TAFF (Texas Area Fund Foundation) Retaliates on the Lawmower Man

July 25 2018

Yesterday Palestine Attorney Ron Stutes filed a motion with the 349th District Court to have all of Jerry Laza’s life and livelihood taken into receivership.


What that means is they bring the Sheriff and take everything he owns and lock him out of his buildings. I cannot imagine them hauling off all those lawnmowers, but I can see them locking him out of that building so he cannot earn a living.  I can imagine them taking some other things though.


If Judge Dwight L. Phifer signs it, I suspect it will be executed swiftly and immediately.  The Texas Area Fund Foundation is one angry wasp and Ron Stutes has his marching orders.

Our informant from the inside refers to him as, “doing this for the TAFF.”

“The city does not benefit from this, if anything it cost Palestine money.  They want Laza’s place for the location, the building and the water so they can have the brewery there. The other sites chosen previously have poor water.”

( I’m not kidding they really told me that this morning.)


The informant who request to be called, Johnnie Belle Reagan…. tells us that the Texas Area Fund Foundation steering committee had a meeting and is furious over the recent publicity in the City of Palestine vs. Jerry Laza case and has instructed their attorney, Ron Stute to do something and silence it.     We agree with Johnnie Belle Reagan that continued aggression against Jerry Laza in the form of taking his property will only escalate public opinion.  Our informant at “City Hall” advises they may release the recordings which could potentially end up with criminal action for some people.


Jerry Laza’s legal representation and family have reportedly begged and pleaded with the City of Palestine Officials to stop Ron Stutes.  Even asked them to postpone anymore motions until the Court of Appeals hears the case. I thought that was what they were supposed to do?


Jerry Laza has been in the same place for 25 years.  When was the last time you heard of anyone fined $163,000 for City Ordinances and their life being literally raped by the City?


I cannot speak for Jerry Laza.  All I can do is imagine myself in his place and think about how I would feel.  This makes me reflect on things like Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Bundy standoff and question how those incidents got to that point it made National News.  Especially when you are dealing with an oppressive and unreasonable government that is stepping on your rights and no one from the State will intervene.  What do you do in that situation?  I suspect Ron Stutes thinks with Jerry Laza  homeless and no form of income they can take the property at long last.


A note of thanks to the other hardworking men and women in Palestine that got us this information so quickly on a Wednesday morning.




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