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During the last mid-term campaign Alec Johnson ran for the office of Texas State Representative of District 11 which includes Cherokee, Nacogdoches, and Rusk counties in East Texas.  One of his campaign issues were public corruption.  In several press conferences and a debate with Travis Clardy issues were raised.  He was broadcast on an ABC affiliate in Lufkin Texas and a Tyler television station.

To give you an idea of what he was talking about here is an excerpt of one of his press conferences. Other than Global Warming, discrimination and taxes this was the bulk of his campaign.

Janice Willhelm: A Story of Murder, Cover-up, and Corruption.

“I’ve made many interesting discoveries during the course of this campaign. Learning that I can serve constituents even before getting elected is one of them. Early this month I met an individual who shared a story that shocked and alarmed me. It was a tale of many murders, cover ups, cremations to avoid autopsy, and other crimes. All committed to gain oil royalties.” – Alec Johnson Press Release

Murder, Not Suicide

“The story starts on December 8, 2010. A 911 call by Gerald Willhelm notified authorities that his wife had shot herself. The Dallas Medical Examiner’s Office examined Janice Wilhelm’s body on December 9th. They ruled it a death by suicide based on the Leon County Sheriff Department’s determination.” – Alec Johnson Press Release

“Photographs and physical evidence tell a different story. The lethal wound was on the left side of Janice’s neck. The medical examiners determined that it severed her spinal cord. She would have been immediately paralyzed. Janice would have to have shot herself with her left hand. This was a physical impossibility for her. Earlier she had a large cancerous growth removed from her left arm. Janice was unable to even operate a television remote with her left arm.” – Alec Johnson Press Release

“A picture of the crime scene shows the 45 caliber pistol thrown several yards away from her body. Also, her arms appear under the blanket covering her body. We know that she was physically incapable of handling the pistol. Upon the severing of her spinal cord it would’ve been impossible for her to have thrown the pistol. Nor could she have placed her arms under the blanket.” – Alec Johnson Press Release

“A shell casing from the discharged round appears in an impossible location. If Janice had shot herself, the shell casing should have fallen much closer to her body.” – Alec Johnson Press Release

A Forged Will

“On March 22, 2011, a document claiming to be the will of Janice Wilhelm was filed with the Leon County Clerk’s office. Janice Willhelm’s children were not informed. And this despite the fact that they contacted the Clerk’s office on a weekly basis. Strong evidence indicates it was a forged document. It was also not notarized.” – Alec Johnson Press Release

“By May of 2011 oil and gas development began in Leon County. In short order an oil well appeared on what had been Janice’s front yard.” – Alec Johnson Press Release

Deadly Cover Up

“On March 24th, NBC Channel 5 ( aired a segment about this case. It included an interview with Gerald Willhelm. He agreed to the interview but without audio. Willhelm said he didn’t want to incriminate himself as he was a defendant in civil suit about the forged will. Five days after this segment aired Wilhelm was found dead. Cause of death was listed as “natural causes.” The body was promptly cremated. An application to probate “his” will was filed and stamped at the county clerks office less than 48 hours after his body was discovered.” – Alec Johnson Press Release

“Omitted from this summary is the suspicious involvement of local law enforcement. From my point of view, I see a criminal Good Ole Boy network in operation. Willhelm was in a position to reveal this and it seems he was silenced as a precaution.” – Alec Johnson Press Release

Within a week of the television broadcast Alec received messages regarding Janice Willhelm’s death.  Telephone messages and emails allegedly from one Brent Marshall.

First Phone Message

Then the emails…

Anonymous Message: its happening to us right now in Centerville contact 903 907 1501 attempted murder

Anonymous Message: we live in Centerville are normal people that are currently being run off and lives threatened. we had no idea the authorities will murder you and be protected. we reported a body that is on our property and were laughed at by texas rangers told there was nothing there by fbi without them even knowing or seeing the property and have since been hunted and stalked with intent to cause harm to us.even GREGG ABBOTT AND KEVIN BRADY are ignoring us. WE suspect it has something to do with LEON COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE!!! DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN THE LAW IS THE CRIMINAL BUT TO GAURD OUR LIVES!!!>

Mar 3, 2018 at 4:58 PM

Please call us 903 907 1501 we bought this property with a possible grave on it but we don’t know. Someone said there could be and I remember seeing a concave spot here too. It was the size of a person. The heavy equipment people who know the judge the ranger and Brent Waiters acted very strange. We need an outside source to check this out we were clearing for a house. It didn’t cross my mind again until someone said something but something is going on and we are scared so was the investigator. I cant type well and need help the FBI hung up on my mom last night and said we had no proof.

Melonie Magruder, a Journalist, Screenwriter and Actress in Los Angeles California investigated several cases in Leon County assisting with production of the case into media. She also wrote a few articles about her experience interacting with Leon County. She received emails in 2017 and 2018 from the same Brent Marsh. Melonie is of the opinion it was someone with mental problems and never responded. Evidently the same person contacted NBC as well as Warner Brothers when they broadcasted stories of Leon County.


Subject: Texas Leon county sheriffs office

Date: March 2, 2018 at 10:31:11 PM PST

To: “email@melonieXXXXXXXXXX

Me and my 75 year old mother are currently having problems from a tyrannical communist police department. We moved here from Houston since then we have encountered crimes like being shut out of businesses attempted poisoning attempted aggravated assault racketeering hunted down and stalked. The sheriff has tried to frame us send people on our property silence us or run us out. We are currently in fear for our life and might have to flee. The FBI TEXAS RANGERS GOVERNOR CONGRESSMEN WHITE HOUSE HAVE ALL REFUSED TO HELP!!!! The governors office and our judge are protecting this department while letting them have their way with us. WE PRETTY MUCH KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO JAN WILHELM AND WOULD NOT HAVE KNOWN IF WE DIDN’T EXPERINECE THI OURSELF!!!! We had to get Eric Harris out of Dallas to help when he came he was very scared while here. A truck that he saw there we suspect came to our place the next day. Several unmarked police monitored us and have stalled us in town along with KEVIN ELLIS while they did something to the property. THE FBI HUNG UP ON MY MOM AS WE HAD NO ONE ELSE TO REPORT THIS TO!!!!!! The sheriff office and district attorney have lied to us and seem to pick the winners and losers here depending on you bowing to them. They also control what is spoken here and control the newspaper. People here are oppressed scared to speak or leave their homes. BUT SOME HAVE AND TOLD US OF TO MANY CRIMES TO LIST. THE POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING THE SAME CRIMES THEY ARE COMMITING. WE FEAR FOR OUR LIVES AND WILL PROBABLY BE SILENCED SOON. WE NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!! WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY HAVE DONE!!!!!! IF you need more information we are at 903 907 1501. 1591 CR 129    PLEASE HELP US BECAUSE OTHER MURDERS HAVE OCCURRED HERE AND THE POLICE LET THEM GO!!    THANK YOU.

Eric Harris a PI who has had several cases in Leon County was quick to contradict the above email in 2018 and advised in all the times he has been in Centerville he has never met anyone named Brent Marshall. A letter was sent to the address listed which incidentally was returned address unknown a few weeks later.

None the less the messages left on telephone voicemail and electronic mail continued. Each requesting an in person visit at the address of 1591 County Road 129 Centerville Texas.

Second Voice Message. Left during Midterm Election 2018 after hours on candidates telephone
Third Voice Message. Left during Midterm Election 2018 after hours on candidates telephone.

Brent A Marshall

Will the real Brent Marshall stand up.

Before you go looking for Brent Marshall please be aware State Records indicate he was incarcerated in state prison for some time. His last arrest was 2016 and he was sentenced 2017 to 4 years. His criminal history is lengthy beginning in 1985. His TDCJ ID number is 04320985.

Another Brent Marshall with a lengthy criminal history has a DOB of one month and one year difference. He also resides in the Greater Houston area.

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