Was Christopher Aaron Morris murdered?

Christopher Aaron Morris, 11, lived with his dad in Wichita Falls, Texas. They lived at Sheppard Air Force.
Christopher’s father was an active duty member of the Air Force. On September 25, 2000, Christopher was home alone because he had no school. His father had left for work and then came home at 11 a.m. for lunch. He said his son was fine when he got home. He then returned to work and left early. He arrived home at 2 p.m.
When he got home, he couldn’t find his son. He entered Christopher’s room to find dish racks from the dish machine lying on his son’s bed. He then went to the dish machine and opened it. What he saw still haunts him today.
Christopher’s naked body was inside the dish machine. He was dead. Someone had also turned the machine on and ran it through an entire wash cycle. Authorities immediately considered Christopher’s father a suspect. After Christopher died, there were claims that Christopher was raped, beaten and tortured.
However, his sister Ashley has dispelled these stories and said none of this is true. She said he had no bruising and there was no sexual abuse.
Christopher was murdered 21 years ago. Today, there are no answers about how he ended up dead inside a dishwashing machine that had been turned on and gone through a full wash cycle. Did he accidentally lock himself inside the machine? It seems unlikely because the latch had to be flipped from the outside before the machine could turn on.
For episode 102 of the Catch my Killer podcast, I spoke to Ashley McCarthy, who is Christopher’s sister. She has never received all the details of what happened to her brother. And her father has never discussed the case with her.
Although, the public thinks Ashley’s father may have killed Christopher, she will never believe he had any involvement.

On the day of September 25, 2000, Christopher was off from school. At 11, his dad felt he was mature enough to be home alone. His father came home around 11am for lunch. He then left an hour later. He would then leave work early and arrive home around 2 pm. When he came home, Christopher wasn’t there to greet him. He then began looking for his son. When he looked in his room, he saw dish racks from the dishwashing machine in Christopher’s room.

He immediately went to the dishwasher. He saw Christopher’s clothing piled up next to the machine. When he opened the machine, he found his son’s body inside the machine. Not only was Christopher deceased, but someone had turned on the machine and ran an entire cleaning cycle.
From this point, the mystery began. After authorities arrived, they immediately accused Christopher’s dad of killing his son.
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Allegedly, Christopher was sexually assaulted, tortured, murdered, and then someone ran his body ran through a full cycle in the dishwasher. I would assume this was done to remove evidence. According to Ashley, Christopher’s sister, none of this is true.

What happened to this young man who played football and loved playing with legos? Do you know what happened to him? If you have any information about this case, please contact the Wichita Falls Police Department @ 940-761-7792

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