Mary Goodnight Just did not see it

by Lady Justice

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, for most law-abiding citizens we think of them as the ultimate heroes of the law enforcement world. We think back to the Elliot Ness days and these dapper dressed G Men taking down the bad guys. We think of them as heroes in suits that come save the day when the local police can’t solve the crime or when you can’t trust your local authorities. Sadly, that’s falling far from true in recent years.

Especially for one mother in the Galveston Texas area. My sister, a young working mother of 5 with no previous criminal history suddenly being sent to federal prison for over 3 years. No history of petty crimes, no addiction history other than the many health issues she has fought against over her life including cancer and getting addicted to her pain medication. She was married to a narcotics trafficker who spent many sentences in prison. How on earth could someone like that be facing that much prison time?

When guilt gnaws and gnaws….. 

My sister who is totally innocent. Her kids happened to come across a large amount of cocaine washed up on the beach. These young men weren’t criminal masterminds, they were young kids who undoubtedly were influence by they’re fathers actions. They happened to know a relative that did sell cocaine. In a pinky and the brain moment these young men thought maybe we can aspire farther in organized crime than our parents did…. and maybe we can sell some of this and just make a little bit more money to get ahead in life.  Yes, they knew it was wrong but they did it anyway. When my sister had been sick, the narcotic traffickers had been a family friend and a huge help with her 5 kids. She knew it was a bad idea and she was hesitant but she decided she could make the call and leave it between them and she would be out of it.

She called the in-law and told him what was going on. What she didn’t know is this in-law and gotten busted some time earlier and had agreed to work with the FBI. However, he was expected to help bring down actual big fish, actual criminals and for that it would have cost him his life. So, he saw this as an opportunity to get the feds off his back and give them something. Better them than him, right? So, this trio of naïve people suddenly found them under a full federal investigation wire taps, surveillance and all. Once they had gathered enough information they swooped in and arrested them all. 

How often does narcotics wash up on Texas beaches? Fairly frequently. Each year a lost load of a Mexican drug cartel’s cocaine washes up on a Texas beach, authorities report. In 2015 Galveston alone had 2 well publicized stories of several kilos washing up. Lifeguards discovered one 66 pound bundle.

Jump ahead to 2019 and in August a woman on Bolivar found a brick of cocaine valued at over $30k. Worried police would not be able to locate the package if she left it, the woman decided to carefully pick up the brick and drive to where she had cell service and call the Galveston County Sheriff’s office.

Galveston officials claim drugs washing up on shore are not common, but cases have been reported in the past. In 2015, bags and bricks of cocaine were found along the Galveston coastline twice, and another 25 bricks of cocaine were found in Galveston in 2011. 

Lifeguards discovered a 66-pound bundle while patrolling the Galveston shoreline.

The FBI has unlimited access to information about every single one of us. It wouldn’t take them very long to realize these three were not part of some big drug conspiracy, they have no ties to the cartels, they were foolish enough to think they could make a quick buck and no one would ever know.

One can only speculate, but instead of scaring them, putting them on house arrest or probation and tell them never do that again, they intimidated them, they threatened them. They were threatened with much longer sentences if they took it to trial, told they would turn them into drug kingpins. They tried to force them to roll over on someone else, but there was no one to roll over on other than themselves, families members or the criminal already working for the feds. 

In a world where we have to worry about drug cartels moving in massive amounts of dangerous drugs and weapons into our country. A world where sex trafficking is on the rise. A world where gangs are forming again and crime is getting out of control one would think the FBI has plenty of things they could be doing.

The funding we put into this agency is basically being spent on intimidation. The federal Bureau of intimidation. In the Bryan, Texas Woman’s Federal Camp there are over 900 women housed there. Many doing 10-20-year sentences. One would think these women are powerful mob bosses, heads of dangerous organizations, serial killers, kidnappers. Sadly, most of these women are just addicts that found themselves making bad choices behind men they loved. Most these women have children as well. They aren’t big fish, the are small fish in a big pond of a bigger problem.


When the federal government conducts an investigation about a drug conspiracy, they use millions of dollars of sophisticated resources to monitor everyone who is in contact with their main target. They target women, especially women with kids to get them to flip and snitch on their main target. In doing so the consequences for a person in the drug world that snitches are not only death for them but some of these cartels will kill your entire family in front of you and make you watch. This includes elderly parents and children.

In the 70s and 80s witness protection was very in-depth program used as a safety net and incentive for an individual to assist the government with bringing down criminal organizations. This isn’t the case for these women and mothers. Most don’t really know enough information to be useful enough for the feds to provide them with witness protection, at best they will protect them until they testify and they kick them and leave them to fend for themselves. These women are threatened with excessive sentences as punishment for not aiding in the prosecution of a high-ranking drug cartel member. Your families lives or your freedom is the choice they are given.

The street value of s single kilo of cocaine is worth roughly $30,000, imagine what finding 10 kilos washed up on the beach would feel like?

This story sounds like some silly Hollywood comedy but this is in fact currently happening in a city near you, in 2019. Yes, I agree don’t put yourselves in situations that will land you in jail, and in most cases, I’ll say you do the crime do the time. This is beyond that, this is our tax dollars being spent not only to house none violent offenders, who offer very minimal rolls in the on going drug problems for very long periods of times but also our tax dollars fund the CPS system as well. When those kids age out, statistically speaking, they will likely turn to the streets themselves, if mother is in prison most likely so is the father.

Ask yourself, do you really feel safe? Not a day goes by that you turn on the news and hear about another sting of violent crimes, random attacks on strangers, shooting sprees, bomb making, missing people. No one should be in fear they don’t leave their home but you defiantly have to be aware. Shouldn’t our Federal Government be doing more to deal with the root of the problem? Like it or not local and state corruption is part of the root.  If they spent more time going after the head and less time picking on the weak a vulnerable maybe we would see some results. Maybe we have given them too much power. It’s a matter of time before we become a police state and they rip up our constitutional rights. 


Here is some food for thought. You are walking along the beach and discover narcotics washed up. Your thoughts turn to self greed and suddenly imagining yourself with quite a bit of disposable cash. Here’s the question you would need to ask yourself;

Why would the sort of person who would want to and be able to take several million dollars worth of cocaine off your hands not just kill you and take it for free, rather than paying you?

Tough and street-wise who are professional criminals regularly get robbed, tortured, and killed for much, much smaller quantities of drugs. By taking a large quantity of cocaine into your possession and letting anyone else know about it (which you would need to do to sell it), you would be putting your entire family at risk of terrible violence and death.

One reason I have so many alias’s 

I swear these kids and the damned guns

Then he has to shoot someone in the house and we almost let him bleed to death

Hey!!!! I visited the kid in the hospital so F&*k Of


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