Picking a Poison in Leon County

Whitney Smith resigned as District Attorney of Leon County December 2014.  Allegedly it was to run an oil company named Saxet among several others.  Saxet is Texas spelled backwards and was once a name of a company owned by former Leon County Road Commissioner Julian Wakfield.  Interesting

According to Junior Phillips long time Centerville resident Whitney blew into the area from Louisiana in the 1990s with his wife who was 10 years older.  Whitney himself looks 10 years older than his documented age.

So Junior says Whitney graduated Law School over at LSU and showed up here looking like a fresh college graduate working as a substitute teacher.  He looked hungry and sort of like he did not have much spending money.

Whitney went to work for Sonny Knight down in Madisonville and later would keep a law office there.  He filed articles of incorporation November 2 1999 and then a Public Information Report December 31 2002….New Year’s Eve.

Per official records on February 13 2004 he lost it to Tax Forfeiture.

Above is one of several Tax Liens placed upon him, his properties and his business interests

Lost it to the IRS?

Junior said he thinks so but he was still the president of Saxet Oil and A & P Oil and Gas Company in Madisonville.  Sonny Knight pretty much put him over those to operate.  He also owns Madisonville Title Company too.

When his first wife was here, she had numerous businesses in her name.  They had one called M&C Painting.  It was very odd because records show it was originally started in 1958.  Whitney and Lily filed the PIR on it in 2002.  They also had a wallpaper business at one time, at least on paper they did.  Who has a wallpaper hanging business anymore?

After he married his current wife they took out a 2 million dollar loan from the bank in Buffalo.  What was that all about?

How the hell did he obtain a personal loan in 2013 for 2.5 Million Dollars from a small bank in Buffalo Texas?

Junior just grinned and giggled

If you wanna see some really nefarious stuff take a look at the FOIA request Reverend Jackson made to the Texas Ethics Commission

(junior says scroll all the way down to the bottom for the download of all the pdf files)


The odd thing about Ol’ Whitney is he was not here long and seemed to get sort of rich.  He started out with nothing and then suddenly had land all over the county.  Over 1000 acres.  900 over there.  250 0ver here…..He owned some semi-trucks and fancy jewelry.  Hired cowboys to run his cattle.

When he was the Assistant District Attorney a lot of suspicious deaths took place here and he never once did any kind of investigation take place. None whatsoever.  Often corpses were ruled suicide where they were “officially” found within minutes.  Then when he was the District Attorney more suspicious deaths happened.  A lot of property changed hands without conveyance too.  That seemed to be OK with Ol’ Whitney because he was getting rich.

A Dallas Private Investigator was looking into several suspicious deaths here a few years ago and there was this fella named Gerald who they thought had something to do with them.  In one instant he was alone in the house with a woman who shot herself with his gun and then later he forged her will.  It was crazy and still going on.  Whitney tells this PI that he cannot imagine Gerald ever having anything to do with something nefarious.

Why not? 

Because they were close friends and business partners.

What sort of business you think they was in together?

Junior only laughs and slaps his knee

Now the current District Attorney comes from what Junior calls…. Old Leon County and  happens to be Johnny Knight’s daughter.  Who has always had numerous irons in the fire.  He took over his daddy’s businesses in the 1970s and ran Franks Plumbing and the Western Auto store in Centerville.  He also has his hand in Carol’s Pharmacy and was a Political Campaign Organizer going back to the 1970s.


He helped a lot of folks here get elected over the years too.  So it was not really any surprise when Whitney resigned that the Road Commissioners appointed his daughter to facilitate the office of Leon County District Attorney.  I know the papers read the Governor Rick Perry appointed Hope Knight but what he did was leave it to the county officials to choose.

Since she has been here we have not exactly had any more suspicious deaths but then again she will not open any kind of an investigation into any of that stuff.  When the Dallas PI who butted heads with Whitney Smith went to her she called for meeting immediately.  Then a short time later presented it too the “pick a pal Grand Jury”

You don’t know what that is?  Well a few months before the Texas Law took effect in 2015 they held what was likely the last Grand Jury where they could personally select whom they wanted on it.

A little about our former Grand Jury Selection.

On September 1st 2015 a new law took effect in Texas is intended to fundamentally change the landscape of the grand jury selection process. Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation designed to “reform” this selection process by eliminating the “pick-pal” method of selecting people who serve on grand juries. This method, historically known as the “key-man” method, has deep roots in American jurisprudence.

The key-man method is supposed to work this way in Texas: a judge appoints commissioners who nominate jurors from a pre-selected pool of individuals rather than randomly selecting them from a representative body of the community.

 Wait, someone may be wondering what is the purpose of a Grand Jury.

“A grand jury consists of twelve people whose job is to review criminal complaints and decide if there is sufficient evidence to issue an indictment. The standard of proof for an indictment is probable cause.”

The end result is that grand jurors generally come from the relatively affluent or prominent segments of society; more often than not, friends of the judge or others who work in the legal and political systems in a given county. This selection process was from its inception, and has remained so throughout its existence, a recipe for abuse of power and political corruption. In fact, more than six decades ago the U.S. Supreme Court said this kind of grand jury selection process “is susceptible to abuse and can be employed in a discriminatory manner.”

It was a system of political cronyism that has been rife with conflicts of interests whose primary purpose is to protect the insiders of the political power structure while simultaneously abusing the powerless, voiceless segments of our society. For example, in Harris County alone, grand jurors (many of whom had close ties to the law enforcement community) have not indicted a police officer since 2004, and Dallas grand jurors went 40 years without indicting a police officer for shooting a civilian before they did so in 2014.

So what was the system that replaced it?  A random Grand Jury that works pretty much the same way the regular random jury selection.

Democratic state Rep. Carol Alvarado of Houston introduced a bill in a past legislative session, and approved on the second-to-last day of the session by a vote of 86-57, which, according to the Texas Tribune, “institutes a more random process [of] drawing jurors from broader pools of potential candidates.”

The grand jury process has always been a highly secretive world whose proceedings are hidden from the general public and particularly from criminal defense attorneys. The only procedural mechanism available to Texas criminal defense attorneys to access sealed grand jury proceedings is through a motion to produce and examine grand jury minutes. The motion must be supported by a strong showing of what the appellate courts call “a particularized need”—in other words, the defendant’s need for access to information is greater than the grand jury’s need for secrecy, an almost impossible burden to meet.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s defense team learned this lesson this past February when an Austin district court judge denied their request for access to grand jury evidence and witnesses. We find it both interesting and illustrative that former powerful political figures like Perry and U.S. Rep. Tom Delay were supporters of the “pick-a-pal” grand jury system until they became targets and ultimately made criminal defendants by that system. They now consider the system unfair, unjust, and politically abusive—something criminal defense attorneys have known for years.

The newer, improved “random selection” process still leaves open the door to prosecutorial excess but at least some of the political cronyism may be removed. We hope so. Texas became the 49th state to abandon the key-man selection method. Only California remains committed to this inherently corrupt process.


With this explanation one can now comprehend why the current DA offered to run it past the very last pick a pal Grand Jury of Leon County.  They were shown all the evidence of a murder and forgery.  The local Texas Ranger slandered the victims children (he was on the school board soon after)  The Grand Jury no billed!

What about running by the Grand Jury again?  No! not gonna do that. No no no, at last that’s what said Hope Knight said.

So Junior Phillips explained that the rumor around town is Hope Knight likes to hit the bottle and was involved in her own controversy.

Back when a certain Road Commissioner was married to his now former wife he was later convicted of assaulting.  The woman he was running around with and is now with was an elected official also.  Together with Hope they opened a sealed record to learn the parental identity of an adopted daughter.

Exert of the Texas Ranger report click the link below to read the entire report

 JA Stafford said Christie was upset with Beverly Wilson because she had viewed some sealed adoption records

(Misuse of Official Information Investigation 2018I-TRA-50026959).

JA Stafford said he was told by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Game Warden Oscar Henson that Leon County Attorney (LCA) Caleb Henson told him Beverly Wilson got in trouble by the 87th Judicial District State District Judge Deborah Evans for viewing a sealed file.
JA Stafford continued to state LCA Henson told him Leon County District Attorney (DA) Hope Knight also got in trouble from Judge Evans because of the adoption record. JA Stafford said he heard this information from Game Warden Henson who was told by LCA Henson who allegedly had firsthand knowledge.

They were both admonished  by District Judge Debra Oaks Evans.  It was also documented in a Texas Ranger report by Andres DeLaGarza.


No criminal charges ever filed.  Not a one.  Not too mention before and after they were all getting smashed together at the Mexican Food Restaurant across the street.

Junior describes Hopes time as District Attorney more of a cleanup job and cover up for the things that took place before.

Why is the man who resigned before his term was over now running again?

Junior says the answer to that is simple and straightforward.  Oil dropped and continues to drop with Oil Business taking huge financial hits.  He thinks this is an act of desperation to regain monies.  After all he got rich in the position the first time.  Maybe he knows how to recoup financial losses being elected to that office.

Once thing Junior is certain of.  You can expect Suicides to increase in Leon County this next year and a lot of people’s property to be changing hands.


Did you catch that above with the County Attorney telling what happened on Beverly and Hope in regards to being admonished by Judge Evans?  

If it were any of us we would be criminally charged.  Caleb Henson is the other alternative for District Attorney.  He is tied in tight with the sleazy judicial corruption so he will make about as good a choice as Whitney in Juniors opinion.

He is tight with Judge Evans and her son too, not mention Judge Michael Davis from Palestine. Oh yay.  Also really good at covering up crimes by the County Elite as well as hammering those not in favor with the status quo. Look out Chris Glick!

“$56,173.98. That is the amount of money I have collected in restitution for Leon County businesses and citizens since taking office 3 years ago. I hope to be able to continue that work as your District Attorney.”

Yea well for some of us victimized by you people that is a drop in the bucket

“I have always worked as a prosecutor and I want to continue working as a prosecutor. I am from Leon County and will never quit working to make Leon County a better place to raise a family and live.”

Yet you openly advocate for covering up former homicides, fraud and forgery that your whoopee opponent profited from?

Junior laughs and says they are all full of cow manure. Then stumbles and holds himself up with a hand outstretched for support.  Bends at the knees and begins to vomit


Junior says a lot of good Blues Music should be coming out of the area in the near future

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