Flying too High the Fool Falls


And Like Icarus flying too close to the sun. He came crashing back down to earth with the virus because that’s what happens just because you don’t like science, just because you like money more than you like science doesn’t mean that a science goes away. It’s still there. This disease is highly contagious.

Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and his staff could not be angrier at him for that. Not necessarily that the guy got sick, right? It’s kind of hard to be mad at somebody because they got sick, even if they were being stupid and their stupidity is what caused it. See the staff is actually angry because Gohmert was not just making bad decisions for himself, but he was making bad decisions that actually endangered the lives of his own staff. Because before Gohmert made this announcement publicly, he told his staff and he told his staff in person because he said he wanted to let them know in person, rather than them hearing it from the media. So he called them all in, including the unpaid interns, called them all into his office right there on Capitol Hill and said, listen up everybody. I have that very dangerous, highly contagious, deadly disease. That’s been going around the globe

In a room full of people. Most of whom were not wearing masks by the way, because according to these staffers, if they did wear masks in the office Gohmert and other members of the staff would actually berate them for that. Because Louie Gohmert was one of a, a few Republicans on Capitol Hill, according to reports who repeatedly and routinely made it their purpose to not follow the mass requirements inside congressional offices, because believe it or not, yes, they are mandating mask be worn. You can’t exactly enforce that though. Uh, so Louie Gohmert said, I’m not going to do it. I don’t want my staff doing this. I do not want you wearing masks. And if you do wear a mask, we’re going to make you feel horrible about it. Like you’re some kind of baby. And then he calls all of these unmasked employees into his office and says, I have the thing, the thing that we’re all afraid of right now, I have it.

Even joked by the way, to the media that he may have gotten it from wearing a mask. Now that’s just anti-science. That is misinformation that could likely get people killed. And that is the trademark stupidity that we have come to expect from Louie Gohmert. You know, there was a time when hands down, Louie Gohmert was absolutely the most ridiculous member of Congress, but that was before we had people like, like Matt Gates come along. Those, you know, days before Jim Jordan. So now he’s got some competition, but every now and then Gohmert comes back. You know, a story like this really highlights that his stupidity is still there in the house of

Here is what some others around the state of Texas have said since.



Did God visit Rep Gohmert to send him a message?

Maybe a timeout where he can heal both body and soul. A prayerful retreat where he can examine his conscience make amends and be reconciled to God.

Certainly his words and actions don’t reflect the high ideals of the Gospel message a church deacon should exhibit in public life.

One can only hope after his recovery Gohmert will emerge a changed man. Hateful rhetoric, Fake News, representing a select group of people while castigating the rest have no place in a Free Society. Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Assemble are rights of every American.

When Gohmert says “what did they expect’? (paraphrase)

We expect the Rule of Law to be upheld. We expect Tyler Police to Serve and Protect ALL Tylerites. We expect the TPD to have learned a lesson so this atrocity never happens again. We expect those who espouse Christian virtues to live them. We expect a bright, safe future for everyone in Tyler and across America.

We can’t become a Fascist nation because our president, aspires to be like Putin. It has to stop. God Bless and Heal America.  – Mike McDermott


His Irrational thinking is still there. And his reckless endangerment of his own staff is still there in Washington, D C this is the best that Texas has to offer us. And it’s insulting and it’s going to get people injured right now, possibly worse than that. Gohmert was irresponsible. He encouraged his staff to be irresponsible. He berated them when they were being responsible. And this is what happens. The real irony here is that one of the reasons Gohmert didn’t want to wear a mask and didn’t want to staff wearing a mask is because he wanted to be the beacon. He wanted to be the example for the rest of the country to show them that you can safely reopen without having to wear a mask. We can get this country back on track and you don’t have to take any safety precautions, and it’s totally safe to do so.


One of the most fiery, dedicated Congressmen in the House, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Satan and his demons infected Congressman Louie Gohmert as part of the Liberal Demonic Pact to overthrow the Nation of God. 

Gohmert was due to start traveling with President Trump Wednesday morning when he officially tested positive for coronavirus as part of a pre-screening at the White House.

There’s little doubt this news will thrill the radical left, especially since Gohmert has been a die-hard resister of wearing a face covering on Capitol Hill, including during the House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr.

Here’s to hoping that Gohmert experiences a full and quick recovery. It seems that since he didn’t even know he had it, he might end up being asymptomatic.

Much of the spreading of this illness has happened because of that sort of phenomenon. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it all goes down. – Kenneth Copeland


After decades of spreading stupidity at a super-human clip, Rep. Louie Gohmert is now doing his best to spread a deadly virus.

Now, this was an understandably confusing turn of events for Gohmert. He was probably pretty excited to join the president on a trip to his home state, and certainly didn’t expect to test positive for a virus he clearly hadn’t been taking very seriously. Until recently, the 66-year-old congressman steadfastly refused to wear a mask, claiming that he’d wear one only if he tested positive. That changed recently, kind of, and in an interview with a Texas radio station after testing positive on Wednesday, Gohmert called the result “ironic” because “in the last week or two I have worn a mask more than I have in the whole last four months.”

Gohmert found the result so ironic, in fact, that he questioned whether it was a coincidence at all. Maybe, he wondered, it was the act of wearing a mask itself that gave him COVID. After informing his social media followers on Wednesday that though “the reports of my demise” are premature, “apparently I have the Wuhan [sic] virus,” Gohmert expounded on this fresh bit of galaxy-brain hypothesizing.


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