Psychic says Michael Chambers was murdered and buried in a remote location

Karen Jannise

In the case of Michael Chambers..

I keep seeing through a vision, a large tree with a large hole in the trunk of this tree.

The tree stands alone in a large field and the field is outlined with a fence. I also see a dirt road on the other side of that fence. There are trees sporadically placed  but this one particular tree is really popping out at me, which tells me that he is or was near that one tree.

I see that it’s a large property pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Nothing but grassy fields everywhere.

It looks as though no one really visits the area.


Authorities in Hunt County Texas say they believe a retired Dallas firefighter who has been missing for over a year took his own life by jumping off a bridge.

Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks told local media he believes former firefighter Michael Chambers, who went missing on March 10 of last year, jumped off the two-mile bridge on Lake Tawakoni, which is about 45 miles east of Dallas.

Meeks says the investigation into Chambers’ disappearance will go on but that authorities have given up on finding him alive.

Police found a few drops of blood in the former firefighter’s rural Quinlan workshop, but nothing that led them to believe there was a struggle.

Sheriff Meeks says cell phone tracking showed the last ping from Chambers’ phone came on the bridge and that the signal showed he was traveling at about the speed one would on a bicycle.

“I really feel like he jumped in there himself and committed suicide,” Meeks said.

Crime Watch Daily investigated and advised they do not believe jumping off the bridge would kill anyone unless they hit something under the water.  The bridge is only a few feet from the surface of the lake.

When authorities searched for a bicycle in Chambers’ shop, it was missing.

“We re-checked the shop where the blood was found and there is a bicycle missing that was hanging on the racks above the shop,” said Meeks, who added that Chambers had been suffering from severe depression but declined to provide further details.

Dive teams have searched the area twice with no results or leads. A third search may be undertaken, but conditions are dangerous because of low visibility and the tons of concrete and rebar underwater from when the bridge was rebuilt.

Chambers’ family said they disagree with the sheriff’s assessment that the firefighter took his own life.

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