2015 Parnell McNamara: Texas Lawman (or not)

by Jim Parks

In October of 2013, Parnell McNamara was announced as “certified” by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE), a certification required for all Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s) in Texas, not including the Federal Level. So, Parnell “Good Ole Boy” McNamara is now a licensed LEO in the State of Texas … or is he?

Who Will Have the Last Laugh?

It seems some questions have arisen concerning the testing that still have not been put to rest. And, Parnell surely wouldn’t want this debate right now; considering he is running for re-election to an office he might never have legally held. But, don’t worry, little children, Parnell’s integrity will never be questioned openly while “Good Ole Boy” Parnell’s “Good Ole Buddy” Abel Reyna is in the District Attorney’s Office of McLennan County.

But wait! Do I hear a sound on the wind? Yes! It’s the sound of a keyboard typing as the Waco Extremist and the Legendary take up the banner of “free press” to alert the people to this possible travesty of local justice. Their daunting efforts will expose the truth, even if the local radio and television news doesn’t pick up the story.

Enough of the dramatic flair. The KWTX “Our Town Texas” blog reported on October 9, 2013 that Sheriff McNamara had completed the course, as verified by TCLEOSE, and was now a certified Texas LEO.  So, all is well in McLennan County and the sun is shining and the birds are singing and … not so fast, though. Now, a new campaign for re-election looms ahead against two strong Primary opponents, Sgt. Patrick “Criminal Biker Gangs” Swanton, and Bishop Willie “Best Man for the Job” Tompkins.  The last thing Parnell needs is any more questions concerning his job performance.

lawsuit against PM
Lawsuit Against Parnell McNamara

He came in encumbered with a lawsuit that cost the County $600,000 out of pocket with a total award of $2 million that didn’t make the insurance company very happy.  THEN, three people die in his jail over a two year period, sparking an investigation which led to LaSalle Corrections taking the heat. No mention to the fact that LaSalle was given the contract for the jail security the first year Parnell took office. It’s a good thing that the local press didn’t pick up this one. But, they might if enough pressure is put on them.

The story has been ignored, I mean, was brought to light in January of 2015 with a preliminary story on then Lt. Chris Eubanks of the McLennan County Sheriff Department.  It seems, according to a mole in the Department who released records to The Legendary, a local blog maintained by a former radio personality, that Lt. Eubanks was involved in several “shady” if not illegal, situations concerning the hiring and firing of Department personnel at the behest of the good sheriff. In fact, in a conference call which included Sheriff McNamara and Mike Dixon, an attorney representing the County in a lawsuit against the Sheriff, Dixon advised the county to be careful in its decisions because of the “Chris Eubanks S@#t.”

It seems that the good Lt., along with others, had a history of changing Department documents to suit their agenda and then shredding the originals, a State Jail Felony in Texas. As if that wasn’t enough, it seems that allegations of improprieties concerning the Texas Certification of Law Enforcement Officers Exams (TCOLE) were arising with concerns pointed at the, soon to be Sgt., Chris Eubanks.  No one, at the time, suggested that these allegations went all the way to the top, to Sheriff McNamara, himself.

According to former Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon, Eubanks admitted that he actually took the exams for McNamara, and was later blackmailed by an ex-lover into buying her a house and car to keep her from taking evidence of the matter to authorities.  When approached by Eubanks, Cawthon suggested he resign, as things were sticky enough with the other problems in which he was involved.  Yet when he attempted to do so, the Sheriff, himself, put the brakes on and “persuaded” Eubanks to stay on as a Patrol Sgt. working nights, as McNamara seemed to want to keep Eubanks close under the circumstances.  As of May, the state’s licensing commission was involved in an active investigation as to how McNamara passed his exams. When documents concerning McNamara’s testing were requested through the Freedom of Information Act, the reply from the state was that the documents could not be released at the time because of an “ongoing investigation,” an ongoing investigation the good people of McLennan County, Texas haven’t been informed of.

So, why hasn’t this made front page news? Why hasn’t the airwaves been blasted because of this? If this is true, and an investigation would not have been launched if the state didn’t believe there was reasonable reliability to the charge.  So, in truth, we may have had a Sheriff holding the office illegally for the last three years, since he is past the limit by which HE must pass the exam, not have someone do it for him. Our Sheriff may, also, have committed the crime of fraud, thereby placing a criminal in charge of the Sheriff Department of McLennan County. Why hasn’t the hue and cry gone out over this?

Simply this, the good Sheriff was blessed with Twin Peaks while this was going on and Twin Peaks has sucked the air out of news reports since. But the question still remains … do we have a legally State Certified Sheriff, or have we had a criminal and a fraud in office for the last three years.  And, is this criminal and fraud going to get away with it and be re-elected again in 2016?  Isn’t it time the people of McLennan County knew? And why hasn’t Chris Eubanks been indicted for conspiracy to commit fraud?

Abe Reyna and Parnell McNamara

Do you remember me mentioning the “Good Ole Buddy” Abe Reyna in the District Attorney Chair?  Well, he is the one who decides to indict or not.  He is the one who is up to his neck in his own problems with Twin Peaks.  “Dis-Honest Abe” is far too busy kicking at the dogs on his own heels to set any on someone else, even if his job does require it.  Maybe if the news were to take hold of this and hold McNamara accountable, then Abe would be forced to take action. As the little boy in Angels in the Outfield said “It could happen!” But, in McLennan County, it really would take a miracle.

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