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Some say he is crazy and others argue he is not

My name is Brandon White and I am providing enough evidence to at least peak your interest I hope.


I have personally spoken with multiple people on the record that say that though the Search Warrant is more truthful it omits certain facts and flat out lies about others. Quotes from this group include:

“It’s just amazing how corrupt they are. The citizens of Angelina County should be outraged. They have wasted more taxpayer money than David’s Public Information Request ever could between the various appointed counsels, housing, feeding, not to mention the cost of the court dates and transfers on bogus charges. His most recent counsel has been inadequate to say the least. They’ve posted his picture all over the news and newspaper portraying him to be a child predator. Regardless of the final outcome they have permanently destroyed his reputation in that small community. If you see the latest article the paper (KLTV JUNE 15, 2022) wrote they tell on themselves exactly why they locked him up. They are pissed and worried about the public records request because he was uncovering corruption on so many levels with the city, state, and local officials. They wanted to shut him up!”


“I went to the hearing in Judge Ball’s court with DA Martin presenting the case. The video was shown there. It was my general impression from what everyone said afterwards that we all agreed the video showed David did nothing that warranted being charged.”

David Stua’s most recent counsel Albert Charanza is skipping town after his letters went public and proved he did not have his clients best interest in mind. His website is already down.

Richard Taylor trial

David Stua ( East Texas Reporter) of the City of Lufkin, in Angelina County, Tx. was arrested for telling a JOKE in protest of The Police having been called on him in the Library of Angelina College for saying the word “circumcision.” While protesting this action on the college campus, and recording his activities on FACEBOOK LIVE, he encountered a 15 year old boy coming out of a classroom but we will get back to that let’s start from the beginning. A few years before this he was banned from the county health district for protesting their illegal collection of fines, they stopped collecting them eventually. Of note is at this time all the way up to the present they are represented by Cassels & Reynolds. Yes the same Cassels that is now DA, well at least his wife, for the county. Mr. Stua was banned (trespassed) from the law library (public property) by the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office at the behest of Judge Wes Suiter.

Why this was not enough for The United States Department of Justice alone to intervene I do not know. Sometime in November of 2018 Mr. Stua was in the library of Angelina College (because he was no longer able to use the LAW Library we, including Mr. Stua, pay for). He used the word circumcision and the Librarian Ms. Roni called the campus police. In direct Protest to this Mr. Stua had a few copies made of a “certificate of circumcision” he created and placed them in random places around the library. In two other Facebook live videos leading up to Dec. 6, 2018, and in protest of having the police called for the use of a word that is probably repeated dozens of times in Tombs of the library, he had taken to stating “I’m for circumcision” followed by “Want to see the proof” at which time had he found ANYONE that said yes the plan was to open his jacket and reveal his “certificate” taped to his shirt. On Dec. 6 2018 Mr. Stua again was live on Facebook and going around making the statements and asking the questions when a 15 year old boy came out of a college classroom. The boy and his friend said hello and went on their way. Mr. Stua noticed later that the two “boys” came out of another building near the student center. One of them took off running. Mr. Stua caught up to the young man that was not running and the following conversation took place according to the Chief of police Doug Conn:

“When Stua caught up with the student who was not running away, he stated “Pardon me Sir, but has your friend been circumcised, he is running awfully fast?” The male student then responded verbally by stating “I don’t know, I don’t know. Stua then asked him “You ain’t checked him out yet?” the student then said “Nope.” Stua then went on to tell the student that “I got the cops called on me for saying the word circumcision in the library, so I decided I’d be for circumcision” Stua then stated, “I got proof”. The student said, “You do”? Stua then stated “Yeah, you want to see?”. The student then said, “No, I’m good”.”

Parsing the text of the conversation, Mr. Stua was asking the student if he wanted to see the proof he was for circumcision. He did not ask the minor student if he (the minor) wanted to see Mr. Stua’s genitals. He had made a phony “certificate of circumcision” that he put under the glass of the circulation main desk of the library as well as a few other places and taped to his shirt under his jacket during the Dec. 6th video. At the end of the 25 minute video, he asked his viewers to post a comment to the video with a picture of themselves and the phony certificate.

Chief Conn of Angelina College Police arrested Mr. Stua on Dec. 13, 2018 (a full week after Allegedly witnessing this live on Facebook a stone’s throw from his office) for Texas Penal Code 43.25(b) Sexual Performance by a child, the subtitle reads:

“A person commits an offense, knowing the character and content, he allows, employs, or forces a child under 18 to engage in sexual conduct or a sexual performance.”


The conversation between the minor and Mr. Stua was nothing more than a joke made in protest. It is obvious from the context and content. Even the former Angelina County District Attorney Joe Martin and the arresting officer knew it was a joke and admitted so in an examination trial. The conversation lacked purpose and intent to induce the child into sexual conduct and it was exceedingly obvious there was no intent on Mr. Stua’s part for anyone to engage in sexual conduct. A previous video on Nov. 19, 2018 recorded on Facebook live provides more context to the Dec. 6, 2018 for which Mr. Stua was arrested. The warrant for arrest  unlike most affidavits for arrest, does not contain any witness statements including statements from the alleged victim (the 15 year old male student of Angelina College and of Pineywoods Community Academy ) or the teacher’s aide, June Webb (who accompanies the student to Angelina College and back to Pineywoods Community Academy High School).

The teacher’s aide testified as to what she saw in an examination hearing held on February 15, 2019, in Justice of the Peace Angelina County, Pct. 1, Billy Ball’s Courtroom. June Webb states she spoke to the student only a minute after the encounter with Mr. Stua and the student just brushed it off. The arresting officer, Doug Conn, Chief of Police of Angelina College Police Department and instructor at Angelina College Law Enforcement Academy , who sought the arrest warrant waited Seven Days to request the arrest warrant and had actually watched the incident on Facebook Live contemporaneously. He watched on a cell phone with an officer under his charge and another public official. The charges were not the result of a child-based complaint nor a complaint by a member of the general public. Stua walked past the Angelina College Administration building during the making of the video prior to intercepting the minor. Chief Conn’s office is located in the administration building. The office is approximately one hundred feet from where the incident occurred involving the minor. Mr. Stua was on campus at least ten minutes after the incident with the minor as he continued Broadcasting affording an opportunity for Chief Conn to arrest him after talking to the minor. The entire video was approximately twenty-five minutes long. After encountering the minor, Stua walked back past Chief Conn’s office and proceeded to the north parking lot while still Video Recording. At the edge of the North Parking lot, Mr. Stua talked to another person for a few minutes. There are significant differences between the following court documents:

1. The affidavit for arrest warrant which states “Stua asked the boy a question of a sexual nature by asking if he wanted to see his male circumcised genitalia.” Mr. Stua did not use those words. Chief Doug Conn and another officer watched the video live. The arrest warrant can be found here again:


2. The affidavit for search warrant, in which Conn told most of the truth of the verbal exchange between the young man and Mr. Stua. Chief Doug Conn and another officer watched the video live. How is it Mr. Stua allegedly asked the student if he wanted him (Stua) to exhibit his genitals and he failed to include that in the affidavit for search warrant for his Facebook and two phones that can be found here:


3. In the indictment, it says Mr. Stua lewdly exhibited his genitals AND attempted to. Joe Martin stated in open court that there are no transcripts of the Grand Jury nor any witnesses. If the Grand Jury read the affidavit of Chief Conn for the arrest warrant, why did they indict Mr. Stua for lewdly exhibiting his genitals? The affidavit for arrest does not say Mr. Stua exhibited his genitals. The logical conclusion is either Doug Conn or Joe Martin told them the affidavit for arrest stated Mr. Stua lewdly exhibited his genitals. Why else would they indict Stua for that particular act?

The indictment can be found here:


What is Alarmingly unconstitutional and very disturbing, is they put Mr. Stua on 8 pages of Bond conditions. The conditions prohibit him from using the internet, cell phones, and computers along with attending church and has many other prohibitions. This resulted in a loss of many Freedoms we all enjoy as Civil Rights guaranteed by First Amendment to the US Constitution including The Freedom of Speech, The Freedom to Petition the Government For Grievances, and Freedom of Religion. Bond conditions can be found here:


David Stua needs an attorney to sue those who have Framed, Falsely arrested & Gang Stalked him as well as to help CASA of Deep East Texas court appointed counsel (public defender). He has been on bond conditions since Dec. 13, 2018. Stua had a bond condition hearing for violating the no phone condition of his bond May 11, 2021, in the 159th District Court of Angelina County, Texas at 9:00 AM. Because of the backlog of cases, he has spent more than 400 days in solitary confinement. Judge Billy Ball, Judge Paul White, DA Joe Martin, and DA Janet Cassels have all been subjects of Mr. Stua’s investigations at one point or another presented a huge conflict of interest.

You can obtain public records here:


You can obtain information about his criminal status from:


Choose judicial records, choose defendant and enter:

David Stua

Enter captcha code, then search at bottom left. Cause no. 2019-0292 . You can find out if he is in jail by googling the Angelina County Jail Roster.

David Stua’s events to charges:



Janet Cassels can not let the Dec. 6th video be made public because it would prove to everyone what a lot of us already know:


That is just one response to multiple request including some made recently after the charges were dismissed. I will remind you this was a video made in public, live streamed to the masses, and shown in open court. There is so much more information out there than you or I have been given. Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.

Mr. White

P.S. I have all the documents and have recently received a copy of the video through an anonymous source. Please email me for any documents. The video will be published later today. Please this is the real public corruption not the crap they sold you that you currently have published on David Stua.

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