SHERIFF’S RV Guns & Other Stories

by Harry Storm

THIS is the photo that has FACEBOOK all over me. THIS is the picture Charlotte and Parnell don’t want you to see. EVERYTIME I post, FACEBOOK blocks me. WHY? WHY do the McNamaras NOT want YOU to see their glorious new RV? Hmmm. Where did this come from? Could it be from a person who has access to lots and lots of fun stuff and money? Hmmm. Seems someone surely has a lot of fun times with this RV and all the other NEW TOYS.

Odd considering Parnell is over $500k in DEBT.  Who? Who I ask would give him a loan?


Ask yourself a few questions.

Ask Parnell a few questions about his sudden purchasing power and vacations.

YOU know where this is coming from on the back of a dead woman.

PROVE ME WRONG, run the damned DNA.


Ok, we know what’s up.


McNamara is a fake, a phony, a frightened old man who made a snap decision that he didn’t consider very well. He has a history of sexual blackmail and has been “had” by Sherre Johnston who got off 6 DWI’s managed to have a phone in jail, and has thumbed her nose at the Sheriff time after time. Then there’s poor Connie who loved him and he repaid her by stealing guns that weren’t hers or his. Now it’s time to fess up.

Did you move your brother’s body or not? Could he have been saved?

Harry asked that our esteemed Sheriff Parnell McNamara answer TWO questions.


Did you move your brother Mike McNamara’s body? Did ya, did ya huh?

Are all the guns and guns safe in your office yours or did you “obtain” them via a love affair with Connie and keep them now on display in your office telling people “Charlotte” bought them at auction.

SO, did you move your brother’s body or not?

Are the guns you proudly display registered to you?

Or are you just a crook with a good ole boy following?

WE are the people, we deserve to know.

Did you or not?

Come on big brave Sheriff,  answer the “crazy woman.”  Shut her up for once and for all.

Some are his guns, some are not. He doesn’t want to tell us which are and which aren’t. If something wasn’t wrong with the entire “affair” he’d let an investigation by the AG’s office make a fool of me which would be fine.  However, he doesn’t want the truth out, no investigations, no questions.

I sent a registered letter to Internal Affairs McLennan County asking them to investigate the Sheriff and the matter of the guns belonging to the Dunn family. Instead of sending that COMPLAINT to the AG’s office or the DA, Sheriff figured out how to circumvent the law by saying that the Sheriff’s department has a “case” on me.

I suspect for printing the Sheriff’s address, which, everyone must know is a much higher crime than stealing guns, taking a deputy off a case because your big campaign buddy is the suspect, and now a nice probably Whistleblower action.

Yep, he’ll tell you that Charlotte goes to auctions and buys him guns.  Yep. He has it blocked to where NO ONE but his “boys” can come in and confirm that fact.

Your Sheriff is a sly old dog.  If those guns were his, he’d gladly let some law enforcement agency that he didn’t own to come in and check.

This man is a crook and using tax payer dollars to circumvent the law for his own political safety and will throw out the truth and ANYONE who gets in the way of his little party.

Hard to get old isn’t it old buddy?

He raided the White Orchid house of hand jobs and massage for Antioch Church, he closed down a Buffet for underage workers, again for UNCHAINED, which is Antioch Church, he couldn’t read a passport and as they dragged the twenty six year old Asian girl off yelling, “But I am 26.”  It just didn’t matter.

Next we had Zang and the Rub and Tugs which Parnell GAVE TO ABEL JUNE 2017 BEFORE, BEFORE Barry Johnson was in office.  A few poor bastards got popped including Parnell’s cousin who he gladly dropped in the grease while suddenly, after Abel got them that June. VAPORIZED.

I go back to DaNang, Waco too fkd up

.                                          chinese prostitutes

His story about the Dunn Guns is rather magical too. He loves toys, especially guns, and that incredible gun safe in his office. Now, he’s going to tell you that that wonderful Connie Dunn just did not like her husbands kids. HER HUSBANDS KIDS. The rightful heirs from his marriage to his first wife, THEIR MOTHER. So Parnell’s going to tell you that Connie just gave them to him to keep them from going to those naughty kids of Jack’s. Right? Nice.

He is going to not admit to an incredible long time love affair with Connie and her being incredibly broken hearted when he dumped her after getting what he wanted. Same old story.   He’s going to leave that out just like he is leaving out the real date the Rub and Tug cases went to the DA’s office and no nuts didn’t prosecute them. That’d be Abelino, Ghengis’ buddy.


Now Ghengis McNamara goes around lamenting that Barry Johnson dropped the jack off cases. Hmmmm. Barry wasn’t DA. Ghengis knows this but he just lies now, no problem, it’s not a lie, it’s maybe senility but who cares FULL RETIREMENT was in his fortune cookie so until he drops dead at his death we’re all just f*cked unless we happened to have been one of his cohorts, partner in shenanigans, gave him $ taken from poor people at the 8 liner places, or gave him an incredible sexual adventure in the 70’s.

So, no man in the entire city had the huevocitos to run against this ancient, mean man, nope. Encouraged by other old farts his age and their adoring womenfolk, the rest of us white trash bastards will just be f*cked or not depending on whim.

He moved his own dead or dying brother for crying out loud, lied about it, got Pete Peterson to say Mike died at the Walmart in “Bellmead”, oops mistake on paperwork, he says, no biggy, gets a nut job to call 911, lets said nut job off all manner of felonies with messed up paperwork, searches, and general slipshod bullshit that he then can let the prosecutor’s office take the blame for.

Perhaps Sheriff will continue to treat this City like it was his and this is 1850 where you just do whatever you want.

Maybe not. See most every other place on earth, including NYC where our beloved Olivia Benson runs SUV, the cops actually HAVE TO TALK TO A PROSECUTOR before f#cking up a rub and tug case, or worse.

Here, no one runs Parnell which is why so many cases, including Sherre’s cooch case, six others, Biker trials, rub and tugs and other cases get dismissed because….



He cannot, they cannot, so they get to EAT the dismissal when they weren’t in for the takeoff,  just the crash landing.

So, protect yourselves unless you’re “in” with the good old boys in uniform, they won’t help you, waiting for retirement and having to write up paperwork, well, that’s too much for the fat fks.

Someday the boys in blue and khaki will have to wake the hell up and move into reality instead of playing GUNSMOKE.

Till then,

We bow to you, O mighty Parfucius,  all of Abel’s crooked contributor’s just moved right on over to your Campaign Finance Report, Sheriff’s office is in charge of the eight liners, till death do us part.

Someday we will have a REAL law enforcement system, instead of rodeo justice.

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