staged, possibly by someone that was knowledgeable of investigating accidents (if you get my drift). It’s amazing to me the gullible people that believe him in his “keep it hot” videos. So, far, $10,758 in one fund and around $1,500 in another. But it’s ONLY going to be used for reward, signs, private investigators, forensics, etc. Right….. Wonder what will be done with the reward money if it’s finally determined she will never be found alive or they find her bones somewhere. Personally, I think she is buried near her house in the woods, but that’s merely another gut feeling. She could also have been placed in the back of his truck and disposed of somewhere along the way to North Dakota where he traveled after he left home two weeks after she disappeared. – Rusk County

But his body language in his videos speaks volumes to me, and I am very suspicious also of that PI that conveniently came along to support his story and provide a character reference for Corbett. To me, it was just a little more ammunition for Corbett to include to make him look good. Rusk County Sheriff’s Dept has botched some cases recently, but that too is ammunition for Corbett to use. People need to understand that it looked like a simple car accident where someone hit the guardrail and abandoned the vehicle, especially with no purse or phone in car. There was no reason at the time for the officer to suspect otherwise. LE can’t just go to someone’s house to search without just cause. They have to get a search warrant. At the time, the family was all about the depression. – Texas

Corbett was all about the processing of the vehicle. Was he wanting it done quickly to be sure he was cleared of being a suspect? He, himself, didn’t notice any blood anywhere in the vehicle. Now, all of a sudden, a small amount of blood has been found (after the vehicle was released from Rusk County to the family). – Henderson

His dad not going straight to the accident is a huge red flag.She supposedly talked to the father on a landline only.I don’t know if it was checked out and she had no internet activity. – Rusk County

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