Wow, whatever ole Par has on these naughty Bankers must be something you can’t wash off your hands.

Whatever it is, Par got that $800,000 note ROLLED right on over again by David Lacy, President of Community Bank & Trust.

Nothing stops them, Fed’s in town looking, no problem.

The McNamara loan is the ONLY 2% loan in the bank that we can find…..yep, we looked and looked. We made a list & we checked it twice! And we can tell you who got 3.5%, 4%, 4.5%, 5%, 5.5%, 6%, 6.5%, 7%, 7.5%, 8% and so on and so on. Don’t believe it…look for yourself, instructions below.

Take a look at the paperwork below. No, there’s nothing wrong here, fine, it’s all fine.

Call David Lacy and remind him how long you’ve been his buddy. Oh, with no power to make stuff go away, you get 6%

We see you.

Tick Tock, good ole boys.


Instructions for Records Search:

click the following link:


Input the Search Terms Below as shown in the picture and click search……

Hello Ladies….why don’t yall come back to Community Bank & Trust and ask Dave about the Par and Char Special, that’s a line of credit of $800,000 at 2%.

Here is a list of ladies below that might just want to call and mention that they’ve actually been paying down their loans, unlike Par.

Is your loan due soon? Why not corner David Lacy and ask him why he didn’t give you that good ole BOY special?

“Qualified” Interested Customers, Certain Terms and Conditions Apply, Inquire Within. –

CALL DAVID @ 254-753-1521

  1. LANA GANN – $75,777.80 – 5.25% – MCC# 2020027717
  2. DONNA CARROLL – $56,737.20 – 5.5% – MCC# 2020031303
  3. BARBARA BROWN -$16,982.04 – 5.25% – MCC# 2020033587
  4. KELLY DEAN PARKS & MAUREEN ANN KELLEY-PARKS – $112,920.47 – 5.5% – MCC# 2020033708
  5. MARISSA E RUIZ-LEE – $116,167.62 – 5.5% – MCC# 2020035985
  6. GRETA FISK – $39,701.24 – 5.5% – MCC# 2020043588
  7. DORIS FUGATE – $104,385.48 – 6% – MCC# 2021005372
  8. CATHRYN ANN ECKENRODE – $19,568.41 – 4% – MCC# 2021022938
  9. MARGARITO & BENITA GUEVARA – $11,596.58 – 5.5% – MCC# 2021021456
  10. ROBIN & GEORGIA BAIRD – $1,252,963.58 – 5% – MCC# 2020039600


  1. THOMAS PARNELL MCNAMARA JR – $813,831.89 – 2% – MCC# 2021040364






Well, the girls got a 5.5% and now we bring you the least trusted of David Lacy’s bank, those who are forced to pay 7 whopping percent on their loans.

We never thought these BIG NAMES and BIG COMPANIES were less trustworthy than ole Par, besides, Par has no money, everyone in town knows it and we are sure that some of the poor unfortunates named below are wondering why they haven’t received the PAR Special at 2%.

Notice also that Par never pays DOWN that loan. Why? He can’t. He blows and goes, hell, he’s never here, RV’s, new Truck, trips, ATV, new mowers and tractors, now looking to get Chip and Jo to redo the ole Par Palace, where he does not even live, and it’s terribly rundown. HOWEVER, we are sure Chip and Jo can fix her right on up with other people’s money that the 75 year old Narcissist and his Loretta Lynn Look Alike bride cannot pay back, won’t, and don’t ever intend to. All this comes due after Par’s death and since he’s put everything into Char’s name, he thinks that’ll keep the bank wolves from the Widow Mc’s door. What an idiot.

Ask yourselves good hard working men of the 7% Club why you pay back your loan and Par didn’t, doesn’t, and once borrowed another amount from the bank to pay the interest only.

Yeah, Par’s up to his eyeballs in debt, no one in their right mind would loan him close to a million dollars on his Sheriff’s salary of what, $150K or so?

Get real.

Ask David Lacy IF indeed he, Bill Nesbitt, and son Joe Nesbitt are really bankers or if they were caught at Zang’s? Is this why those pesky masturbation films including smelling up the butt fingers were vaporized by Par? You know he says that those cases were “given to the DA’s office”, but he neglects to say which DA, AND Barry Johnson has gone so far as to ASK PARNELL WHERE THOSE CASES WERE…….to which he got NO reply.

The Rub and Tug cases were thrown out because Par recognized his buds and found a way to make lots of money and get stuff for it.

We’re not (exactly) accusing David Lacy and ole Bill and son but it makes more sense than giving a 2% loan on $800,000.00 to brokedick Parnell McNamara for no reason.

Just wondering’.



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