The Ghost of Jackie Hicks speaks out on the Horaney Murder

by Aleksei Myagkov
The Ghost of Jackie Hicks formerly of Alto Texas is disturbed by a similarity of events taking place in East Texas 30 years after his murder.  During a seance conducted in an undisclosed East Texas location by a former Constable, a Criminal Defense Attorney and bizzare woman who claims to speak with the dead.  Jackie materialized for a few minutes and carried on a fluid conversation in regard to a murder investigation out of Longview Texas.
“Its pretty obvious Horaney’s wife killed him for the life insurance.
He owned a feed store just like I did,  (Jackie Hicks in Alto), and my widow was a slut too.
Pretty stupid for Trooper Brent Davis to say “the widow was ruled out as a suspect early on,” when he was helping her collect the life insuance.
She became the #1 suspect when she started screwing the “investigating” officer.
Typical East Texas murder for life insurance being covered up by the Tyler and Dallas FBI.”

Here is some background 

The murder of Longview businessman Ronnie Horaney may have been a hired hit, according to the testimony of a former Texas Ranger who was investigating the case when he became intimately involved with Horaney’s widow.

Horaney was shot to death in May 2016 in front of family and friends at their Longview home on Tryon Road. No arrests have been made in the case.

Former Ranger Brent Davis made the statement in a recorded interview with the Office of the Inspector General. That interview was part of an internal investigation, and among records obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety as part of an open records request.

Davis was demoted in 2017 as a result of the relationship with the widow and is currently a trooper with the Texas Highway Patrol assigned to Smith County.

Internal memos obtained from DPS show the investigation began on July 24, 2017, after “concerned family members” alerted the Texas Ranger Major Grover Huff to Davis’s involvement with Faezah Horaney.

Huff opened an informal investigation and confronted Davis, who immediately confessed to the relationship. In a case referral from Huff to Assistant Director Randall Prince, Huff notes concern “that it may have compromised an ongoing murder investigation.”

A formal investigation by the OIG began on August 11, 2017. When Davis was served with the formal complaint, records show he waived his right to a written rebuttal and requested to be interviewed immediately. That interview was conducted by Lt. Brandon Negri with the Office of the Inspector General.

They want to throw the book at her for a DUI and child endangerment charges because she got the Rangers to look into her ex’s whereabouts re. the Longview homicide.   If it is as bad as she says, then she should’ve left a long time ago.   The cycle of small town drama continues.
Here comes District Judge Michael Davis from Palestine.  They use him to get even with folks while the Cherokee District Attorney Beckworth will act like he has nothing to do with it.  Just like cats in a litter box, covering up their own shit.

When Texas Attorney General Investigator Negri asked Davis if the relationship compromised the murder investigation, Davis said, “I don’t think so. We ruled her out early.”

Then while explaining the investigation, Davis said an informant led them to investigate the Horaney murder as a hired hit.

“We actually had an informant call in and then we went and met with him, and he said ‘hey this man [redacted] tried to hire me two years ago to kill Ron Horaney,” Davis said. “And so we went with that.”

Davis said the case went cold, however, because Gregg County District Attorney Carl Dorrough declined to go after an indictment due to a lack of evidence.

Jackie Hicks said that has never stopped them before….

Where is the informant now?

Is that informant dead?


Back to the Seance!


A Law Enforcement officer from Centerville Texas was on hand to give an opinion

“First impression: Horaney’s wife/widow killed him with the blessing of the Texas Rangers and the East Texas DPS. Probably for life insurance money.

They sent in a Texas Ranger to “investigate” and was banging the widow, who is now a “demoted” DPS Trooper in Smith County and chummy with Metzig.

Just like Jackie Hicks’ wife did in Alto, TX in the 1990’s.  Just like they did here in Leon County many many times.  More East Texas murder and blackmail for insurance money, that the Ranger or FBI cleans up.

Gives them another reason to illegally tap phones and intercept emails.”


Jacksonville Texas Attorney believes this is what will happen.

“Yes, Cherokee County will lock up and shut up Heather Metzig because she now has a court appointed lawyer from off the square who works for the City of Rusk City Attorney. She has DUI and child endangerment charges.”


Stay tuned we are waiting for Jackie Hicks to tell us about how Bascom Bentley is burning in Hell


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