Elmo explains how the Waco Sheriff has been stealing firearms


Some are his guns, some are not. Which guns are his and which guns are not?  He doesn’t want to tell us which are and which not. If something wasn’t wrong with the entire “affair” he’d let an investigation by the AG’s office make a fool of me which would be fine.  However, he doesn’t want the truth out, no investigations, no questions.

Elmo sent a registered letter to Internal Affairs McLennan County asking them to investigate the Sheriff and the matter of the guns belonging to the Dunn family. Instead of sending that COMPLAINT to the AG’s office or the DA, Sheriff figured out how to circumvent the law by saying that the Sheriff’s department has a “case” on Elmo.

Elmo suspects for printing the Sheriff’s address, which, everyone must know is a much higher crime than stealing guns, taking a deputy off a case because your big campaign buddy is the suspect, and now a nice probably Whistleblower action.

Yep, he’ll tell you that Charlotte goes to auctions and buys him guns.  Yep. He has it blocked to where NO ONE but his “boys” can come in and confirm that fact.

Your Sheriff is a sly old dog.  If those guns were his, he’d gladly let some law enforcement agency that he didn’t own to come in and check.

This man is a crook and using tax payer dollars to circumvent the law for his own political safety and will throw out the truth and ANYONE who gets in the way of his little party.

Hard to get old isn’t it?


Elmo would like to thank the Texas Ranger who obviously sent this anonymously to me. How do I know it was a Texas Ranger? Because I’ve kept my mouth shut about trying to file a Complaint with the Rangers on the Dunn Guns and other interesting things. The “Ranger” who has been writing me back, besides being a total a**hole, also didn’t tell me his name. He also told me that the Rangers were not going to do any investigation without the DA, Barry Johnson, asking for said investigation.  Wow.


Yeah, Elmo let the “Ranger” be “short” at best with me, guess it made him feel good, bet they all had a big laugh too. However, they didn’t quite count on the fact that Harry was waiting to be turned down by the “Texas Rangers” so Harry can get that Congressional Review of the Nepotism, Dunn Guns, Sherre Johnston b.s., bribery, Magic Jack Numbers, and a Sheriff who moved his dead brother.

Nope. I have not called Barry Johnson yet.

As an “Officer of the Court” when he or anyone from his office is actually faced with the evidence that exists, the “Timelines”, the proof, and the actual people who went to the FBI to complain about Abel Reyna years ago, Johnson will have NO CHOICE but, as an officer of the Court, to either investigate it himiself, or call in Attorney General Ken Paxton and his people.

Obviously, you don’t know about the Texas Ranger connection to Parnell. Ranger Jake Burson’s wife, Brandi Burson worked in the hot check department under Abel Reyna, while Parnell was writing HOT CHECKS all over town. Now she works for Parnell as a grant writer. Every time they call in a Ranger to look at anything it’s always JAKE BURSON. Big buds, go to lunch all the time.

Under the law, listed below, the Internal Affairs Division of the McLennan County Sheriff’s department is directed to turn any and all inquiries about the sitting Sheriff to either the DA’s office or the Attorney General of the State of Texas.

Having Steve January call the author of the complaint is against the Whistleblower Statute no matter that January said, more than once, that this was not a threat.

Sheriff can’t admit he moved Mike McNamara and so to silence me he has Steve January call me and tell me that THEIR investigation of ME interferes with my Complaint against Parnell so theirs’s is more important.





How stupid are you people?

JUNE 19, 2019                                     

Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs

McLennan County

901 Washington Avenue

Waco, Texas 76701

Dear Internal Affairs,

Enclosed please find unequivocal evidence that Sheriff Parnell McNamara, for his own gain, did pawn guns that did not belong to him at Cash America.  The evidence opens the door to numerous felonious crimes and crimes against the interest of the people of the State of Texas, it is obvious and egregious.

Because this is a request for an investigation of Sheriff Parnell McNamara, I am bound by law to open a complaint with the Internal Affairs Divison of the McLennan County Sheriff’s department, Internal Affairs is then bound by law to turn this matter over to the McLennan County District Attorney’s office or the Office of the Attorney General.

Witnesses, evidence, and other information is available to either the Attorney General’s Office or District Attorney’s Office.

Yours truly, ELMO

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