Saving Tyler Texas from Liberal College Kids

Two protests were scheduled in downtown Tyler Sunday afternoon, which led to one group intimidating the other group.

When they refused to be intimidated they YELLED at them.

When that did not work they pushed, bullied and assaulted. They had twice the numbers. They were armed to the teeth. The Tyler Police gave them the green light and then kept a distance giving them the thumbs up.

John Eric Artmire assaulted several folks to include a 65 year old woman

One group expressed support for Portland and was protesting the deployment of unidentified federal agents. The other was a “Back the Blue” event supporting the federal officers who were placed in Portland as a precaution. But actually they were Louie Ghomert and Donald Trump supporters.

John Eric Artmire, a rabid Ghomert & White Supremacist supporter physically assaulted several people at the rally to include 65 year old Nancy Nichols. When asked why he hit a 65 year old woman in the face?

Artmire yelled   “She is trying to register Libtards and Coloreds to vote!”

East Texas rancher Hank Gilbert, who is the Democratic challenger for Gohmert’s seat in November, organized one of the rallies, in his words to, “stand up against this unconstitutional occupation of American cities.”

He had been promoting the rally on his Twitter and Facebook feeds.

At the same time, a larger group of Ghomert – Trump  supporters, armed, showed up on the square and overwhelmed Gilbert’s event.

John Eric Artmire assaults an unarmed liberal in Tyler


As the protests devolved into a brawl, a KETK camera crew witnessed at least one man being beaten.

Gilbert identified that man as his campaign manager, Ryan Miller.

My campaign manager, Ryan Miller, was assaulted, beaten, and had his iPhone stolen at our protest on the square in Tyler today by Blue Lives Matter protesters. Dozens and dozens of people who came to our protest were scared away by these thugs with guns and let our campaign know in phone calls and texts.  These thugs had every intention of starting a violent altercation from the minute we set foot on the square. They were chanting “Louie! Louie! Louie! While my campaign manager was being beaten.  I call on Louie Gohmert to immediately denounce the violence that his supporters wrought today on peaceful protesters.” – Hank Gilbert

On a side note Ryan’s mother was at the event and upon seeing her son beaten down by large armed men tried to intervene pleading for them to stop. They hit her also. They also took Ryan’s wallet. Likely they felt the need to know more about Ryan because he is just so scary. He is a real terrorist threat to Tyler.

If this is a disgusting intimidation tactic on their part, best of luck to them. They don’t understand this protest is not against law enforcement,” said Leibowitz. “This protest has to do with the illegal and unconstitutional actions of the Trump administration sending (rented) minivans and snatching people off the streets. There are some in law enforcement in Tyler who don’t like that.” – Vince Leibowitz


Valerie Holcomb, who posted the Back the Blue Rally, explained why they are holding the counter-protest.

“We are a group of friends that decided to show support for law enforcement,” Holcomb said. “We saw that there is a gathering scheduled protesting federal officers in Portland. We merely want law enforcement to know that we do not agree with that sentiment. We further do not agree with the sentiment portrayed by the main stream media to defund the police. We just want law enforcement to know that we believe that they rise to a level of excellence on a daily basis and that we have their back. We are not activists or even protesters. We are just a group of average people showing our support to our law enforcement.”


    They also felt a very strong need to make sure no one got into the fountain at the park. They mean NO ONE gets in the fountain at the park.

Instead those from Back the Blue Rally attacked the other group they outnumbered.  Witnesses say Back the Blue supporters were heavily armed and confrontational.  They assaulted numerous people while the police looked on?  Seriously what the Hell is wrong with you people?


While it was happening Tyler Police drove around the park waving.  Some armed “Back the Yeehaw” protesters stood on elevated positions holding AR15’s at port arms while others confronted and assaulted peaceful protesters.

Roman Sword wielder & Grandpa Jones

Did you hear about some college millennial’s and school teachers going to protest. Did Jerry, Bud and Ray say HEY! lets unfurl ole Tyler Confederate Battle Flag and go whoop em! Then they suited up in expensive tactical gear to go support they’re cop buddies. 

Since we outnumber them and have guns lets stomp them in the park and then take their phones. We are the police we can do whatever we want too.  

One of the militia men of Louie Lees Rangers carried a Roman Gladius Short Sword on his back. When asked what that was for he responded in the event he ran out of ammunition of course. 

“These BLM College Protesters are very dangerous. When they come at you its low and fast. A man had better be ready to respond. With this short Roman Styled Sword. I can take them out at the neck.” – Boogaloo Member Dale

Standing beside him to the right was another member called “Grandpa Jones” who would only scowl when asked questions. When asked if he had prior military service that he relied upon on setting an example for the younger militia members he said no but his nephew had been in the National Guard. 

Another Militia Man proudly displaying his new tactical military gear and AR15 told us the last stimulus check really helped upgrade his uniform.

Everyone knows how dangerous a college kid at UT Tyler can be.  Thank goodness the Louie Lees boys unfurled the flag and assembled at the park. Armed and ready to throw down for civil rights and hair cuts.  We don’t need no stinking masks!

Ray, a Louie Ghomert supporter did not wish to be photographed. He did request his tattoos be photographed though. Then displayed so that others may see and flock to the cause.

Can you put it on the front page?  I can walk out to the truck where the rebel flag is and we can use it as a backdrop. Man that would be really cool” – Ray

Ray would not go into any specifics on what that cause was exactly. He did tell us that WHITE goes on the left arm and POWER goes on the right.  Very important, Power goes on the Right and White goes on the Left.

Ray & his white power tattoos. He could not bring his assault rifle because his PO might see him

One reporter asked Ray if the tattoos were done locally in Tyler. Ray responded no, they were done at the Darrington Unit near Angleton Texas, a TDCJ Correction Facility that Ray spent some time in. That is why he does not carry a firearm in public he explained. 

The last thing I need is my Parole Officer to see me with an AR15 or an AK47.”

Later after everyone had dispersed, the Gomert-Trump supporters congratulated themselves. Some compared the days events to a Civil War Victory involving a cavalry charge and storming of Gettysburg. When informed Gettysburg was a Union Victory shouts of “FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS! echoed throughout the park.



Ray waves as we are departing and hurriedly makes his way to us.

Hey do you all have any vodka? I mean real Vodka

An awkward silence follows until Ray speaks again

You know,  real Russian Vodka?”



You can watch the CBS News Clip here

NBC here






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