by Harry Storm

District Attorney Barry Johnson has sent Detective Robert Fulmer to the Texas Rangers with the Lillie Hefele murder. Seems the Rangers have a Cold Case Squad and Johnson wants answers.

While our Sheriff for Life plays with cars and refuses cases if they might implicate one of his friends, or in this case BIG MONEY CONTRIBUTOR, Barry Johnson has had Detective Robert Fulmer of the DA’s office looking into the Lillie Hefele case, which ole Par says didn’t happen here in a vain effort to protect his biggest contributor and lifelong friend. We all know who that is too.

McNamara would rather play with cars, or perhaps give ponies to his friends than investigate the murder of Lillie Hefele. Even his own Captain, Steve January told Paul Gately Ch. 10 news, on film that they “knew” where she had been murdered and it was “near West”, in this county.

However, the main suspect, one Johnny Ash is Par’s big buddy and gives Parnell contributions etc to stay under the radar.

Now, however, let’s see what the Texas Rangers think about it.

This is your movie star bullshit Sheriff. If it isn’t some sex thing with a minor, he doesn’t care, if it’s a DEAD Mexican woman, over the age of 12 he doesn’t care. He’s just out there for human trafficking and bringing pedophiles to town so they can “date” Scaramucci pretending to be a twelve year old girl, IF he’s in town and not jet setting all over Europe. Omg I’m dying laughing at this shit.

Parnell McNamara “actor”, google his name and find out………………..big little boy hard to get old ain’t it ole fellah????

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