False allegations to get a leg up in family court

by Justin Jackson


Thoroughly disgusted with family court. What’s new…

Dad falsely accused of child sexual abuse by his wife based upon what their 3 year old supposedly told her.
Mom secretly runs off with the kids to North Carolina.
Dad was arrested and put in jail over it. He fortunately was exonerated in criminal court after spending $25k.
Then we go to family court and it’s revealed by the wife- magically- the month after he is exonerated by the criminal court- that mom had concealed a note the entire time that indicated (brace yourself)… that the 3 year old made an outcry of sexual abuse against HIS MOM! Proof of extensive coaching by Mom. Most atrocious case I have ever been a part of.
Mom never showed this note to law enforcement or any child protective agency. Purposefully hid it and she admitted to it!
How did the judge handle this?
Typical judicial laziness.
Pay more in fees to a guardian ad litem. More psychological assessments. More thousands of dollars to spend that nobody has. More funding the business of family law.
Dad only gets supervised contact. Mom maintains possession of the kids despite being the only real abuser.
Just disgusted and outraged.
EDIT: I spent 8 hours in court on Zoom battling the evil mother in this case with COVID. I told my client I’d rather die today than have his hearing moved (he waited a YEAR for this hearing – because he had to first clear his name criminally). Here’s my temp. And no- it’s not about the money either- he has no money to pay me
If you recall it was about a year ago that I handled and completed a hearing before I was rushed off to emergency surgery to have my gall bladder removed after it had ruptured in court. It was a father who too had been alienated for more than a year.
This isn’t to brag but to show that “some” attorneys actually really care.
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