A message from Dana Goolsby

Happy Anniversary, Charlie Smith.

I know you’ve grabbed a lot of women over the years; so many of them have reached out to me and thanked me for doing what they couldn’t. Over the last year women of all ages and races have contacted me with their stories about you. You grabbed the wrong one a year ago today though.
The chief can’t help you anymore. And those other friends in high places aren’t going to step in on this one. You will always be remembered for this, and how the kingdom fell.

Hope it was worth it,


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An open letter to Chief Harcrow…

Happy Anniversary, Mark. It has been a year since you decided to change all of our lives because you got mad about something I said (and something I didn’t say) during a budget meeting.
Now, some folks might think I am giving you too much credit in all of this, but you know the truth. I suspect that’s why you refused to accept a subpoena TWO separate times. (Who do you think you are anyway? King of the County?)
After your feelings got hurt over a very simple budget conversation, and AFTER you called and complained to the manager, she called me and suggested that I apologize because her staff was “SENSITIVE.” And guess what! I apologized, even though I did not believe it was warranted. Unfortunately, I was told the apologies were not good enough. So I apologized again. Little did I know that by that time I could have begged for “forgiveness” and it wouldn’t have mattered. You were determined to get your way.May be an image of 2 people, people standing and indoor
The next few days you spent your time lying and trying to rally your troops to hate me— and it worked! By Monday you knew you had made a mistake and it was going to be hard to claw your way back out of that hole. By August 10, I had been approached by your officers wife on my front porch for saying, “Teachers get shot more than cops.” Of course, I didn’t say that, but not a single one of you bothered to review the video and get the truth. But… the truth wasn’t going to serve your purpose. The truth wasn’t going to force me to say yes to things just because you asked for something. By that evening, your buddy, and known felon, had publicly punished me. I told you that night I believed you were a big part of the reason I got groped. I never expected you to arrest Charlie that night, but I sure don’t mind telling you that at the very least I thought you would tell his wife to take him home, or take him home yourself since y’all are friends. But you didn’t.
I attempted to stay the course for months. I tried to quietly work through issues within the courts to no avail. For the next seven months my life was a nightmare. I finally realized— I could fight harder if I resigned. After all, what else can y’all really do to me? Not much.
Now look at us… Proving that Palestine is a sordid little place, brimming with corruption, and making all sorts of history.
Everyone has lawyered up, or at least saying they have, but I bet NO ONE would love to get into a courtroom as much as I would. I welcome that day!
I told you on August 10, that you had not considered what it looked like for me to get up out of the corner you had put me in. This is just the beginning. For every barb you throw at me, for every lie you tell… I will release TRUTH. The nasty awful and unflattering truth, no matter who it makes look bad. And you KNOW some important folks are going to look pretty damn bad.
You should step down and find a new career. But you won’t… because you are that selfish and pompous. And while you are hometown famous, before I’m done… you’ll be another corrupt face in the news, and the entire tower will fall… all because of you. All those good ol’ boys and girls aren’t going to have much use for a washed up chief that can’t keep them out of trouble.
I had no idea why you chose this route, but the more I learn… the more I understand you and your friends have SO MUCH to hide. I understand now, and soon everyone will.

Happy Anniversary,


P.S. I’m not scared of you or your felon friends.

May be an image of 2 people, people standing, outdoors and text that says 'RON GATE FEE'It is the ultimate shame that the good people of Palestine’s tax dollars are spent in such an egregious manner. I was told repeatedly that Police Chief Mark Harcrow was not “on the clock” or “in uniform” when I reported to him that I had been assaulted by Charlie Smith on August 10, 2021, at the 1855 Steakhouse opening event. However, yesterday, immediately following the retaliatory case filed against me for not dropping the charges against my perp….I happened to drive by the feed store where the clique meets up, and low and behold— there he was, in uniform and on duty consoling those who pride themselves on thinking they’ve run me out of town!

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