Written By Joe Cochran

After my completion of “Eyewitness To A Killing”, I pondered what could possibly seal the deal in the shooting death of Daniel Underwood.  As if the statements, forensic evidence, many expert opinions weren’t enough and the most important fact to the case an eyewitness who seen it go down (Maria Harvick) who has offered to tell her story to the Sulphur Springs Police Department, The Texas Rangers, or any other law enforcement agency that will listen and at the very least reopen this tragic case.


Could there be anything left to prove that Rebecca Nelson shot and killed Underwood on September 4, 2008?  The autopsy has many missteps and errors. A police integration that is highly questionable.  A lot of inconsistencies that has no one laughing, but shaking their heads in disgust as this miscarriage of justice continues after all these years.  This is a disgrace as well as an insult to the Underwood family.


Months later I look at was presented to police the night of the killing, the amount of research and key experts I interviewed and then to have the story perfectly followed up by Kaci Dillingham ( please read Corruption In Sulphur Springs at Odyssey) what more could be needed?   Perhaps another person to support Harvick’s version. That person exists by the name of Ginnie Perry. Not only was Ms. Perry willing to talk she was more than happy to come on my national radio show “What Really Happened?” on http://www.wglro.com/.


Perry is currently living near Nelson in the same neighborhood.  A very composed and believable Perry spoke  candid on how Nelson described killing Underwood. Ginnie Perry was taking care of her ill and failing grandparents. Nelson occasionally would stop over talk and sometimes add a hand when Perry was caring for her grandparents. Perry said Nelson always seemed very high on drugs, so much so that even her very ill grandmother could tell and would say ” Ginnie that girl is stoned on some kind of drug”. ” For my grandmother in her state to know it says a lot” added Perry.  I asked Perry how the conversation about the killing of Underwood began. “I had told Nelson about my life and experiences” said Perry.  After a lengthy conversation Rebecca Nelson told me she was involved in a shooting and the man shot had died”  Perry stated at first it was Nelson talking in a bragging way that her stories were bigger than hers ” “playing topper”

but Nelson said no, really we were arguing I grabbed a shot gun, the argument got very heated and I shot him in the head”  Perry said” I pressed her on the truthfulness and asked ” then why are you not in jail”  Nelson replied

‘it was ruled a suicide and nothing more was done about it”   For the longest time Perry just shrugged it off as if she was stoned and talking a big story, but then she read Dillingham’s article and in her words said “Oh my god this is what Nelson had confessed to me”. Ginnie Perry went on to read my” Eyewitness To A Killing” article written prior to Dillingham’s and again red flags and now Perry totally stunned knew what Nelson had confided to her was true, she had taken the shotgun and killed Daniel Underwood.


A couple weeks after Perry’s appearance on my show I called her, to once again go over her details of what Nelson told her.  I asked if she had heard from Nelson since the show, she said no, but since they live in the same neighborhood she has seen her from a distance when driving past Nelson’s residence.  I wanted to get an exact quote as to how Nelson described the shooting death of Underwood.  Perry stunningly told me Nelson looked at her with an evil cold look and said ” I blew his effing head off”!   “It was like no big deal to her.” added Perry.


Maria Harvick and Ginnie Perry need to be heard. It’s time the Sulphur Springs Police Department reopen this case and Rebecca Nelson needs to be taken off the street before we hear about another crime. Nelson has been arrested some eighteen times on lesser charges

including four times since my first article and she has walked each time. What that proves is what Harvick has stated that she has connections.  Who is arrested eighteen times and serves virtually no time?


Many killers have been convicted on much less circumstantial evidence. Any prosecutor would take the evidence, eyewitness, a confession to another person which includes admitting to killing Daniel Underwood at point blank range and confidently use it in a

a closing statement with great confidence of earning a conviction.


Maria Harvick and Ginnie Perry are available and willing to talk to law enforcement and tell exactly what they know.  Anyone else who has information or would like to help bring closure to the killing of Daniel Underwood is encouraged to contact the Dallas local FBI office at (972) 559-5000 the Sulphur Springs Police Department at (903) 885-7602 or the Dallas Morning News at 1-800-925-1500.


Where was the Texas Ranger Investigation? During the recorded interview with suspect Rebecca Nelson conducted by Lenwood Fox and Texas Ranger John Vance, it is rather obvious the suspect has just murdered her boyfriend. After watching it twice I felt nauseated and my mind immediately went to the murders being covered up in Leon County…and a few other places in Texas.  Unofficially the word is that they gave Rebecca a pass on the murder because they wanted to keep using her as an informant. They also knew she had stolen tens of thousands of dollars from the victim and spent it on various outstanding debts to include members of her immediate family. At this point I fail to distinguish the ethical difference between high level law enforcement and mid management drug cartel personnel.

We are more than excited to welcome Sulphur Springs to the coalition of corrupt East Texas Counties of Leon, Anderson and Cherokee. I have a feeling some  already know each other well enough. More later and a one hour televised story coming to National Television in the next few months. Filming ended last week.

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