When the man comes around

by Jim Parks, Legendary

On December 8 2010  in Leon County Texas Gerald Willhelm told the Leon County Sheriff 911 operator, the deputies Jerry Grimes, Dee Craft, Brent Walters and THE SHERIFF Jerry Wakefield that his wife had been cut off from her prescription medication (OXYCOTIN) an opoid morphine based drug. And consequently shot herself

He further went into descriptive detail about how she had been cut off from the drug company because they could not afford to pay for it. $500 a month he said.


So she was suffering badly and chose to end her life with a gun she could not shoot at an angle she could not have performed with any gun


In a 2015 Deposition Gerlad Willhelm stated the following;

A.   No, they — that last part there, that pain

   medication she got some kind of deal with a drug

  company.  She would go to the doctor.  It was in triple

  prescriptions, you know, you had to fill in within so

 many days and we would take that prescription, take it

 to the post office, fill out — mail it overnight to

 that drug company and they would ship the pills to her

 30 days’ supply from FedEx.  They would send it to the

 house and she didn’t — all we had to pay was five

 5  dollars.

The attorneys conducting the deposition were shocked.  Another John Bankhead of Madisonville cringed reportedly.

Attorney Jospeh Legere from Dallas Texas initiated further questions

Q.   Okay.  So when you — what time frame are you

 talking about there that you were doing this mail — is

 it like a mail order prescription kind of deal?

Gerald Willhelm continued to respond with John Bankhead cringing and stating “reject to form”

A.   No, it wasn’t mail order.  She got a script

 from the doctor, filled it out and the only thing we had

 to do was mail it to the drug company.

Q.   Okay.  So maybe not mail prescription, but it

was like a pharmacy that you would send the

24  prescriptions to –

A.   Well, it was actually the people that made the


Q.   So it was the manufacturer of the –

A.   Yeah, I think so.  I’m not positive about it,

  but I think it was.

Q.   Do you have documentation that would show the

name of that –

A.   No.

Q.   — company?  No?

   A.   I throwed that last bottle she had away.  They

 sent one after she died.  I just throwed it in the


Q.   Was that for pain medication?

 A.   Uh-huh.

Q.   Is that a “yes”?

A.   Yes.

That clearly identifies a false statement was given.


Sec. 37.03.  AGGRAVATED PERJURY.  (a)  A person commits an offense if he commits perjury as defined in Section 37.02, and the false statement:

(1)  is made during or in connection with an official proceeding;  and

(2)  is material.

(b)  An offense under this section is a felony of the third degree.

Sec. 37.06.  INCONSISTENT STATEMENTS.  An information or indictment for perjury under Section 37.02 or aggravated perjury under Section 37.03 that alleges that the declarant has made statements under oath, both of which cannot be true, need not allege which statement is false.  At the trial the prosecution need not prove which statement is false.

Later that summer armed with the information of the police report, 911 call and deposition Company A Texas Ranger Andre De La Garza interviewed Gerald Willhelm On 06-02-2015, at approximately 9:20 with Chief Deputy WALTER and his attorney, John BANKHEAD, in the Leon County District Attorney’s office interview room. The following information was provided:

  1. Gerald said he told his doctor what happened with Janice WILLHELM in reference to being abruptly cut off from her pills. Gerald stated his doctor told him that was something you do not ever do because it is difficult to know how she would react. Gerald told investigators he knew how hard it was on him when he quit drinking, being a recovered alcoholic. He could not imagine how hard it must have been to stop taking the pills suddenly.
  1. Chief Deputy WALTERS asked Gerald WILLHELM if Janice WILLHELM was in a lot of pain the day she committed suicide. According to Gerald, she was always in a lot of pain from either her back problems or her legs. Gerald told investigators he felt the real problem was Janice not having access to her pain medication. Because she stopped taking the medication, Janice WILLHELM became a basket case, and he felt this was the catalyst behind her suicide.
  1. Gerald said he told his doctor what happened with Janice WILLHELM in reference to being abruptly cut off from her pills. Gerald stated his doctor told him that was something you do not ever do because it is difficult to know how she would react. Gerald told investigators he knew how hard it was on him when he quit drinking, being a recovered alcoholic. He could not imagine how hard it must have been to stop taking the pills suddenly
  1.  According to Gerald, Janice kept the pistol right by her chair. Gerald explained he had loaded the weapon because that was not something she could do.

Gerald Willhelm has taken the course of his statement from being cut off completely to we have plenty of drugs to we have the drugs but we are not going to take them.

3 different statements to 3 different people.

On 06-08-2015, at approximately 10:00 AM, Ranger DE LA GARZA was copied on an email. The e-mail had a PDF attachment (Exhibit 1.19) from Dr. DI MAIO. The attachment was his review of the medical records of Janice WILLHELM regarding her hospital admission to the Baylor Richardson Medical Center on 07-202001. Dr. DI MAIO stated the removal of a large non-encapsulated tumor that size would have resulted in surgical damage to the musculature of Janice WILLHELM’S arm. Dr. DI MAIO explained this would have impaired her ability to pick up and manipulate a heavy object such as a .45 ACP automatic pistol. Dr. DI MAIO closed his review by saying the resulting weakness of Janice WILLHELM’S left arm in conjunction with the location of the fatal wound, the nature of injury, the ejection trajectory of the weapon and the location of the weapon strongly suggested the possibility of a homicide. He indicated further investigation of this case was warranted.

In a letter dated August 20, 2015 the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory in Austin Texas replied to Texas Ranger Andre De La Garza who has submitted the last will and testament of Janice Willhelm for handwriting analysis.  Previously an independent contractor had examined the documents declaring it to be a forgery.  This expert was often contracted by the State of Texas and the Federal Government for this very purpose.

Never the less the Texas Ranger sent the documents to the DPS Lab who responded with a request for writing samples of the victim and the suspect.

The family of Janice Willhelm submitted numerous documents through their attorneys which strangely does not appear to have been sent.

The Texas Ranger interviewed the suspect and obtained a 3rd version to his statements of events but failed to take any writing samples.

The victim and the suspects bank was located across the street from the Texas Rangers office where the new heir of Gerald Willhelms will happened to be employed at the time of the death.

Never mind.  The Texas Ranger closed the case.

Of curious interest Company A Texas Ranger Andre De La Garza did exactly the same thing with the suicide note left from Phillip Cadenhead the same time period.  The DPS lab requested writing samples and the ranger closed the case.

Cadenhead ran banks, he had oil wells, he had just purchased a bank in Oakwood.

Are there no writing samples available!?

During the interview with Gerald Willhelm, Texas Ranger Andre De La Garza reports that

According to Gerald, Janice WILLHELM had previous problems with her son, FARMER. Gerald reported one time FARMER was beating on Janice WILLHELM’S door trying to get in their home. Gerald was not at the house during this time, but later he attempted to get FARMER to come out of his grandmother’s home to discuss the matter. FARMER refused to come out. Gerald also stated another time FARMER called Janice WILLHELM and said he was done with her and disowned her. Gerald explained this was not always the case with DAVIS.

The family have said that this is not true.  Farmer lived in Dallas and Galveston Texas with his wife until 2004.  The entire family avoided the home of Janice and Gerald Willhelm and never went over there.  In the Sping of 2002 Mable Robeson (the grandmother) had a knee replacement surgery and upon returning home her grandson took an entire week to meet her there and help with the place.

Upon his arrival the first thing noticed was approximately 15 acres of her land that had previously been timber were all gone.  The ground had literally been scraped clean.

Almost every ranch and farm tool had been removed from the barns and shop.  The riding lawnmower was even gone.  A letter from a local attorney in town had an offer to sell the acreage that the timber had been removed from.

The next day she sent her grandson to investigate where he met with a local surveyor and the attorney who sent the letter.  A new neighbor wanted to buy the land and her daughter and son in law had authorized the land being cleared while she in the hospital and physical therapy the last 2 weeks.

The grandson who had durable power of attorney for his grandmother visited then Leon County Sheriff Mike Price who refused to investigate or make any charges.

Later Gerald Willhelm enraged threatened the grandson as well as Mable Robeson’s sister in Austin Texas.  More on these people later.

Texas Ranger Andre De La Garza told the victims children during a meeting at the District Attorneys office.

You want me to throw myself in front of the bus?”

No Texas Ranger De LA Garza we do not want you to throw yourself under the bus.  We do expect you to stop the bus.  One riot.  One ranger

Today Texas Ranger Andre De La Garza not only serves in Company A Texas Rangers.  He is also the president of the school boad in Leon County

the flogging will continue until morale improves

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