Aunt Crabby calls BS at Misdemeanor Criminal Trial

by Aunt Crabby Buffalo Texas

Leon County Court; where justice comes to a screeching halt


A toxic family dispute has erupted again spreading hazardous substance from southern Freestone County to Centerville.  The long-time county narcotics trafficker has been seeing another woman which has enraged his long-time wife.  She has rallied her “kin” and the eldest son to retaliate, though no clear plan has surfaced on how.  Outsiders say it is possibly the making of another Leon County Feud. An old timer recalls the last Leon County Feud was around a hundred years ago between the Pate and Bell families.


The family elder is seeing a disgraced former road commissioner wife who was assaulted by said commissioner and he himself is seeing the former Leon County District Clerk who was voted out of office largely on the efforts of the injured wife.  Records indicate that commissioner pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge.  Insiders report he told the Texas Ranger he did not assault his wife and she was knocked over by a farm animal.  However, when pleading guilty he was not charged with lying to the Ranger in an official investigation. Don’t you at home try that though. You will be charged if you lie.  Only the clique can do this sort of thing in Leon County. – Aunt Crabby

“artist photographic representation of “George”

According to “George” (not his real name) now retired and former employee of several full-service gas stations and automotive repair facility that no longer exist has reported the following.

“Back in the 1980s Mr. Wayne Reed would not allow him (Citizen of the year) inside the building but would take vehicles he towed to his garage. He told me that he was involved in narcotics and the sheriff Royce Wilson protected him.”


In the last year the fighting has erupted several times. The youngest sibling who works at a local bank has a protective order against the elder brother.  The head of the family has been recorded as making verbal threats at the eldest son as well as discharging a firearm at him.  He was recently indicted for that offense by a Leon County Grand Jury.  The eldest son was also indicted by the way.

Regarding the eldest, he was charged with a misdemeanor in which he has represented himself quite heroically in County Court the last 2 days.  Caleb Henson Leon County Attorney is prosecuting the case.  Insiders close to the family have said that Caleb should have recused himself like the County Judge Byron Ryder did.

Leon County Attorney Caleb Henson

“Caleb’s family is caught up in all this drama and he has a personal grudge against Chris thus he is personally prosecuting him. How much money are we paying for this circus sideshow?”  –  Family Insider


On the first day of the trial Chris called the family elder to the stand in which the Leon County Citizen of the year invoked the 5th Amendment thereby refusing to answer any questions.  Members of the Leon County Sheriff’s Department were seen and heard congratulating Chris Glick on his outstanding legal and oratory skills in the courtroom.  In all honesty they were very good. On the other side was Texas A&M and law school graduate Caleb Henson who is also the elected County Attorney.  He did not especially shine in his performance and insiders tell us he was counting on the corrupt Leon County system for a conviction.

If Christ Glick succeeds today, he still faces multiple felony charges. He is accused of a long police chase that went through more than one county with speeds over 100mph.  Insiders tell us it was very exciting and adrenaline pumping action. Tires burning rubber and smoke, flashing lights and profanity on the police radio.

I call BS on the whole TV Show.  These people have gotten away with so much crud over the years they think they can do anything they want and if it is exposed, they rely on others to hide it or clean it up for them.


Editors note; Chris Glick was found guilty today by a jury trial for Unlawful installation of a GPS tracking device. He refused an offer of probation and plans to appeal.  He faces 1 to 365 days in the County Jail.


In the past an article was submitted by him that was later deleted when hackers actually hacked into the website hosting and wordpress itself.  The article was not re-posted however the hack was reported to federal authorities. It has been suggested the Leon County Citizen of the Year paid hackers $10k likely unaware the website would be reinstated by backup in a few hours.



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