Unsolved Mysteries Leon County Texas



Guess what comes out this week?  Bet you dont know do ya?

Unsolved Mysteries First Part on my death and some of the shit thats been going on here.   Yep how there is no fucking way i could have killed myself.  And you sorry bunch of drug store cowboys covered it up and think you are all so slick

Well hey guess what i did before you killed me?  I kept all the bank records and all the money transaction records and a whole lot of other things.  Remember Maureen Willhelm?  Addams might ring a bell to some.  After Gerald withdrew all her money and he hid a bunch of it under a specific house out on FM1119.

Yea i was still alive then and when we got inside that house that did not belong to us and cut that floor out to get to that money.  I took pictures of all you gaping mouth idiots and you had no idea.  Homer. Larry, John all of yall

Same with the Citizens State Bank accounts.  I kept copies of all those transactions.  Its really easy to do a screen shot of whats up on your computer.  Then you can email it to anyone.  Just like the photos of you idiots inside that house digging up old army ammunition cans stuffed full of moldy cash.”

So when Unsolved Mysteries releases the video version and all that is shown to everyone in the United States through Netflix….its going to be a bigger bang than all the fireworks from this years 4th of July!

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