Bernadette Feazell AWARDED GOOGLE Recognition

Today, Bernadette Feazell made GOOGLE history and received a shout out of approval from GOOGLE who wrote and told her that she had 10,000 views on her one star review of how totally sh##y the Sheriff’s department is and how you go in as a victim and come out as a criminal ready to be charged by Ole Par himself, YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE. You know that’s something serious because he usually just goes after naughty married men talking horny stuff to Scaramucci.

Congratulations Bernadette Feazell and the 10,000 people who read and reviewed the post about what a crook YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE is and how if you complain you get on his radar and then they threaten you with jail.

Party on Parnell, AMERICAN’S SHERIFF FOR LIFE hell ain’t half full and 10,000 people just “loved it”…

Yours Truly,


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