Back in that Leon County Saddle

Letter from out of state in regard to Leon County

  • Mike Glick and his hord of minions are at it again. They just got approval to build a sewage plant on top of an Indian burial ground he is hiding from the EPA. He also has leaking petroleum tanks at 602 s Buffalo Ave that belonged to the old Ezell gas station. They are contaminating the Aquifer (ground water) Mike takes the EPA to the wrong location and has for over 30 years. The actual location is under the pin on Google maps. Search his business Glick Truck Accessories and Drug Trafficking. Chris Glick is facing assault, kidnapping, tampering with and fabricating evidence.

    The shooting case you wrote about a few years ago is finally being brought to trial with the corrupt Leon Co justice system they have had to call in the FBI AG Texas Rangers and the whole alphabet of acronyms.

    It should also be noted that this crime family has their youngest son as the president of citizens state Bank where he is laundering millions of dollars worth of government grants for his dad who once again sits on city council. There is currently a class action lawsuit being submitted against Leon Co, the City of Buffalo, Caleb Henson, Tanya Foster’s ” non profit ” domestic violence organization, the Buffalo Police Department, chief Lance Pavelka, the Glick Glick.

    This is being submitted by the victims and families of crimes committed in the past 2 years. My goal as one of these victims is to get justice for Jan( I have valuable info on this case) and all the victims of Leon co who have had their voices silenced by this family, their political alliances and the official corruption that has plagued our county for more than 30 years.

    Myself and several others have decided to take a stand. We will be victims no longer. We are the survivors and our stories will be heard

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