Hey Waco! Your County Judge for Life


County Judge Felton knows what Parnell is up to, hell, I send him the stuff, along with the other Commissioners, they don’t answer back because they are chickens##s and need to be voted out

Tell this old man to stop spending your money on Parnell’s “posse” problems.

You, the taxpayer will have to pay a million or so dollars in the near future to a wonderful man who deserves that million or more, named Justin Richardson. If he is smart, and I think he is, he will sue the living hell out of McLennan County for wrongful termination.

Parnell and the rest of the Courthouse Suck Ups do whatever the hell they want with your money. Remember the $500K they spent protecting themselves from those awful bikers?

Yep, half a million dollars.

Remember when Par walked in and just fired people? Take a look below. Millions.

Instead of raising your taxes why not stop travel to the Ukraine for Scaramucci? What a joke. Why not get the money meant for the county from the ARABIAN HORSES. Why not see that Parnell fired a deputy for not frisking HIS GIRLFRIEND SHERRE JOHNSTON and is going to sue the County.

Time to call out Parnell and his cronies, the good OLD BOYS.


6 ex-deputies suing sheriff McNamara, county over alleged …

https://wacotrib.com › news › crime › 6-ex-deputies-suing…

Jul 15, 2020 — Six former McLennan County sheriff’s deputies are suing the county and newly sworn-in Sheriff Parnell McNamara, saying they were fired …

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