Centerville Swingers

A retired school teacher reports a new excitement for Leon County Swingers.  Gone are they days of carpooling out of town to cheap out of the area motels where no one would be spotted.  Several scandals have taken place since the 1980s when one or more got caught cheating. One time it was someone’s kids that told on us.  Not any more!

There is a Swingers Club in Houston that caters for us.  We can go down there in a group and reserve the entire club.  They have staff that will cater to our needs also!

Personally I think the term “swingers” is outdated. The word conjures up images of adventurous suburban couples in the seventies flirting with their neighbors in wood-paneled basements: flashes of footsie on a shag carpet; a French-tipped fingernail trailing seductively from a man’s lush sideburn down to the broad collar of his paisley shirt; fondue, maybe. Instead, we refer to swinging as “the lifestyle,” a more modern, expansive term that encompasses, in her words, “all alternative things.” More specifically, it applies to couples who want to expand their erotic horizons together—explorers charting paths across open, amorous seas.

Gone are the days of the furtive basement meetups; now Texas couples choose from a variety of lifestyle clubs across the state.  Tanja Brown owns and operates the Night Game, a “private member lifestyle club” in Houston, with her family. Her husband, Gordon Brown, is the general manager, her daughter, Tiffani Suson, is the floor manager, and her son-in-law, Rick Suson, is the head of security. “Some people think it’s the neatest thing ever, my whole family working here, and some people are kind of taken aback,” Tanja told me over the phone in mid-February. There have been a few awkward moments, such as the time a man propositioned Tanja and Tiffani for a threesome. A true gentleman, he was suitably mortified by his accidental offer of incest, and apologized profusely when they explained they were related. “I think he wanted to go ahead and dig a hole and just die right there on the spot,” Tanja said.

The Browns opened the Night Game in 2019. Like many lifestyle clubs, it’s members-only, though one-night memberships are available for libidinous travelers passing through town, or for those who want to dip a toe into the lifestyle pool—maybe it’s more of a crowded hot tub—before fully submerging themselves. The club had a rough go of it at first. Almost as soon as it opened its doors, it had to shut them again to install a new sprinkler system. Then came COVID-19 and the ensuing shutdowns. But Tanja, like other lifestyle club owners I spoke with, said that after the shutdowns of the early pandemic, business bounced back to pre-COVID levels—and then some. The Night Game used to average 160 guests per weekend night, Tanja said, but for the past six months the club has typically welcomed 200. And in the past three months alone, the Night Game has hosted four events with nearly 400 guests each. The club’s TikTok page, which Tiffani set up in May 2020, already has over 57,000 followers.$40 Friday!

We already have traveled down there from Centerville in 4 group excursions since March!  We all can dance and socialize without any fear or anxiety from being seen by those outside of our lifestyle.  Its real freedom let me tell you.

First Fridays is often when we all go because its a discounted night.  Its really the best for first times because the usual entry fee is kind of pricey for folks around here.

Time & Location

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Sep 02, 9:00 PM CDT – Sep 03, 3:00 AM CDT

The Night Game Houston, 2610 Farm to Market 1960 Rd E, Houston, TX 77073, USA

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