Dana Goolsby eyebrow change

Dana Goolsby has resigned as Mayor of Palestine Texas.  Has her house up for sale.  Moving her multiple businesses and herself to somewhere else.  Also Dana is really pissed off.  We are talking SUPER DUPER MAD!  She is so OUTRAGED that her eyebrows have now changed from a single line to a crooked line!

Sam Watkins explains it all started with the Palestine Clique were out at one of the restaurant they own and control through the Texas Foundation Fund thing.  Charlie from the liquor comes in and grabs Dana in her groin, pulls her close where she can smell the liquor on his breath. The tells her “Trump 2024”

At this point Dana Goolsby lost all composure.  There were chairs knocked over, doors slammed, high screeching noises and some profanity.

Dana then filed charges and that Protect All and Serve All Palestine Police Department refused.  They even laughed at her.  One policeman said in front of the Police Chief, “That crazy lesbian cunt deserves what she gets”  –  Oh yea, really nice police force you got there Palestine.


Dana Goolsby then went and saw her friend Allyson Mitchell who happens to be the District Attorney there.  To make a long story short ole Charlie got charged with a Class C Misdemeanor. 

Dana is still upset

She reportedly hired an outside attorney to sue.  In the meantime she is out of the clique. OUT OF THE CLIQUE. Only thing to do is resign and move on.

Hey Dana! Remember all those fine folks you helped and protected from the Palestine Clique when you were on City Council and then the Mayor?  Yea we don’t either.  Now you get to be a victim too!


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