Hero complex for local parasites

Drug Deals and Insurance Pay Offs for all


I originally posted most of this article several years ago on another blog dealing exclusively with Cherokee County Texas. A little rewrite and some new material. Voila’!   Its current, hot and more accurate than the majority of pleadings in the 87 judicial  district court.

First a message to specific readers, “The one who has dipped his hand into the bowl with me will betray me.” Mathew  26:23


Local media puts the focus on the ‘good ol’ boys’ to turn attention from law enforcement’s recent corrupt habits. These guys can be found planted in the back of the local Pentecostal or Baptist church of your choice, singing out of key and planning their next visit to the local Lion’s Club. Put aside all the drug peddling the night before to boost the county’s drug arrest quota. Of course, no seized drugs are reported to the DPS; that would be plum silly.

Unfortunately, fellow drug trafficker Chester Kennedy (Troup, TX chief of police) AND Cherokee County Constable Randall Thompson are both arrested by US attorneys and Smith County Sheriff’s Department.


The internet is swamped with out-of-region news reports on their illegal activity. Certainly, an embarrassment to the engrained Cherokee County establishment, not of shame but of fear of the media spotlight being on their own corrupt methods. The activity has been going on for decades in and around East Texas, be it Wise County or Orange County or Houston County.


In 1990, the Dallas Morning News began an extensive expose’ on Wise County corruption involving Sheriff Leroy Eugene Burch. Sheriff Burch, his Chief Deputy and two local bail bondsmen were indicted by a Federal grand jury in Fort Worth for an extensive extortion scheme involving false arrests. The 11-count indictment accused the men of conspiring to use their elected positions to extort money from defendants; officials would reduce their charges if they paid “exorbitant fees” to a local Wise County bail bondsman.


Also in the early 1990’s Orange County’s Sheriff James Wade was arrested, indicted and sentenced on his own Federal methamphetamine charges by US Justice William Wayne Justice. Sheriff Wade was convicted on September 21, 1988 on nine counts of federal narcotics conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

And to the south of Cherokee County, neighboring Houston County Sheriff Claudie Kendrick had his day in Justice William Wayne Justice’s court, and was sentenced in 1993 to one year federal prison and two years supervision for perjury. He had let a drug dealer out of Houston County jail according to prosecutors and lied during an inquest. The FBI had been investigating Houston County on alleged official corruption charges.


More recently, to keep the local Cherokee County taxpayers’ attention (and contributions) turned away from the recent federal drug bust of Cherokee County officials, Rusk, Texas now has its very own “narcotics officer” for the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department. Sponging off mediocre drug busts from unsuspecting and out-of-town occupants of the Trade Winds Motel in Jacksonville Texas

Two bags of marijuana; stop the presses!!

Does 2 ounces of pot undo the decades of officials such as Chief of Police, Troup TX, Chester Kennedy and Constable Randy Thompson dealing drugs under your noses?


Does a measly bag of weed put a dint in the fact Cherokee County Constable Randall Thompson (Pct.3) was mixing crack in the piney woods during the same time he was handing out subpoenas and working as your court bailiff?? These guys are facing decades in TDC, but I bet their arrests and drug seizures won’t be overturned any time soon…. you can sleep well in your bed at night knowing the Spring Break recreational drug and marijuana trade is being stopped in its tracks.


Those were the good ole days folks. What most do not realize that now these home-grown hillbilly’s do not cook meth anymore. Its imported from Mexico.  The cartel south of the border have permeated far north of Texas. Let me explain briefly what is going on.  They bring the meth here from Mexico now. They sell it with the cooperation of local authorities who receiving monetary reward for looking the other way, maybe a little protection. Maybe keeping rival suppliers out of the area.


Then you have all the money. Little rural private banks are the preferred ones to launder drug money. Local good ole boys don’t mind. That’s more money in their pocket. Campaign donations go a long way in East Texas.  My question is which cartel is supplying us now?


Button down the hatch, the local media will be hoisting its parasitic cargo onto the populace. If you can stomach it, read it for yourself each week in the Jacksonville Daily Progress and/or Rusk’s Cherokeean online or the Buffalo Messenger or the rags out of Centerville and Madisonville.  I often wish a meteor would hit there. Somewhere between Sonny Knights office and Whitney Smiths.

Have you ever noticed some of these people seem to own several homes and when they put them up for sale and no one will buy the overpriced property it burns down?  Sorta like that pharmacists who went to prison so many decades ago but now operates his own pharmacy again. I was going to ask how that happened when I suddenly remembered I really wanted to ask why his pharmacy is always robbed when he is on vacation?


As Homer said in Ulysses “don’t succumb to the blandiloquence of the other parasites.” These worms mean business and their collective egos can’t stand the sunlight.


Cherokee County, TX has the best and the brightest looking out for you, that’s why they hire people like Larry Pugh to patrol your streets and Michael Meissner to do whatever.

Leon County boys will likely offer up some scape goats with the coming Federal Investigation and Madisonville kingpins will likely die of old age before any indictments.



Get prepared to be impressed, if you aren’t basking in their glow yet. The local sorority fan club is waiting with bated breath.


J.R. Dobbs

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