Is a Serial Killer is living in Nacogdoches Texas?

Former City of Jacksonville police officer and serial rapist Larry Pugh is currently living in Nacogdoches Texas.  He was released from Federal Prison.  He was then transferred to TDCJ for his state sentence.  But for unknown reasons, Cherokee County officials managed to bring him to the Rusk City Jail where he served his state time.  Not any more as he was released.

What was he convicted for?  An “assault” crime: trying to kidnap and murder a woman in a police van before she could testify in federal court about being raped at gunpoint in the Jacksonville City Cemetery by him. 

Pugh was serving 12 years in Federal prison for pleading guilty to one count of aggravated assault and two counts of forcing a person in custody to have sex with him.
Is forcing someone to have sex defined as rape? Yes, thus most media sources define Pugh’s Federal Cases as “3 counts of sexual assault”

Larry Pugh pleaded guilty on September 28, 2006 to THREE counts of sexual assault against women in his custody and RETALIATION against one who came forward. Jacksonville, Texas police officer Larry Pugh was originally to serve 17 years in federal prison. Pugh also faced sentencing for perjury for lying under oath to federal authorities. Reported on June 30, 2008 in the Tyler News Larry Pugh was reported sentenced to 18 months for perjury, running successively with his other sentences.

According to evidence introduced by prosecutors at the guilty plea, Pugh testified on September 28, 2006, while pleading guilty to a federal charge of retaliation against a witness, that he was pleading guilty to the offense because he was, in fact, guilty.  Thereafter, on June 12, 2007, Pugh testified in a civil suit brought against him by the woman against whom he had retaliated.  In that testimony, Pugh admitted that he had pleaded guilty in the criminal case, but denied that it was because he was actually guilty.

United States Attorney Rebecca A. Gregory prosecuted the former Jacksonville police officer in yet another Federal Case. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison on a charge of making a false declaration

In March he plead guilty to State Charges to include Violation of a Person in Custody by Sexual Assault. He raped an inmate while a policeman. More than one and more than one time.



Prosecutor Action Filed

Prosecutor Offense Code
Date of Activity by Prosecutor
Level and Degree of Prosecuted Offense
Title of Offense Prosecuted


Prosecution ID
Tracking Record Suffix(TRS) ID No.
Prosecutor Charged
Offense Code
Offense Description
Level and Degree of Offense
Statute Citation of Disposed Offense



You may be interested to know Larry murdered his victims by strangulation.  He used a belt around the neck choking his victims unconscious and then to death.  The multi million dollar civil suit was reduced to $300,000. The City of Jacksonville was facing suits from nine (9) different women who were also raped on the side of the road by Officer Pugh while he was on duty. (Source: US Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit).  Clearly Rusk County felt the deceased did not hold a lot of monetary value

“If Larry Pugh had driven his patrol car into a busload of Justices’ wives on their way to the Louisiana casinos, you can bet the city of Jacksonville would have been liable and financially accountable.” – Anonymous Attorney in Nacogdoches

The families of missing Jacksonville women are not going to have closure.   Even though two missing Jacksonville women’s remains have been identified as Pugh’s and FBI complainants set to testify against him. Why the blasé attitude about a federally convicted rapist and the number one murder suspect? It’s simple: East Texas authorities want to protect the City of Jacksonville from more potential civil right suits and public scrutiny.

When Larry Pugh was indicted in February 2007. One of his accusers was an unidentified woman with the initials T.R.  Those are the same initials as Terri Reyes, an Athens woman who went missing in May and whose body was found in the Angelina National Forest in September. The original indictment against Pugh says he sexually assaulted T.R., depriving her of her constitutional right to liberty and bodily integrity, but in the subsequent indictments, issued after Reyes went missing, T.R. is never mentioned.

Nacogdoches, TX:

Remains found in the Angelina National Forest are in fact those of one of Jacksonville Texas patrolman Larry Pugh’s victims who was slated to testify against the rapist Cherokee County officer, while Pugh was out on federal bond (pending his federal rape and retaliation trial). No reports on the woman’s remains by local Rusk or Jacksonville, TX newspaper or media outlets. Last year, the new Jacksonville, TX police chief Daniel Reese defended Larry Pugh to the Jacksonville Daily Progress, saying the victims that “disappeared under suspicious circumstances” was “speculation” on the part of out of region media. The fact is Larry Pugh probably did not act alone in his disposal of federal witnesses.

 The Nacogdoches attorney in a recent civil lawsuit against Pugh told us by phone he would have called Terri Reyes as a witness in the trial, but she disappeared before he had a chance. (Source: The Pugh Connection: KLTV 7 Investigates)If they wanted to charge him for the disappearance of federal witnesses, then they would.

Be on the lookout if you see Pugh at one of the numerous bars in Nacogdoches after dark.  He likes to prey on young single troubled women.  SFA has been to known to have a few over the years.

Pugh has remained a suspect in several missing women’s homicides, even though authorities have tried to keep the cases closed. (Source: KTBS)Reprinted from the Tyler Paper dated June 20, 2014

“Remains identified as 2006 missing person: Woman was possible witness against former Jacksonville officer”

The remains of a woman who disappeared eight years ago after making outcries of sexual abuse against a former Jacksonville police officer have been found, officials reported on Friday. Skeletal remains of Shunte M. Coleman, who was last seen July 3, 2006, were found on March 12 by a forester in a thickly wooded area in San Augustine County, east of the “T” intersection of Farm-to-Market Road 1196 and County Road 347, officials said Friday in a news release.

What good has come from this?

The Public Agency Training Council (PATC) compiled a reference of police misconduct, citing Jacksonville, Texas police officer Larry Pugh’s federal rape and retaliation against a resident named Evelyn Lewis. Pugh, in uniform and a patrol car, picked Evelyn Lewis up walking home from a friend’s house one evening, drove her to abandoned house in downtown Jacksonville and proceeded to rape her repeatedly. Pugh threatened to shoot her if she did not comply.

The PATC finding is titled “Sexual Misconduct- the need for policy and training” and is aptly used as a testimonial to other law enforcement agencies on How NOT to handle rape complaints against fellow officers.

In addition EVERY POLICEMAN and DEPUTY in the United States will now know who Larry Pugh is and what he did.

Remaining witnesses and plaintiffs against Jacksonville, Texas and police officer Larry Pugh have either had their cases dismissed or the plaintiffs/complainants themselves have vanished without further injustice. Let’s face the facts: there will never be any motivation to further prosecute the individual(s) responsible for killing and disposing of Larry Pugh’s federal witnesses. Nor will there be evenhandedness doled out to the VICTIMS in this psuedo-culture of EQUITY. For the US District Court in East Texas to accept and hear any police misconduct civil rights suit might in fact be an admission of guilt. By its very design the process is meant to prevent lawsuits from ever being heard. Of course the city of Jacksonville, TX is responsible for the conduct of its officers- the city settled numerous suits from the Tomato Bowl riot and set pecuniary losses (coupled with higher Property Taxes for 2007-2008) at an all time high for Cherokee County.

It took the US Attorney’s office and the FBI to stop Jacksonville, Texas police officer Larry Pugh for continuing his sexual assaults on women driving through Cherokee County.

Civil rights suits in East Texas that could bankrupt a small town are apparently disposed of as easy as a rapist cop’s complainants. Other victims trying to sue Larry Pugh and the city of Jacksonville, Texas can be found in the civil rights case –

Sandra Rene Roca, Tonya Burns, Debra A Williams, Felicia A Colbert, Della Tyler, Wanda Wilson and Felicia Mosley  v . Larry Pugh, the city of Jacksonville, Texas et al, No. 6:2007cv-00081 (US Dist. Ct., E.D. Texas, Tyler Division, February 15, 2007).

The article cites the lawsuit Evelyn Lewis filed against the city of Jacksonville, describes the run around she got from the Jacksonville police department, the deliberate postponement of her statement by the Cherokee County district attorney’s office; and how Larry Pugh was recruited- even though the plaintiff “felt like the City of Jacksonville knew something bad about Pugh before he raped me.”

As a footnote former Nacogdoches Sheriff Joe Evans conducted part of the investigation of Larry Pugh as a Cherokee District Attorney Investigator.  Joe Evans stated he interviewed dozens of women victimized by Pugh.  DA Investigator Joe Evans commented at Pugh’s civil trial that the rogue officer was, “one of the coldest interviewees in Evans’ 40 years of law enforcement.”

For more information read the 2007 Winner of the East Texas Corruption Games

To read more on this story visit Cherokee County Corruption Blog. The Pugh case was covered from it’s inception.


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