End Corruption at the State Bar of Texas

The State Bar of Texas allows attorneys who defraud their clients and commit insurance fraud to remain practicing law in Texas with clean records.  The State Bar of Texas refuses to discipline those attorneys.  According to the State Bar of Texas, those attorneys are not doing anything wrong.  The State Bar of Texas refuses to explain why they decide not to discipline those attorneys.  This is against the law.  Also, Texas politicians are no help, all the way to the Governor.  The result is that there is no way for the public to know when an attorney is a crook, because honest and dishonest attorneys alike are allowed to practice law with clean records.

This petition is for people who believe that neither attorneys nor politicians are above the law, and that State Bars have the obligation to protect the public from dishonest attorneys, and that when those State Bars refuse to uphold the law, then politicians and the government should step in and protect the public.

Once this petition reaches its signature goal, it will be forwarded to the State Bar of Texas, the American Bar Association, the Texas Governor and the Texas Attorney General, and to all the politicians who were asked for their help in this matter and refused to do so.

The goal of this petition is to create transparency for the decisions of State  Bars.  At this point in time, State Bars can simply state that they decided an attorney didn’t commit malpractice and they don’t have to explain why.  This policy lends itself to all forms of abuse against the public.  If State Bars are required to explain their reasons behind their decisions and post information regarding complaints against attorneys in those attorneys files, then they would be doing a better job.  By refusing to discipline attorneys who commit serious crimes, they are failing to protect the public, to perform their duties, and to deserve to be paid with tax-payers money.  This petition intends to ensure State Bars no longer refuse to discipline dishonest attorneys, to ensure they perform their duty of protecting the public, and that all their decisions are transparent and in accordance to the law.

The goal is to change the way State Bars do things now.  By not upholding the law, the State Bar broke it.

To read more about the particular case that showed the need for this petition, please go to


www.twitter.com/texasbarsucks, and


Attorney Ilene Smoger of Dallas, Texas, was allowed to remain practicing law with a clean record by the State Bar of Texas after defrauding her client of an insurance check in the amount of $2,156.50 and partaking in insurance fraud.  Those crimes merit disbarment and jail time of up to a year in a state jail.  However, the State Bar of Texas decided she didn’t commit anything wrong.  That decision let Ilene Smoger to be free to defraud her client of a second insurance check.  This time, the insurance check was cashed by the attorneys by forging the client’s signature on its back.  The State Bar of Texas still didn’t think the attorneys did anything wrong.  This case also resulted in the death of attorney Bryan Stone, who was shot in the head while inside his parked car.

The other goals of this petition are to pressure the State Bar to explain why they decided Ilene Smoger didn’t do anything wrong when hers was a clear case of professional malpractice which usually results in disbarment, to enact change and ensure future State Bar decisions are in accordance to the law and not against the law, to ensure the State Bar protects the public, and to have those in the government, from Representatives to the Attorney General to the Governor, ensure that the State Bar fulfills its job of protecting the public and disciplining dishonest attorneys who defraud their clients.

Ilene Smoger is still practicing law in Dallas, Texas, with a clean record.  Who knows how many other attorneys are also allowed to practice law with clean records after they committed serious crimes.
This abuse needs to stop.

Please help end the corruption in the State Bar of Texas.


Thank you.

I will post any and all letter exchanges and other documents regarding this case.  I hope we can bring change and awareness for other victims of lawyers and State Bars to know they are not completely helpless.

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