Abuse of Power in Palestine Texas

I have been a candidate for office, so I guess you could call me a recovering politician. These are my thoughts, right or wrong, they are mine!

What do you do when your county sheriff has it in for you? Usually, you contact state, authorities. In Texas, that would be Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.


The next question is, what do you do when the Republican Attorney General under indictment for a multitude of sins, refuses to investigate a Republican county sheriff accused by many in Anderson County of quite a few crimes himself?


The showdown with Morris and Anderson County Sheriff Taylor began a few years ago with a rental property owned by Morris. The woman that was initially renting from him moved to Athens, Texas leaving her roommate. Morris was not going to make waves so long as the rent came promptly


And that started this whole ordeal.


A little while later, he came to his rental property to find her and another woman dancing in their underwear. Morris alarmed, decided he needed to find out more about his tenant.


What he found made him decide that she had to go. She was facing personal problems and ongoing addictions to illegal drugs.


However, she had one ace in her corner.


She was Sheriff Greg Taylor’s daughter.


Morris would learn quickly that Greg Taylor had a history of abusing power. In fact, Taylor reveled in it. He flaunted it.


Things get serious

Very shortly after the events occurred, Morris, found out that the Sheriff had removed his towing company from the list of companies the County used.


Morris further stated that at scenes where an individual would call his towing service,  only to be turned away by members of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office acting under orders.


Leave or be arrested.


When confronting Taylor for an explanation of his actions, the Sheriff said this to Morris:


“I am God in Anderson County.You are a dirty nigger lover.”


The reference in the second sentence to  Morris’s African-American wife. Soon afterward, with his business failing, Morris looked at his options. Having property in neighboring Leon County, he decided to try moving his business over there.


It was not long before Leon County Sheriff, Kevin Ellis, told Morris that he would NOT have his towing company in the rotation. Morris asked for an explanation Ellis stated that someone had told him that Morris was a criminal element and he was not going to allow his kind to operate in Leon County.


Morris went back home.


He felt that with Taylor’s concerted effort to destroy his business coupled with racially charged statements about his wife, he had only one option.


He filed a lawsuit in federal court.


A reckless disregard

Things would only take a turn for the worse.


In August of 2017, Morris and a friend would leave for town. Before leaving they locked their gate, as most people with expensive equipment would do. When they returned, they found the gate unlocked. They immediately locked it.



Little did they know that they had just locked in one of Taylor’s Deputies who was looking around the Morris home. When they confronted him, the Deputy insisted that the gate was open, so he drove right in.

He then demanded that they open the gate so he could leave or they would face arrest.


To this date, Anderson County’s Sheriff Office has refused to explain why their deputies were there that day. They have also failed to provide probable cause, a warrant or any other legal reason to be on the Morris property.

Sheriff Taylor did approach Lee Morris in a fast food place recently and stood directly behind him trying to intimidate Lee Morris.

Taylor spoke first telling him he liked his video.

Lee reportedly replied he did not make it.

Sheriff Taylor responded,  “Yes I know you did not ….your not smart enough too”




Ken Paxton, incompetent or complicit?

The Federal Case against Taylor was dismissed on January 31, 2018.


Now, to many, it might not be immediately apparent as to how Ken Paxton fits in this. The Texas Attorney General is responsible for investigating and prosecuting public corruption. The AG’s website ironically tries to fob the responsibility of examining government crime on the very officials that are breaking the law.


However, the Criminal Prosecution wing of his office clearly states they investigate and prosecute “abuse of power.”


There are currently several Sheriff’s, including Taylor that we will be highlighting that have used the power of County Sheriff to jail opponents, harass critics, enrich themselves. These tarnished Texas Stars have created Banana Counties in Texas.


The only county that has seen a move by the Attorney General is Jefferson County. It should be no surprise that Jefferson County has an African-American, Female, Democratic Sheriff.


The fact that Ken Paxton resembles Elmer Fudd when investigating Republican Sheriffs, then looks like Sherlock Holmes going after Democrats proves he is not incompetent.


It comes down to power. Republicans took control in Texas by winning over the rural counties in Texas. All the major cities in Texas usually vote Democratic.

So the rural areas are the end all of GOP power in Texas.


Since Texas is crucial to GOP control on a national scene, Paxton gets it.


So long as Sheriffs like Greg Taylor flaunt abuse of power openly, then shut down any dissent, Democrats will never gain a toehold in the rural areas.  Therefor Ken Paxton sitting in the AG office will turn a blind eye as long as “Boss Hogg” Sheriffs abuse their power.


Very few people can find Leon County or Anderson County on a map of Texas, but they not only ensure one-party rule in Texas, but they also assure a one-party state in the United States.  So what about the rest of us who live in a small town or rural area?  What kind of future do we have?  What about the large majority of us who do not care about politics because we believe they are all crooks anyway?


Ken Paxton is still under Federal Criminal Indictments in case you did not know.  He has a trial coming up in Federal Court and it is criminal.  Any chance we can start electing folks who are not tyrants or crooks?

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