City of Palestine tries to stiff Lone Star and loses

by Johnie Belle Reagan

Lone Star Equipment, of Henderson, which sued the city for not covering all the costs of the 1,950-foot asphalt road, from U.S. 79 to Sanderson Farms for around $800k for non payment won in Anderson County District Court today.

Evidently someone signed a contract with Lone Star in 2014 to build a road for Sanderson Farms. My question would be….why did Palestine sign a contract to pay for a road for Sanderson Farms. I dont know maybe they never intended to pay for it? Maybe they intended to pay for it with monies that vanished or were used for something else? Like paying Ron Stutes to sue Jerry Laza so the City of Palestine could legally steal that property?

Palestine Mayor was quoted as saying,
That’s terrible – absolutely terrible, It was my understanding this was a slam-dunk case (and) we would win.”

Maybe you should quit believing everything Ron Stutes tells you. Palestine signed a contract and then tried to stiff them. Did you think Lone Star could afford to be stiffed for almost a million dollars? They completed the project and you just chose not to pay them.

District Four City Councilman Joe Baxter said council members should have known about the case earlier.

“I’m upset I had to find out on Facebook the city was being sued in court last week,” Baxter said. “This has to stop. The council needs to know.”

Joe and Dana seem to be the most logical reasoning members of the City Council. From all indications it would appear they are being kept in the dark to what the others are doing and what the others know.

After deliberating for nearly four hours, the jury of seven women and five men ruled in favor of Lone Star Equipment, of Henderson, which sued the city for not covering all the costs of the project completed but not paid for. There was that contract not only agreeing to pay them for the work. But, you solicited them to build it to begin with!

In a closing argument, Lone Star attorney David Hill said the city under-reported the amount of money it would take to complete the road, and that survey data provided to Lone Star by the city was erroneous.

City Manager Michael Hornes said he was disappointed. Well Michael we are very very disappointed in you too. Others are about to be even more disappointed when they find out what you and Ron are up too. More on that later.

“The contract, to me, was perfectly clear,” he said. “I thought it was a clear-cut case, and there was no way we were going to lose. The jury felt differently.”

They cannot comprehend why they have to pay people they contract to do work for the city. I would highly suggest you quit paying Ron Stutes to be honest. The City Council denied knowledge you sued Jerry Laza and paid Stutes hundreds of thousands of dollars you could have paid Lone Star to do the work for you.

Hornes said he and Stutes will discuss an appeal at an upcoming City Council meeting. Fantastic! Now you can pay Stutes to learn how to do appeals.

Hey Mitchell Jordan! Remember when you said in a City Council Meeting regarding the Jerry Laza case, specifically when you went on about not being bothered by the fact that the City of Palestine is cracking down on Ordinance Violators? And that the City will go after them no matter what? I have the video if you do not. Anyway the word is that you will be next!

Thats right Council man!

Informants have reported that an ominous “they” want the Platinum Club shut down. They already reported to TABC that you do not have a liquor license. They have had people inside video taping off and on for several months. Oh boy! Wonder what they got? Customers purchasing alcohol for one.

Have you ever read Julius Caesar? Remember the Ides of March.

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