2nd Felony DWI in 60 days & still driving

by Harry Storm

Uh oh, without Abel Reyna in office, Sherre Johnston doesn’t want to stay in Waco for the disposition of HER TWO MORE FELONIES, thank you Sherre for letting the entire city know that indeed Barry Johnson’s not impressed and can’t be bought. Wherever you go, we will all be part of your pre sentence investigation and thanks to the DPS we have the entire record where you GOT OFF everything in Waco.

See ORDER OF TRANSFER below. Yeah, she likes to call me a coward.

Ain’t that somethin’

One was April 1, 2021 BUT the other was February 4, 2021, if you notice below one is Ash Bail Bonds, the other one is Pickens Bail Bonds

oh oh….Sherre had an accident, left the scene, hit and run?         

 Victims are asking why this happened? 

Then on April 1 another Felony DWI


I’m just getting wind of this repeatedable DWIs in Waco. What in the Vans Burger Village is going on here? Nepotism or just flat out “Get off for Free”? Maybe a mixture of all? Then, I saw that she is still driving? Trolled a few pages and comments and saw that she is writing a book about those that call her out on her “grey poupon” Laptop in prison? Only in crack pickin’ Waco

  • I have friends whose lives have been ruined for oh, so much less. She’s the Sheriff’s girlfriend, has been for twenty years and the entire town knows it. We’re all waiting to see if our Sheriff rescues his lady again. Unreal!!!


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