For $60K you can buy an endorsement from an elected Texas Official

by Michael Cole


There was once a time where telling crowds that you had the endorsement of your state’s US Senator or Governor was a big deal. It meant that you had distinguished yourself in local or state politics. It was a way to highlight an up and coming new politician, or to reward one that had been a party stalwart.


Now it means the check cleared.


Want to have a siting governor, senator or candidate for the above put their name on your campaign?


All you need to do is buy it. Which is why we here at Common Sense are not surprised to learn from multiple sources that Texas Governor Greg Abbott and US Senator Eduardo Cruz are selling their endorsements for office for $60,000 a piece.


In many circles, this would be a press worthy article. Front Page on the Houston Chronicle and the Dallas Morning News.


Sadly it is a bipartisan trait.



Abbott offers several endorsement packages

Abbott and Cruz, Limited Government support on clearance

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (who never met a federal lawsuit he didn’t like) apparently has been building a portion of his campaign war chest on the value of his name in Texas Politics.  You have heard of product endorsements by sport’s athletes?


This is roughly the same thing. Except it is a man in a wheelchair putting his corrupted seal of approval on other candidates who seek office as Tea Party Republicans. I can only imagine a campaign how the ad would go.


ABBOTT: I am the Governor of this economic miracle that is Texas and when I am not suing the Federal Government, destroying education in Texas, or taking away the rights of women to satisfy the Shi’ite Fundamentalists in my Party, I like to scout out up and coming talent in our party.


(cuts to video) See candidate giving various speeches as patriotic music plays


ABBOTT continues: that is why I am proud to endorse this up and coming local District Attorney Dan Rollins for the State Senate.


ROLLINS: Its David and I am running for the State House


ABBOTT: Dan, David….That is not important, what is important is this. We need is vote in Austin so I can..(turns to Rollins and whispers, make the check out to Abbott for Texas)…so we can keep the Texas Miracle up.


ROLLINS: I will fight for Greg..


ABBOTT: Whatever, STAN Rollins for Texas.



Cruz has promised to indict himself as the Zodiac Killer should Trump appoint him Attorney General

Ted Cruz will chase a vote and a dollar

Ted Cruz in his Presidential Bid and his actions on the house floor have shown that he will chase any headline, throw any family member under the bus, and oppose any fact to ensure the election and power base of Ted Cruz.


This is a man that acted with rage one minute when Trump suggested that his father was a co-conspirator with Lee Harvey Oswald, and another rage when Trump made accusations against his wife, only to be a champion of Trump on the Senate floor. To fuel the rumor that he would be willing to replace Sessions as US Attorney General if Trump were to hire him.


TRUMP: I see on your resume you put loyalty as your biggest trait care to elaborate.


CRUZ: Yes, after looking into it, I realized you were right and as your Attorney General will see my father paid for his crimes in the assassination of JFK.


TRUMP: I have heard you are the Zodiac Killer.


Cruz: I have instructed the FBI to interrogate me the second I am sworn in.



Alameel bought an endorsement, but Texas Democrats picked up the tab

Alameel and Davis, the Democratic Odd Couple

I wish I could say that Texas Republicans are short on morals when it comes to this. However, Texas Democrats are not without their questionable acts in the past.


Let’s hop in the wayback machine.


The Texas Democratic Party had a robust US Senate contest. It looked for sure that Maxey Scheer and David Alameel would be facing a runoff. It was the year of the Texas woman.


And the year the Texas Democratic Party needed a few million. So Dallas Area Dentist and businessman opens the check book and writes the state party a check. Wendy Davis endorsed Alameel for the US Senate during the primary.


It was that day that Texas was guaranteed to stay Red for Four more years.



The Common Sense of it All

Public Servants are not Pay to Play

We have too many elected officials that use their office as a way to leverage the office enrich themselves or empower themselves.


They serve to improve the lives of the people, not to earn better stock options, or to sell themselves like madams of the night.


Republicans can pretend to be the defenders of the Founding Fathers all they want. But they kid no one when they  sell the government and its patronage for personal gain. That includes endorsing other candidates.


Democrats cannot in good faith decry Trump and Citizens United as long as it continues to chase money over doing the work of the people.


In the end, both parties become the representative of the highest bidder and not the people.

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