My Son is Missing

My son went missing on May 2 , 2015 from Houston. The night he did not return home I called the Houston Police Dept. and filed a missing persons case on.  Johnathan went to our local grocery store that day and he bought his dad a bottled Coke and his sister a Starbucks coffee. He came home and gave his dad the Coke and his sister the Starbucks and left again. We have never seen him since.

On May 4 ,2015 we were contacted by law enforcement in Bastrop to tell us that his dad’s vehicle was in front of the Best Buy parking lot. We left and drove there, but never saw our son. We were in that parking lot for about 4 hours. My husband had to hotwire the Envoy because the keys were not in the vehicle and we did not have an extra set on us .

As soon as the car was able to be started it could not be turned off.

Before we left I had the opportunity to speak with Officer Patrick Amy who acted like he knew something about my son and the vehicle. He said to me and my husband that we should go home and take care of our minor daughter and she had school the next day. He also said to us if he wasn’t on duty he would tell us a story, (to this day we both still wonder what that was about ).  At that point the authorities knew we didn’t see our son and that he wasn’t with us. They did not offer to help us look for our son but instead asked us for our driver’s licenses and checked both of our car tags. He then gave me a business card with his name and wrote a case number on it.

We left and headed home as we both felt intimidated and thought our son would call and tell us to come get him .

Two days later on May 6 , 2015  I called and spoke directly to Sgt. Dale Hamilton , I had his number on my phone from a call that took place on May 4 , 2015 .

I told him that we had drove there that day and we were in that parking lot for about 4 hours we never saw our son and that I was worried about my son that he was a type 1 diabetic and he needed his insulin, that he’d been at the hospital and was sick . This man got Johnathan listed back as missing. He took me seriously.

On June 18, 2015 after trying to find my son calling morgues , medical examiners , ems depts. , hospitals and anyone I could think of or get a number for trying to find my son  I asked Bastrop pd to my son’s cell phone records  ( which would show all the calls and for any possible info that could be obtained concerning my son.

As of today, I do not believe they ever obtained those records. After requesting they get them or at least let me know where I could see other ways that they could be obtained. They never responded to me.

A Bastrop Police Officer came out to our house a few days before Thanksgiving 2016 and cut out a piece of the headliner of the vehicle that Johnathan had been driving. It looked like it could be blood. The truth is ….it was never sent anywhere . And we were told it was animal blood. No one in this family hunts and we still wonder about that. They did ask me about animal sacrifice.

I also sent an email letting Bastrop PD know of a black book and a key and remote that we found in the car , these items belonged to a Susan and Bob or Robert Bacon in I think it’s Cedar Park . I contacted the lady after I found her contact information on Google and sent here the key and remote and the black book that contained Costco cards, business cards , and a credit card I believe . The woman told me that her husband’s vehicle had been at the Covert dealership and had been robbed. When I asked Bastrop PD Detective about this it was denied. Later I called Covert myself and confirmed that there had indeed been a few cars broken into at the dealership. I was also told that the police did not get any surveillance. I then contacted the Bastrop Detective and told them I contacted Covert and there was a robbery during that time and they said yes there was a BURGLARY and that that case was closed . When I let Det. Steffanic know about the black book and the key with remote pd could have said don’t touch anything we need to look at it …..but they didn’t .

We were called to a meeting by Bastrop pd for the first time on Dec. 21, 2016 we went I had a recorder in my bra and that meeting lasted about 4 hours. At that time, we were told that my son’s case was suspended because any and all leads had been exhausted. As we were getting ready to leave and I started crying and said Sir I am not going to forget about my son.

We do not know why he was in Bastrop or where he was going with no gas and no money. He had made plans with his sister and dad to go bowling that same day he left.

Johnathan has never, ever run away from home. There has never been more than 2 days where we either didn’t know where he was or hear from him.



Also, Reagan National Advertising did not need anything from the police I didn’t have to fill out any forms from the time I contacted Mr. Billy Reagan until the billboard went up was about a week and a half.


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