Step 1 buy or blackmail the  Sheriff or Police Chief  (Lance Pavelka is already owned)


Step 2 pay off the Sherriff for protection

Step 3 pay off the proper attorney or confuse and make a mockery of their courtroom effectively tying the Judges hands

Step 4 pay off the proper people in the courts so they mishandle or drop the case completely

Step 5 slander the victim of a violent crime all over town and courthouse

Step 6 refuse to file charges or give a protective order for the victim for crimes such as breaking and entering, burglary of a habitation theft of a firearm, Arson, kidnapping, attempted murder, drug smuggling, stalking harassing terroristic threat and forgery of an official government document.

Step 7 trump up false charges on the victim of a violent crime

Step 8 stop or stall any attempt of the victim to bring this to the publics attention via the Town hall meeting by allowing a known corrupt cop to have access to the victims statement and intake file

Step 9 have local LEOs contaminate any evidence they do collect


Step 10 make sure all evidence collected goes missing

Step 11 Allow the attackers family to harass the victim. While aiding them. Make sure said DA and CA are unavailable for the victim but readily available to jump through hoops for the offenders family

Step 12 conveniently forget to inform the offender of his rights during trial so he walks scott free after you are forces to presue his case…basically lose on purpose

Most importantly have blackmail on everyone involved in the form of a hard drive

This ladies and gentlemen is how to get away with murder and anything else in Leon Co.

Follow these simple steps and you too will be as untouchable.  The Glick Click has been for so many years…

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