2 Witnesses To A Texas Murder

by Joe Cochran

Nearly 12 years have passed since the killing of Daniel Underwood. It’s safe to say it was a murder with two eyewitness ( Maria Harvick) and ( Ginny Perry) to a confession of the cold blooded shooting of Underwood.

Yet the Sulphur Springs Police Department has yet to make an arrest.

I have been on this story since 2012 and reported on it for the Warner Brothers T.V. Show ” Crime Watch Daily”. Also in the meantime I have contacted several law enforcement officers who all concur without hesitation this is a murder.

Which led me then to the worlds leading pathologist Dr.Cyril Wecht who told me that the autopsy is incomplete. Wecht also has stated that there should have been gunshot residue on the right hand of Underwood.

But the local autopsy still lists this death as a suicide. It’s time the Sulphur Springs Prosecutor to get involved in this case.

Two witnesses, multiple law enforcement officers and a tremendous pathologist all agree this was cold blooded murder.

Maria Harvick witnessed Rebecca Nelson fire the fatal shot that killed Underwood. What more does a prosecutor need? Nothing, but we also have a witness stating that Nelson bragged and confessed to the shooting and killing of Underwood. Ginny Perry is on record as stating Nelson admitted the killing to her in a one on one conversation.

If Sulphur Springs will not act the Texas State Attorney should immediately.

Nelson is a dangerous criminal who has been arrested some 18 times. Underwood accused Rebecca Nelson of depleting his funds before he was fatally shot by Nelson.

What you have here is motive, means and opportunity plus two eyewitnesses, multiple law-enforcement officers and a renown pathologist who all point to murder. The time is now to make an arrest in the murder of Daniel Underwood.

Earlier that evening, Daniel, Rebecca, and a couple of friends, Robin and Maria, had been at a bar together. Maria had accompanied the couple back to Daniel’s house, where Rebecca was living. According to Maria, once there, Daniel and Rebecca got into a heated argument, and Maria fled the room. A short time later, she returned and saw Daniel in the hallway between the bedrooms.

He was holding a shotgun in his right hand and confronting and accusing Rebecca of taking a large sum of his cash that he had discovered missing from a jar he kept on the mantle. Actually, Rebecca confirms this part when she states in her own words, during a police interview that “there was a big sum of money that was gone.” According to the police reports, someone had been logged into Daniel’s bank account which showed he only had a balance of $42 in it. This was all the money Daniel had left after receiving $25,000 from his 401K retirement fund and a bank loan on his truck for $1,500 in less than a month’s time. Maria stated that, after he discovered this, Daniel seemed to be trying to scare Rebecca into confessing that she was responsible for “cleaning him out” and putting him in debt.

Rebecca grabbed the gun again, and the two started struggling. Maria again ran from the room, and a few seconds later heard the gun go off as she was stepping back into the hallway. She saw Daniel fall to the floor, where he landed on his side, curled into a fetal position.


Maria immediately wanted to call 911. Rebecca cried, “No, no wait! No! Hold on! Wait!” as if giving herself additional time to get things sorted out before the authorities were called. Later, she told Maria she didn’t want to open the door for the rescue personnel because her cats might get out. She snatched up the gun from the hallway, where it had fallen, and shoved it into the bedroom. She, then, after two or more strenuous attempts, managed to turn Daniel over onto his back, (which is the position in which she told police he landed), and positioned him so that his feet protruded into the bedroom and were on top of the gun. Before finally calling 911, she told Maria that she was not to tell the police that Rebecca and Daniel had been fighting.

Although they had been together for only two months and Rebecca was still married when she moved in with Daniel, she was already telling friends that she was tired of him, was going to get as much money from him as possible, and then would leave him and get back with one of her old boyfriends. Also, a few weeks prior to the shooting, Rebecca was telling people that Daniel had made her the beneficiary of his life insurance.

During one of her interviews, Rebecca made reference to the fact that she “helped” the police “with tips on cases,” and Detective Lenwood “Bo” Fox acknowledged that she had “talked to him a couple of times on a couple of different cases.” She also referred to Det. Fox as her “good friend Bo”, and he treated her as such. This suggests to me that she may have been a confidential informant and had a reciprocal relationship with Det. Fox and the police department which kept her out of trouble with the law. She, herself, had been arrested on several occasions, at which times she had been handled with kid gloves.  Later it would be revealed that Rebecca was a long time confidential informant.

Even statements in the autopsy report raise question. According to that report, the bullet wound was slightly left to right, which would not have been a natural angle for a right-handed person to assume if he was committing suicide. The person who wrote that report was not given the information that Daniel was right handed. There were also bruises all over Daniel’s body, suggestive of domestic abuse, which were not mentioned in the autopsy report or police reports, although they were evident in crime scene photos and in photographs taken at the autopsy.

The police investigation was far from competent or complete. They collected virtually nothing from the scene, and the gun was not dusted for prints. The police did not secure the house, or allow our family time to inspect it before leaving it open for unauthorized people to enter and take Daniel’s belongings. Rebecca deleted information from his laptop and cell phone which she took from his house before we were allowed to see them. Police did not question the conflicting versions of Rebecca’s story, although she continually contradicted herself. When first interviewed by police, Rebecca said that Daniel, without speaking, bent his head over the barrel of the gun and pulled the trigger. In her second interview, she said she and Daniel were standing six inches apart, facing each other, when the gun fired. Maria stated Daniel was in mid-sentence when the gun went off. Det. Fox, (“good friend Bo”), had no interest in the version given by Maria, the witness at the scene, who had no reason to fabricate what she saw and heard and directly refuted Rebecca’s statements.

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